How important is it to improve resistance? Don't wait for the child to get sick!
How important is it to improve resistance? Don't wait for the child to get sick!
Some people say that taking care of children is a spiritual practice, which is exactly what it is.


once read the question on Zhihu:" what's it like to have a stay-at-home mother at home? "

among the nearly a thousand answers, most people seem to have reached a consensus:

" it's so cool to be a stay-at-home mom. It's so easy to do housework and take care of children every day! "

it's not. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. If you haven't seen a mother's daily life with your own eyes, you can't understand the gullies in your life.

trivia known.

Mom's day in the eyes of different family members.

@ Mr. Li, 30, financial industry practitioner

"thought he was guarding the whole family, but found that she was the omnipotent Superman."

on weekdays, she gets up early to prepare breakfast, waits for the baby to wake up to take the temperature, feed the meal, and make time to do housework.

while the baby stumbles behind us like a little knight guarding our princess.

during this period of time in the house, I have made up for the skill of raising a child. No matter how hard it is outside, I will protect her at home with my son.

@ Jiao Ma, 28 years old, stay-at-home mom

" take advantage of this house, let the father of the child have a good taste of the fun of cooking at home. "

before choosing to be a stay-at-home mother, I thought it would be easier to take off the responsibility of work, but found that it was the stay-at-home mom who was the most "It's a hard job.

not only 24 hours long standby time, but also 120,000 spirits to deal with "sudden situation" -from cold illness to spitting milk and picky food.

my child's resistance has become my KPI, especially these days, I dare not relax,

the mutual protection of the three of us .

during this period of believing in a house, many people have experienced the taste of guarding and being guarded .

with you and guarding . While thanking her parents, she collected many stories about protecting each other--


I believe that for all parents, a healthy baby is the best guardian.


resist external bacteria and viruses and clean up abnormalities inside the body, so that the baby can " protect yourself "!

however, each child's resistance is affected by congenital and acquired factors, and there are individual differences.

some babies are not picky about eating everything and pay attention to exercise from an early age. Their natural physical resistance is stronger, and mothers don't worry much.

while some babies have low resistance, is prone to illness, excessive severity, or too long time .

not only makes mothers nervous all the time, the baby will also be in a state of disease all the time, resulting in the aggravation of the disease, and it will affect growth and development over time. It can be said to be quite disturbing!

therefore, mothers must pay attention to it and cultivate the long-term resistance of babies ! Draw the point! Long-term! Only when the long-term resistance is online, can the baby resist the glitches on the way to growth!

so how to improve the baby's long-term resistance?

it is well known that, in addition to moderate exercise and adequate sleep, the most important thing is to supplement nutritional elements ~

0-3 years old is the golden age of baby's physical development. For children of this age, breast milk or formula is one of the main sources of nutrition.

We always advocate breastfeeding because babies can get all kinds of immune ingredients and nutrients from breast milk.

sIgA, lactoferrin , etc., which can regulate immunity, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and enhance the baby's disease resistance.

among the widely studied and practical nutrients of breast milk, lactoferrin is very critical.

it acts as core immune protein in breast milk. In addition to the main functions of binding and transporting iron ions, it also has antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and other functions, making the body full of "protective power".

about the function of lactoferrin, the egg mother specifically checked the professional literature [1] , I want to talk to you!

it can combine with iron ions in the human body to form non-heme iron-binding glycoproteins, which participate in the storage, transport, absorption and utilization of iron in the human body.

  • regulate the balance of intestinal flora

"text-align:justify" Line-height: 1.75 strong left: 8px; lactoferrin can maintain normal intestinal flora, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, regulate the balance of intestinal flora .

  • bacteriostasis, sterilization and enhancement of respiratory function

experiment proves [2] ,

and lactoferrin has bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects on the bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect of lactoferrin, which can help babies better resist harmful bacteria.

Breast milk contains plenty of lactoferrin.

Don't worry! Although lactoferrin is a precious nutritional element, this ingredient can be found in many formulations. Oh

but the content varies greatly, with the highest 450mg/100g and the lowest 2.9mg/100g!

if the baby drinks milk 750ml every day, the amount of lactoferrin obtained from breast milk is at least 255mg .

that is to say, every 100g formula must contain at least 250mg lactoferrin in order to reach breast milk level.

so mothers don't have to think about milk powder that is lower than this!


when it comes to this, many mothers will ask, which milk powder contains more lactoferrin? Xa0

Dang Dang! Egg Mommy wants to give you Amway the content of natural lactoferrin is excellent.Ong> Royal Mercer fully 450mg/100g [4] !

while Royal Mae Sujiar has done this very well, using unique cold spray technology, it can be better retain the activity of lactoferrin, promote the healthy development of respiratory system and intestinal tract, and protect [5] Coronation!

I drink milk powder from his home. I like it with a light taste and grow very well, which usually makes me feel at ease.

except for the extraordinary content of natural lactoferrin, "Natural lactophospholipid [6] "+" Natural OPO structural grease [6] "Golden combination is also important.

because it uses whole milk to feed once, it naturally contains these two nutrients to protect the baby's multi-directional growth--

natural lactophospholipid , with the golden ratio of closer source milk, can better promote the absorption of DHA, AA and other key fatty acids , it is the super CP of DHA!

and Natural OPO similar structural lipids contains nearly 20 essential fatty acids, more than artificial OPO Oh!

some people say that taking care of children is a spiritual practice.

in this process, we will encounter minor problems of one kind or another, but fortunately we have been working hard to give health and care to our children and learn how to better protect them.

Royal Mercer is also the case, committed to using better natural nutrition to support the baby's growth in many directions.

believe that you are there, guardian. Along the way, Royal Mae Sujiar is also with you to protect your baby's health.

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[6] whole milk naturally contains OPO-like structural lipids, lactophospholipids and lactoferrin. OPO similar structure lipid is sn-2 palmitate