Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people.
Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people.
A man has a lot of leisure, but he is busy to solve a thousand sorrows.

the Book of changes says: "Heaven acts healthily, and a gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement."

A gentleman's most enterprising mind is to find the meaning of life from continuous self-improvement.

if a person is lazy and idle all day long, there will be an unprovoked sadness in his mind, and his limbs will gradually deteriorate, and all kinds of diseases will breed.

isn't it true that a person who lies at home all day doing nothing is waiting for endless death with his limited life?

there are many worries for idle people

the ancients said: "

the rest of one's life is the rest of one's life.


when a person's mind is free, he likes to hurt spring and autumn, but he likes Zhang's parents Li Jia to chat briefly.

as soon as one's hands are idle, one will feel the emptiness of life and worry about doing nothing.

during the Spring and Autumn period, a state-owned individual sat on the street all day, looking at the sky, sighing and worrying.

passers-by were surprised when they saw it and asked, "are there any unpleasant things in your life when you sit here all day long and frown?"

passers-by smiled: "the sky is made of clouds, how can it fall?"

passers-by smiled and walked away.

the sky hasn't collapsed for hundreds of millions of years, but why does it collapse when you think it collapses?

if you have that spare time to care about whether the sky collapses or not, you might as well take good care of the crops in the field.

there is a saying in "Fan Si Xun": "external thoughts are urgent to help others, and internal thoughts are the evil of idle oneself."

diligent people are upright, and sorrows dare not be easily provoked; only those who have nothing to do will be full of evil spirits, and sorrow will come to the door.

lazy people are often ill

Zeng Guofan said: the mediocre people of all ages in the world are defeated by a lazy word.

lazy people are the most likely to get sick.

if you can take a bus, you don't bother to walk, you don't bother to climb the stairs if you can take an elevator, and you don't bother to cook if you can order takeout.

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laziness is the root of illness.

if you sit too much, your shoulders will be sore and your waist and back will ache; if you don't walk often, your legs and feet will not change; if you think less, your morale will be depressed.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "the memory of upright qi, evil can not be dry, evil together, its qi must be empty."

it can be seen that if you think less about laziness, your morale will be depressed.

and people who are lazy and do not exercise have lower physical fitness.

A hundred-year-old comic book master, Mr. Fang Cheng, is not young, but he is still in good health and in high spirits.

when others asked him the secret of keeping in good health, he said a few words: "Life has always been very common. If you ride a bike to draw and write articles, you will be busy in one word."

as the saying goes:

"diligence is lazy, laziness is diligent; physical strength deceives disease, and infirmity deceives others."

Don't let laziness occupy your life. Busy people are happiest.

busy people are happy

Zeng Guofan said: "if you are diligent at home, you will be prosperous, and if you are diligent, you will be healthy."

it is easier for people to find their own value when they are busy, so as to find the source of happiness in their work and live a tight and rhythmic life.

diligence can make people physically and mentally healthy, while busyness can keep life from giving up.

once a man who had just died was on his way to Yan Luo Dian to report that he accidentally bumped into a glittering palace on the way.

the owner of the palace entertained him warmly and asked him to stay here.

there are delicacies in the palace, and this man can eat whatever he wants; there is also a comfortable bed in the palace, and he can sleep as long as he wants. No one ever asked him to do anything.

at the beginning, this person ate and slept, slept and ate all day, feeling very happy.

but gradually, he felt that such a life was empty and boring, because he always worked diligently before he died.

he went to the owner of the palace, looking for something to do:

"I have experienced the comfortable life of eating and drinking every day, and it is not as good as I thought.

I still yearn for a full life. Is there anything I can do for you here? "

the owner of the palace told him: "I am here to provide people with happiness, and will not use work to make people tired."

the boring life went on for more than half a year, driving this man crazy.

he ran to the owner of the palace and said, "give me something to do. If I still live in a daze, I'd rather go to the King of Hades and go to hell."

the owner of the palace said helplessly, "I never told you this is heaven, I am hell!"

A place full of vitality and people working hard is called heaven;

isn't it the scene of hell to lie on the ground and do nothing, with a hideous face and howling ghosts?

when people are idle, something goes wrong.

busy people are always energetic and happy.

it takes time and energy to help others, but a thank you from others can make us feel happy and proud.

everyone thinks that the busy work every day is very tired, but we will feel happy and valuable when we get paid.

this is the way life is, where there is effort, there is return.

the ancients said: people are idle, right and wrong.Too much, a hundred busy to solve a thousand sorrows.

Don't let leisure make us lose the direction of our struggle, and don't let laziness become an obstacle to our sailing.

if you are alive, you should find something to do.

keep yourself busy and don't be idle or lazy.

most of the people who are really happy are those who are busy and fulfilling.

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