I want to buy it when I become a mother! This is the truest answer I have ever seen.
I want to buy it when I become a mother! This is the truest answer I have ever seen.
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all say that it is a woman's nature to buy and buy.

@ Cole Mom, baby 3 years old, stay-at-home wife

my husband always complains that I spend a lot of money, such as milk powder, rice paste and calcium tablets. It is the baby that eats into the mouth, so how can you feel at ease if you buy a cheap one?

@ cotyledon mom, 6-month-old baby, fashion buyer

there are only six bottles in use at home, and four useless ones. Toys and clothes are also being bought all the time. Accustomed to being a fashion buyer, I still feel that every penny of goods, big brands naturally have a reason to be expensive!

@ omelet mother, baby 1 year old, financial professional

the biggest difference between him and his mother-in-law is the concept of consumption. She is always greedy for petty bargains, and I prefer to buy quality brands for my baby.


how about that? Do you speak your heart? Why do women like to buy? Of course it's because of love!

before we have a baby, we love ourselves, so we are willing to spend money on ourselves; after we have a baby, we have more to worry about, so we have to invest in our families and babies.

so to speak, the heart is where a woman's money is spent.


best friend Xiao M is a full-time mother, and she is unequivocal about how much she eats and wears. She said that using big-name products does not mean how rich you are, but how much attention you attach to your baby's quality of life.

because of this, she also spends a lot of time carefully selecting baby products. Milk powder should be carefully studied on Haitao website; calcium tablets, you have to do a lot of homework before you dare to place an order. Diapers, add a lot of daigou to compare true and false.

it can be said that burn not only money but also brains after becoming a mother . Haitao is time-consuming and laborious, and it is difficult to tell whether the purchasing agent is true or false. In particular, to buy some more expensive big-brand products, accidentally encounter fake goods and be accused by the family of spending money indiscriminately!

Alas, how many people can understand the sadness of babies?


I have to say, being a mother is so tired that she has to practice a pair of eyes before she can rest assured to buy.

"Childhood" home , but she couldn't find a reliable channel to buy it.

after all, you have to take care of the baby's daily life, family food and clothing, and read books and coax the baby to sleep at night. How can you have so much time to do your homework and compare it with the real one?

the egg mother listens to this, this is what a coincidence! I just saw Tmall International's "big-name special plane" two days ago, and I devoted myself to bringing foreign well-known brands to China.

to put it simply, it is similar to the Super Brand Day under Tmall. On the day of the event, there will be specific brand discounts and quality assurance. Let's take a look at what we have!

supplement calcium to grow tall

Childhood calcium, magnesium and zinc + organic D3 sunlight drops

midnight love crying? Short and slow to grow? Are you physically weak and prone to illness? I believe that many mothers have thought about supplying calcium to their children, but how to do it? What kind of calcium supplement is a headache.

choose calcium suitable for the baby, such as calcium citrate .

like childhood calcium magnesium zinc and organic D3 sunlight drops , the main ingredient is calcium citrate. Compared with inorganic calcium and solid calcium which are not easy to absorb on the market, it can promote the co-absorption of calcium magnesium zinc VD and take care of baby's delicate intestines and stomach.

more importantly, the baby likes it very much. Its tastes like yogurt , with a dense flavor of orange . My family usually drinks balls most actively!

if you want to supplement calcium to your baby, choose the golden combination of childhood. Oh

Smart-A good helper for moms


according to the recommendations of the Chinese Nutrition Association, 0-12 years old is the golden key period for baby's growth. Supplementing DHA at different ages can promote the baby's brain development, improve memory and focus.

, which is really a lot of benefits! ght: 8pxposition ght height: 1.75mm;\ "> not only that, DHA can also protect your baby's eyesight and suppress allergies .

imported from the United States Childhood Golden Bean DHA is the preferred choice of many mothers. Why do you call it Little Golden Bean? Because it a small strawberry flavor, the entrance melts , the baby loves very much.

, but the effect is very good!

many people boast that their balls are black and bright, and whisper that thanks to

improve the resistance-- Mom is more at ease

Childhood Anti-cold Troika

recently there is a big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, and many babies around us have caught a cold, but our eggs have been full of vitality. Shh. That's because my family always has childhood anti-cold troika ! They are my "secret weapons"--

Prince VC

purple daisy drops

and Childhood Defense liquid , contains a variety of natural antibacterial essence, let the baby comfortable every day ~ three-pronged approach, for the baby together to build a body firewall ! Of course, mothers are more relieved!

I am really super relieved to have childhood products that accompany my baby to grow up. Hurry up and eat fucking Amway!

finally, I'll tell you quietly! Today the [childhood] of Tmall's international big-name chauffeured plane has activities. As a newly launched section, the intensity of the activities is also amazing!

25% discount for 2 pieces of probiotics

two pieces in the first hour of VC

Chong Duck!

and a nice gift!

actual payment 399 millet adult electric toothbrushes

the top three members send family photos of childhood


all you need to do is search " big-name chauffeured " you can enter the venue ~

there will be a lot of activities to follow, don't miss it! From now on, you no longer have to think about your baby's food and clothing. Which one do you like? search ;\"> "Big Brand chauffeur" , you can enjoy all the international brands!