He was nearly killed by cancer and won 33 movie stars in 40 years. He was scolded, which is the biggest joke of the year.
He was nearly killed by cancer and won 33 movie stars in 40 years. He was scolded, which is the biggest joke of the year.
Every time he makes an appearance, he tells young actors what a good actor should look like.

everyone seems to be very busy this Spring Festival.

many people have just finished painting "Man Jiang Hong" and can't wait to enter the cinema again because of "wandering the Earth 2".

the popularity of the film has made Wu Jing the first star in the mainland to earn more than 30 billion at the box office.

but on the other hand, the old actor Li Xuejian was scolded for his lines.

long before the movie began, some netizens complained that his original lines could not be heard clearly, slandered him like a male duck, was noisy, and even scolded him for retiring when he was old, so don't come out to circle the money.

see these gossips, somewhat suffocated, somewhat sad.

68-year-old Li Xuejian, suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, suffered from vocal cord injury, and his voice was inevitably affected.

but even so, Li Xuejian still put every word into practice in the play and tried his best to do his best.

and is Li Xuejian's performance really as bad as those losers say?

Director Guo Fan mentioned such a scene in an interview.

every time Li Xuejian finished performing on the stage, the group performances of various countries would stand up and applaud him spontaneously.

in fact, at such an advanced age, people still stick to the front line of filming and conscientiously play every role well, which in itself makes people respect.

in today's popular entertainment industry, some people do actors for fame and some act for profit, but for Li Xuejian:

the play is bigger than the sky, the play is the life, the play can continue the life.

to what extent is Li Xuejian obsessed with acting?

he doesn't look like a man, nor does he have a natural talent. when Li Xuejian first joined the art troupe, he could only walk in the regiment and clean up.

in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the characters, Li Xuejian went through the life materials of Lin Biao, and in order to fit the image, he specially shaved the yin and yang head of the same style.

he posted pictures of Lin Biao on the wall of his room, learning and imitating the movements and expressions of the characters every day.

his friend said that when he walked in the yard, his face was as gloomy as Lin Biao in history.

A stand-in, he was so obsessed that he really thought of himself as Lin Biao!

after watching his rehearsal, the leader immediately decided: don't want the original lead actor, let him go.

it was this play that won him back the highest award in Chinese drama, the Plum Blossom Award.

making his debut is the pinnacle, and Li Xuejian is a perfect description.

when starring in the movie Jiao Yulu, Li Xuejian once again devoted himself to character creation.

when his "Jiao Yulu" appeared on the big screen, Jiao Yulu's wife almost thought her husband had come back from the dead:

so much alike, he's back!

in the era of ticket prices of 30 cents, the film finally created a box office miracle of 130 million yuan.

if Jiao Yulu makes him a model figure who moves the whole country, then Water margin almost makes him a "public enemy".

he plays Song Jiang, who leads the heroes to resist the court, while being quietly greeted by the court, which tickles people's teeth.

after the film hit, his wife advised him not to go back to his hometown for the time being. Villagers who were too deep in the play thought his Song Jiang was too irritating and wanted to beat him.

because of the real performance, I hated it deeply.

the strength of Li Xuejian is that what he plays is what he does. Huang Bo, who is regarded as a representative of the acting school, can only admire Li Xuejian when he mentions him.

"acting with bone and blood, let the soul float on the character."

there was a saying on the Internet that "five outstanding acting skills", which is very appropriate:

"Chen Daoming, the evil of the east, is good at public learning; Wang Zhiwen, the poison of the west, has profound internal skills;

Chen Baoguo, the southern emperor, was domineering and arrogant, while the northern beggar, Zhang Guoguo, was relaxed.

only Li Xuejian is the avatar, commenting on only one word 'demon'. "

he is a God-given actor, born for the play, crazy for the play.

he can make any change in order to act, and he has an almost crazy seriousness and obsession with the character.

this love and obsession enabled him to open his own golden age in the face of highlights.

however, no one thought that at the height of his career, a sudden accident almost ruined everything for him.

in 2000, Li Xuejian, who was filming, suddenly detected nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the middle and advanced stage.

his family and director suggested that he stop filming and treat his illness first. Li Xuejian disagreed and insisted on finishing the film.

he felt that the crew spent so much money and filmed so much that the efforts of so many people could not be wasted because of him alone.

he was tortured by the pain caused by cancer, and sometimes a slight turn over would cause intense vomiting and pain.

producer Wu Xianjun never forgot that Li Xuejian was filming conscientiously on the stage, while the staff were distressed.To the scene of silent tears.

