If you have a big pattern, you will be able to tolerate words, people and things.
If you have a big pattern, you will be able to tolerate words, people and things.
Being a man and being tolerant of others is a kind of self-cultivation, and kindness is a kind of virtue.


Zhang Chao, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, divided life into three realms:

the first is to see the moon through the window, the second is to see the moon in the courtyard, and the third is to play with the moon on a high platform.

the height at which a person stands and the depth of his thoughts determine his mind and bearing.

people with small patterns tend to be trapped in an inch of land and sink in trivialities.

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people with large patterns are broad-minded, can tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world, and live at ease.

the pattern is big enough to tolerate

Laozi has a saying: "the superior is as good as water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

people of noble character, like water, can tolerate and nourish all things, but do not fight and rob.

Lu Mengzheng in the Song Dynasty was poor and had no meals since he was a child.

later, he worked hard to study hard as the top student in high school, from official to prime minister.

once, when he played in the court, suddenly there came a murmur from behind: unexpectedly, this little beggar who lived in a dilapidated kiln also became prime minister.

Lv Meng was pretending not to hear and walked on without looking back.

the entourage angrily tried to find out who said it, but he was stopped by Lu Mengzheng:

"if you know who it is, it's hard to be unhappy and difficult to get along with. It's better not to know. It doesn't affect me anyway."

even Song Taizong sighed with such magnanimity: "if you are full of righteousness, I am not as good as you."

as the ancients said, "the greatest calamity arises from being unable to bear it for a moment."

disasters are often caused by intolerability and intolerability.

A person's external performance reveals the internal pattern everywhere.

maybe it's at home: parents are nagging and often smile; their partner is complaining and spend as much time with them as possible; if the child is shouting, give him a hug immediately.

Human joys and sorrows are not the same, and people's perceptions are quite different.

A person with a big pattern is tolerant.

he can tolerate the hustle and bustle of the outside world, do not argue about right or wrong; he can tolerate public discussion, do not distinguish between right and wrong.

all these are neither justified nor confused, but the wisdom to deal with the world according to priorities, and the foresight to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

A hundred years of life, if you can keep your original heart and allow others to set your beak, you will not only be tolerant of others, but also forgive yourself.

the pattern is big and can accommodate people

the Book of remonstrance and banishing guests says: "Mount Tai does not let the soil, so it can become its great; the river and sea do not choose small streams, so it can be its depth."

not abandoning any tiny soil makes Mount Tai tall, does not exclude a number of small streams, and achieves the depth and breadth of the river and sea.


if you can tolerate the vexatiousness and bad habits of others, you can achieve your pattern and aura.

when Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was young, he went on a private trip to a suburban inn.

late at night, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty wanted some hot water, but the shopkeeper said angrily, "only cold water that has just finished washing dishes."

the entourage immediately wanted to have an attack, but it was stopped by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.

after the party was settled, the shopkeeper said to his wife, "these people must be robbers, and they want to summon people to attack them."

the wife stopped: "No, depending on the temperament, they may be big shots."

when he left the next day, instead of blaming the male shopkeeper for his rudeness, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty gave him a heavy reward.

because he understands that people who wear swords in the middle of the night can easily be misunderstood.

as the old saying goes, "only leniency can accommodate people, and only thickness can carry things."

being a man and forgiving others is a kind of self-cultivation, and kindness is a kind of virtue.

A person with a big pattern can tolerate people.

Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty had room for a drunken man who pushed himself down. He was not angry or annoyed, and he was "gradually unrecognized by others."

Jiang Kui of the three Kingdoms, who has room for Yang Opera, who "should only answer", smiled calmly and accepted his temper and nature.

whether Su Shi or Chiang Kai-shek, they observe people's difficulties and forgive people's mistakes, and they all have a big pattern that is worth imitating.

when we blame others and don't like them, why not think carefully about how we can do better.

only by "blaming yourself with the heart of blaming others and forgiving others with the heart of forgiving yourself" can we "tolerate what others cannot, what adults cannot achieve"!

the pattern is big and can handle things

as the ancients said, "there must be patience, and it is beneficial; if there is tolerance, virtue is great."

the world is complicated and patient, so that something can be achieved; only when people are different and tolerant can virtue be achieved.

Zhang Zhidong in the late Qing Dynasty was very short.

when he was the governor of Huguang, a painter painted a watercolor painting of "three short anecdotes", two local officials and Zhang Zhidong.

the painter exhibited the painting in Wuchang, which attracted countless ridicule and onlookers.

Zhang Zhidong's subordinates said they would put the painter in prison, while he himself smiled and said, "it's not worth the effort."

news came out, the painter was surprised and respectful from then on, and the people all over the city praised him.

people with a broad mind can control their emotions no matter how big they are, let alone worry about trifles.

perhaps it is the slander of the jealous: bear with it, the pure will be clear, and time will give.Answer.

perhaps it is the contempt of the rude person: give way, one's own value does not need to be defined by others.

in the world, there has never been a "major event" that has to rise up, nor an "urgent matter" that has to be asked for an explanation, let alone a black-and-white "important matter".

in many cases, the so-called major events, urgent matters, and important matters are just the "tolerance" between thoughts.

if the heart is concerned, all the prosperity is desolate; if the heart is relaxed, the cold winter of the twelfth lunar month can also be full of spring.

as the ancients said, "the great wise will be modest, and the great wise will be tolerant."

large pattern and tolerance is the great wisdom of life:

if you are tolerant, you will complain less and have more and more bearing.

if you can tolerate people, the road will be wider and the mind will be wider and wider.

if you can handle things, your problems will become smaller and your horizons will be higher and higher.

for the rest of my life, to be a person with a large pattern, the bigger the pattern, the smaller the temper, so that he can endure the bitterness of life and enjoy the sweetness of life.

, may you and I enlarge the pattern and live a safe life.