How many of the five high IQ performances do your children have?
How many of the five high IQ performances do your children have?
Come and have a look.

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IQ, that is, intelligence quotient (Intelligence Quotient), is a measure of individual intelligence.

Children's IQ is reflected through behavior in childhood.

come and see if your baby has these high IQs!


does your baby speak to herself?

experiments at the University of Bangor in the UK have found that the brain may have higher cognitive functions, more focused attention and higher efficiency in getting things done.

" put this here first. "
"Oh no, this should be over there."

Children sometimes say the same thing over and over again when they concentrate on building blocks or playing with toys. Parents should not interrupt.

Children who talk to themselves will establish their own logic when they play, which is a sign of high IQ.


children with high IQ are full of curiosity and exploration about everything.

this curiosity may lead to a--

small talk about" why "
watch, remote control, everything can be detachable saboteur;

do things slowly

our parents often walk into the misconception of pursuing efficiency: the faster the arithmetic is calculated, the faster the recitation is, the better.

however, blindly drawing" fast "may not be suitable for children.

Children with high intelligence have their own set of logic in doing knowledge and doing things, which may not be fast, but they can straighten out and integrate their ideas very clearly.

" slow down ", but you can chew it carefully and lay a solid foundation for future development.


Children with high IQ have a stronger sense of independence.

maybe not so "gregarious", but his heart is sunny and full.

for children with high IQ, self-persistence is more important than integration into the group.

as a parent, you don't have to teach your children how to integrate too early.

as long as the direction is right, we can enlighten and open up our children's thinking space and respect their persistence and choice.



Children with high IQ are very kind, modest, simple and natural.

in interpersonal communication, most people don't compete because they are not necessary for them.

they like small animals very much.

small enough to feel lovely and beautiful for every plant and tree, and one flower and one tree.

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