"when he shot the last scene, it was already very difficult for him to speak, but he still spoke with emotion and finished a long line in one fell swoop, and tears welled up in the eyes of the crew present."

when filming "born in the sky", the prototype character was thin, and Li Xuejian was a little fat at that time, for which he regretted for more than 20 years.

"I have gained weight once in 41 years, and I am always sorry to the audience."

"if I lose another 20 jin, that character will be more attractive and powerful."

in fact, the film that made him feel guilty, Douban scored 9.4.

later, with the help and encouragement of his family and friends, Li Xuejian's condition gradually improved.

but the sequelae of nasopharyngeal carcinoma continue to this day, and on weekdays he has to wear a hearing aid to hear the sounds around him.

recalling every bit of filming with Li Xuejian, Shen Teng could not help but wet his eyes.

"since teacher Li Xuejian came in, I didn't know what a real old artist is and the kind of accuracy of performance."

everyone knows that he is very ill. After shooting each picture, he coughed for half a day with a handkerchief, but he still devoted himself 100% when he came back.

it's not just Shen Teng, how many actors can do it for the role?

at present, the flow of actors in the entertainment industry is getting higher and higher, and the professional level is getting lower and lower.

some actors stare by scratching their eyes, others fail even the most basic lines, and they can only read "1234" in filming.

but seeing actors like Li Xuejian holding on silently, I suddenly feel that the entertainment industry seems to be worth looking forward to.

he answered seriously:


audience is the most expensive!


just four words won the applause of the whole house.

he often says, "if we want to live up to the acting industry, we should put on a good show!"

that's what he said, and that's what he did.

from the moment he stepped into the show business, he tried his best to perform every role.

with the most sincere performance, he told every story and left one classic character after another in the film and television textbook.

has been employed for more than 40 years and has won more than 30 movie stars and TV stars.

this unparalleled achievement may be the best reward for abiding by the principles of the industry for half his life.

accompanied by fame and popularity, there are all kinds of endorsements at sky-high prices.

but no matter how honored he has been, Li Xuejian always adheres to his bottom line.

in the year when the fight against cancer made a comeback, a manufacturer approached Li Xuejian to endorse a buccal tablet.

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under the persuasion of his friend, he agreed and uttered the slogan that he regretted very much:

"if there is no sound, no good play can come out."

A few years later, he played a mute in the wrong bus.

the reporter asked him, "you didn't say there was no sound, no matter how the best play could not come out. How did the mute play this time?"

he was speechless and felt ashamed every time he thought of it.

since then, he has never received a commercial again.

No advertising or variety shows. Li Xuejian almost spent all his savings in order to cure his illness.

it is hard for you to imagine that the life of such a well-written actor with countless halos is so poor.

Hu GE, who won the Golden Eagle Award in 2016, walked up to Li Xuejian and said, "I don't deserve it."

in the award speech, Hu GE mentioned again:

"teacher Li Xuejian is highly respected. At such a high age, he brought only one member of his entourage. I am very ashamed. I brought three."

when the prestigious Best Performing Arts Award was awarded to Li Xuejian, the serenity on one side suddenly turned red in his eyes and choked with sobs:

"I don't know why I keep working every time I see my seniors." I don't know what I'm doing when I'm your age, because I'm always wavering. "

suddenly remembered that when wandering Earth 2 was released, it rushed to a hot search entry:

"Li Xuejian fixed Poseidon Needle".

Yes, Li Xuejian is not only a Poseidon needle in the entertainment industry, but also a bright light in the industry.

every time he makes an appearance, he tells young actors what a good actor should look like.

Shi Tiesheng once commented on Li Xuejian:

Li Xuejian has nothing to do except "acting earnestly," and has no extravagant hope except "being a clean and innocent man."

play is like life, life is like a play.

from an unknown rural boy to a famous movie star respected by everyone, he did not seek money or profit, and worked conscientiously all his life just to be worthy of the audience.