If the pattern is bigger, you will be fine! (depth)
If the pattern is bigger, you will be fine! (depth)
You just have to be kind. God has a plan.


as the saying goes: life is really hard.

in fact, it is not the pain itself that makes us suffer.

but facing life, I can't figure it out, I can't see through it, and I don't do enough.

the conclusion is: the pattern is not enough.

this is where most of man's pain comes from.

looking down from the 20th floor, you can see the beautiful scenery; from the second floor, you can see clusters of rubbish.

people with large patterns stand high, and all they can see is the scenery.

people with small patterns stand low and see rubbish everywhere.

people who really have a pattern have high goals, thick thoughts and temperate personalities.

stand higher, see farther, cross others and yourself, and life will be easier.

Target has height

"mountaineering" says: "you can never climb a mountain, but you must have a mountain in your heart."

No matter what the current situation is, expect better.

because it will guide you further away.

in a garbage dump abroad, there lived a group of poor children.

they are in the mud, but they have a dream of music and are unwilling to be mediocre.

they use musical instruments made of waste products to practice songs repeatedly every day and cultivate their dreams.

later, they went to perform everywhere, and the story spread all over the world. Some were admitted to the conservatory of music, and some even became music teachers.

how high a person's goal is, how firm the process is, how great the potential is, and where the goal lies, is the future.

goal is set at 80%, often achieving only 60%, or even failing; if you move toward the goal of 100%, you can reach at least 80%.

people with patterns do not ask where they come from, but only strive for their way home.

No matter what the situation, you are not confined to the small world.

instead, set the goal at the maximum you can achieve as hard as you can.

A person with a pattern and a high goal will have hope for life.

thought has thickness

about the pattern, there is a short story like this:

the workers are building walls, and they are asked what they are doing.

the first person was not angry and said, "build the wall, don't you see?"

the second person smiled: "We are building a tall building."

the third person smiled: "We are building a new city."

then, ten years later.

the first man, haggling over everything, is still building the wall.

the second person, thoughtful and responsible, is already an engineer.

and the third person, who can withstand the pressure and responsibility, has become the boss of the first two people.

the so-called pattern is the book that a person reads into his belly, and the words he says, the way he walks, is the ideological elements left by life in this person, such as vision, breadth of mind, courage and wisdom.

the more structured people are, the more they will look at things as a whole and make themselves glow and glow where they are useful, instead of wasting time on unimportant troubles.

the same is true of "the general has a sword and does not cut flies."

A person with a large pattern will not be too shallow in thinking.

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they have a responsibility, do not care about not following blindly, and focus on self-improvement.

the more structured people are, the thicker their thoughts are, so that the road becomes wider and wider, and life becomes smoother and smoother.

character has temperature

in the women's weightlifting 49kg final at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, Hou Zhihui of China not only won the championship in one fell swoop, snatched clean and jerk and total results, but all set the latest Olympic record.

this move was angrily praised by netizens as: this is the "great power demeanor", this is the "big pattern".

people with patterns have a kind and generous heart, respect and consideration for others, and make people warm like bathing.

and those who are small, they are penny-pinching, not only unfriendly, but even step on it from time to time.

everything has a cycle. Whatever cause you plant, you will get fruit.

A person's kindness will never be disappointed.

if you give a rose, you will have a fragrance in your hand; if you give someone a true heart, you will get the truth.

during the torrential rain in Zhengzhou in July this year, Yuan Gebing, a migrant worker, soaked in the water for 16 hours on his own and rescued more than 50 people. he had no life-saving tools and even threw off his clothes to reduce resistance, regardless of the whole body being cut and bleeding and mobile phone bank cards washed away.

story was exposed, the unit made an exception and hired him as a regular employee, so that he finally stabilized from years of travel.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "but do good deeds, do not ask about the future."

he who is kind will be blessed after that. People who have a pattern, no matter what kind of situation they are in, will give others a hand and give them a hand.

and life is a cycle, and the candy you give today will come back to you one day.

you just be kind. God has a plan.

for those who have a pattern, they will ferry people again, and if the pattern is bigger, life will naturally go smoothly.