Hu GE announced her marriage for 24 hours, and the true face of Lin Xinru was exposed, and the whole network scolded angrily: this time is really unjust!
Hu GE announced her marriage for 24 hours, and the true face of Lin Xinru was exposed, and the whole network scolded angrily: this time is really unjust!
Respecting other people's privacy is the most basic quality and upbringing.

Hidden marriage gave birth to a baby, Hu GE set off a hot search on the Internet.

at first, netizens were still happy for Hu GE, brushing the screen to bless him to finally realize his wish of "holding his daughter lying on the sofa watching TV series."

it never occurred to me that public opinion changed the direction of the wind in just a few days.

in order to protect his wife and daughter from being disturbed by the cluttered entertainment industry, Hu GE concealed all the information and only made public the good news, only to be called "married with children".

what's more, unscrupulous cyber manhunt was carried out on the woman, and all kinds of revelations emerged one after another.

there is no way to hide from her birth, career and private life, and the transparency of information is followed by abusive abuse and humiliation.

according to online rumors, Huang Xining, the woman, is Hu GE's executive agent, a Fujian girl from Beijing drifters.

in this flow chase, she does not have the bright appearance in front of the stage, nor does she have a dusty appearance, so she has naturally become the target of public criticism.

the loudest voice is that Huang Xining is too ordinary to match Hu GE.

there are "considerate" netizens who take care of their own brains to make up the plot for Huang Xining's packaging.

while praising the fact that ordinary people marry stars is the result of excellent efforts, while the sour taste is filled with bluntly saying, "climb high branches, assistants come ashore."

talk to yourself, so that there is no contradiction.

the parties did not say a word, but many netizens speculated wantonly on the facts by virtue of the searched photos, and rumors flew all over the sky.

Hu GE specially pointed out that his wife was an outsider and wanted to protect the information of his wife and daughter, but the good man had to try his best to dig up information for others to judge, and he didn't know how far he would stop.

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to get to the bottom of it, who does it entertain by using privacy as a matter of conversation?

in the eyes of some people, the word star represents an established person who is subject to scrutiny and judgment, thinking that they should not have privacy.

A few days ago, Xinru Lin angrily posted a message on Weibo:

everyone has people and things they want to protect. Is it difficult to respect privacy?

many netizens are baffled by these remarks, have no beginning and end, and have no direction, and do not understand what has happened.

it was not until a person familiar with the matter revealed that a positive photo of her daughter's baby dolphin was exposed to the public that she was angrily rebuked.

the privacy of her daughter, who has been carefully protected for six years, has been exposed without warning, which is unacceptable to any mother.

the use of privacy to feed and entertain the public is really disgusting.

the most favorite drama in the mixed network and food circle environment is to help it rise to a high position and pull it down from the altar.

two years ago, CCTV reporter Wang Bingbing went out of the circle because of a live broadcast. With her pure and sweet appearance and excellent ability, she was suddenly elevated to the position of national first love.

but now, the Internet is full of "public opinion encirclement and suppression" against Wang Bingbing.

some people hold some half-true and half-false rumors and brazenly make up outrageous stories for netizens to amuse.

the labels of "divorce" and "cohabitation at the age of 18" are so strong that many unreasonable onlookers believe it.

Wang Bingbing's blog articles in college were also picked clean, and even her CET-4 or CET-6 scores were not missed.

at the beginning, it was they who unilaterally gave Wang Bingbing the crown "high achiever", but when they saw the information that did not conform to their imagination, they immediately threw the hat to the ground, and in turn accused Wang Bingbing of deceiving people.

all kinds of "slut humiliation" are also rampant, but others just fall in love with a common one when they are in school.

A private blog that is not open to the public has been stolen by technical means. this is the most blamed object, isn't it?

under the snooping of privacy, what is exposed is not the "ugliness and sin" of stars and idols, but the venting of selfish desires of thousands of netizens.

through peeping, digging and subjective imagination, they express their so-called enthusiasm and love for idols.

but never thought that this in itself is a kind of disrespect.

the marriage of Andy Lau and Zhu Liqian has been hidden for 16 years, and it is still difficult to find the identity information of his wife and daughter on the Internet.

it's not that he doesn't want to receive blessings from fans, but that he's afraid.

afraid of those fans in the name of love and paparazzi for profit, to disturb the people they want to protect most.

you never know how crazy these fans are who invade the private life of stars in order to chase stars.

in their eyes, idols are no different from commodities, and their privacy is hard currency.

you know, there is no lower limit for snooping.

on January 13, a group of idol men flew to Changsha to record a program, and a large number of fans flocked to it.

unlike ordinary fans waiting for their idols at the exit, these fans unstoppably rushed to first class before the plane stopped.

the guardrail was broken, the curtains in the corridor of the plane were torn down, and the narrow passageway was blocked. They held their cameras high and wanted to put the lens on their faces.

what is even more creepy is that this kind of encirclement and interception has long been common in the rice circle.

the personal information and itinerary of star idols have long become sellable goods, circulating in various fan circles.

you may not be able to buy a concert ticket for your idol, but you can buy all of him.Information is a piece of cake.

what is even more puzzling is that in the eyes of these people, the act of peeping and stalking is not shameful, but a meritorious deed that can be used to show off and boast of their "love" for their idols.

behind the indifference to other people's privacy, it is the malice of human nature.

if our information can be easily spread wantonly, how is it different from streaking?

under the influence of this atmosphere, respect has become an increasingly difficult thing.

if you think about it carefully, you will find that there are not only stars who are in an embarrassing situation, but also unprovoked cyber violence because of the disclosure of privacy around us.

the girl Xiao Yu, who shared her engagement photos on a social platform, just wanted to record her happy moment, but she was discredited by malicious people and was suddenly engulfed by the tide of public opinion.

among them, some people fabricate something out of thin air, while others deliberately expose all the privacy of Xiao Yu on the Internet to help them do evil.

her name, ID number, home address, life photos and so on were all released one by one.

swearing goes on and on, and private messages and phone calls never stop.

even the followers of Xiao Yu and the netizens who helped to clarify the words were treated with the same "human flesh".

the abusers try to snoop more privacy to find carnival and resonate with endless slander.

the girl who just got the admission letter can't wait to share her joy with her grandfather.

it was obviously a very warm scene, but because of the girl's pink hair, it was distorted into an outrageous rumor that "Grandpa was sick and married a little girl".

the girl who went downstairs to pick up the express delivery in a very ordinary day was arranged as "the young woman who cheated on the courier" in the blink of an eye.

they were all living seriously and studying hard, but only because their privacy was leaked wantonly and rumors were processed all over the world, they were laughed at as the biggest joke overnight.

innumerable swearing, endless harassment, unquenchable daily life, even a normal life has become an extravagant hope.

after all the information was exposed, they had nowhere to hide.

after privacy is flouted, dignity no longer exists.

but what's wrong with them?

the Internet is not an illegal place for wanton catharsis of selfish desires, no matter what the purpose is, we should understand:

respecting other people's privacy is the most basic quality and upbringing.

sooner or later there will be a price to pay for indulging one's own desires by slandering and exposing the weaknesses of others.

wanting only to be self-satisfied and ignoring others is not only downright selfish, but also an unforgivable misdeed.

and no one can guarantee that the next fire will burn you.