Home is not free, children take advantage of the east wind (do not believe you see)
Home is not free, children take advantage of the east wind (do not believe you see)
When he was young, he didn't know his parents' grace, but when he did, he was already middle-aged.

Confucian style



as the ancients said, "there are three things at home that are not free, and children ride the east wind



the fengshui of a family is hidden in these three places at home.

the more fully arranged, the more blessed future generations will be. If you don't believe us, we'll wait and see!

the table is not empty, there is temperature at home

the seven things that open the door: firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, every piece can not be separated from the dining table.

A family always sits around a table to eat, and there are only fireworks in the day.

when actor Huang Lei was a child, his parents were very busy at work.

when he came home from school, there was no one waiting for him, and no one took care of his dinner.

when he got married and had children, he wanted his children to eat their own hot food.

No matter how busy I am, I should get up early every day and cook a lot for my daughter.

every meal should be strictly matched with nutrition, with a balance of meat and meat, less oil and less salt.

he said, "it takes a lifetime to cook for your children."

in Huang Lei's opinion, as long as the child eats happily, it is his happiest moment.

A family lives with one porridge and one meal, depending on each other for the rest of their lives.

how can you make your life steaming hot when the table is deserted?

it is also braised pork, and the practice in each family is different.

this difference is the taste of home.

like a kite string in the hands of parents, no matter how high or far children fly, it touches their hearts.

when we were young, our parents cooked for us;

when we grow up, we cook for our parents and children.

it is dusk, and the children cook for us.

this is what a home should look like.

Bookshelf is not empty, home has soul

philosopher Cicero said:

"A house without books is like the body of the soul."

the mother of host Bai Yansong is a people's teacher.

when she gets home every day, she spends half an hour reading with her children.

under the influence of his mother, Bai Yansong gradually realized the importance of reading.

the shelves and books on the table at home are all full of books, almost like sleeping in a pile of books.

although Bai Yansong is naughty and playful, and his academic performance is not good, he has always maintained the habit of reading.

even if I skip class, I still take my mother's library card and go to the library to read quietly.

Bai Yansong had read more than 2,000 books before taking the college entrance examination.

was successfully admitted to Communication University Of China and became a well-known host.

it was in the early years that he developed good reading habits, and Bai Yansong laid a solid foundation in writing.

laid the foundation for becoming a famous mouth of CCTV in the future, and paved the way for his life.

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books are the foundation of a person and the root of a family.

there should be room for at least a quiet desk at home, rich or poor.

the books I have read can open the door where there is no door, and let there be light where there is no light.

there are answers to all the problems of life and work in the book.

with a book cushion, children will have a higher starting point than others.

the bedroom is not empty, and there is Fukuda at home

as the saying goes, "having a car in front of the door is not rich, but having two elders at home is a blessing."

Home is home when parents are still alive; without parents, home is just an empty house.

once upon a time there was a man who traveled thousands of miles away from his hometown to worship the Buddha in Lingshan.

he dreamt of a fairy and pointed out that the Buddha is the one who wears shoes upside down.

this man worshiped around Lingshan and looked for it for many years, but he didn't see the Buddha.

Mother Ben was fast asleep in the bedroom. When she heard her son coming back, she ran to open the door in a panic.

as soon as I put on my clothes, my shoes are worn down.

when the man saw his mother, he was finally enlightened: "the two people in the hall are always living Buddhas, so there is no need for Lingshan to face the Blessed one."

the happiest thing in life is that a family, young and old, get together happily and laugh everywhere.

if there are no parents in the court, the children will be missing a valuable wealth.

when he is young, he does not understand the kindness of his parents, but when he does, he is already middle-aged.

the two elders in the family are alive, which is the biggest Fukuda for their children.

filial piety to parents is also the most extraordinary merit in the world.

Confucian style Jun,