Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
I will continue to refine myself for the rest of my life and meet my mentors and friends.

Fan Deng reads


Li ao and Yu Guangzhong are both great masters in the literary world. The former is arrogant and critical, while the latter is elegant and quiet.

Li ao once scolded his old friend Yu Guangzhong for his ugly words.

everyone is looking forward to Yu Guangzhong's counterattack, but Yu Lao has been slow to move.

finally someone asked him why he didn't respond, and Yu Guangzhong replied:

Li ao keeps scolding me, which shows that his world cannot live without me for a day.

I ignore him, proving that I can live without him.

an understatement, but four or two dialed a thousand pounds, and then Li ao never picked on him again.

to get along with annoying people, instead of arguing, it is better to learn to deal with them at a high level.

the highest punishment is silence

such an annoying thing happened to Confucius and his disciples.

A man asked Confucius' disciple, "how many seasons are there in a year?"

the disciple thought, isn't this common sense? of course it's the four seasons! So he replied, "there are four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter."

but the guest was unreasonable, insisting that there were only three seasons, and that the disciple would kowtow to him three times if he got the wrong answer.

the disciple argued, so he asked Confucius to come to the rescue.

after listening to the guest's explanation, Confucius said, "there are three seasons in a year." Then let the disciple kowtow.

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this disciple was not convinced, so when someone left, he hurriedly asked Confucius, "Why do you say there are only three seasons?"

Confucius said:

"can't you see that this man is green? He is a grasshopper, born in spring, dead in autumn, and can't live till winter. "

you can't understand what you told him until dark.

"Summer worms can't talk about ice."

this means that you can't talk about ice with bugs that grow in summer. Because of their limited knowledge, it is foolish for you to preach the truth.

in the face of fools and follies, not arguing is mercy, not arguing is wisdom, and silence is the best way to fight back.

there is a Zen master who lives far away in the mountains. He has lived for more than 100 years and is enjoying himself every day.

so someone came to him and asked him the secret of happiness.

the Zen master replied, "Don't argue with fools."

the man seemed not satisfied with his answer, so he said, "Master, I don't quite agree that this is the secret."

the Zen master smiled and replied, "Yes, you are right!"

this reminds me of a very interesting sentence:

"Don't try to argue with a fool, because he will pull you to the same level as him and then use his rich experience to make you cry."

someone taunts you, so you respond bitterly to him.

when someone shows off to you, you immediately double to prove that you are better.

look, the greatest harm to you by the person you hate is to turn you into the person you used to hate the most.

when you get along with people you hate, the highest punishment is silence; if you don't agree with people at different levels, the best response is to keep silent.

when the other party opens its teeth and claws, you don't care to fight back; when the other person yells and shouts, you answer with indifference.

it's not cost-effective to lose yourself for someone you hate, so you might as well respond with a high level of silence.

the most reserved revenge is to ignore

there is such a classic scene in Zhou Xingchi's movie "Tang Bohu points Autumn incense":

Tang Bohu played a couplet in the match of piercing intestines, which was so angry that Tang Bohu vomited blood to the ground.

and in real life, the loss often outweighs the gain when you struggle with annoying things and people.

this reminds me of a sentence in the coming Night: "to be angry is to punish yourself with other people's mistakes, which is not cost-effective."

it doesn't matter how to get back at someone you hate, but how to adjust your attitude so that you won't be influenced by him after being disgusted by him.

"Godfather" has a saying:

"Don't hate your enemies, it will affect your judgment.

letting emotions control your brain will not only affect your judgment, but also hurt you physically and mentally, and the loss outweighs the gain. "

Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

the journey of life is so long that we can't avoid disturbing ourselves with annoying people.

because the person you hate touches your mind, you might as well learn to be yourself and ignore him horizontally.

the smartest way to leave is to improve

Mo Yan once said, "We don't live for people we don't like."

actor Huang Bo said in an interview that he was often given the cold shoulder before becoming famous.

before becoming famous, you will meet all kinds of annoying and resourceful people in the crew.

he was pushed away by the male star and told him to get out of the way. Scolded by the director: "what does it look like? go away. What are you doing here?" And was looked down upon by the lunch box chef and so on.

until later, Huang Bo won the Golden Horse Award in Taiwan and the Shanghai International Film Festival, and starred in numerous best films, becoming an actor with more than 10 billion yuan at the box office.

he said: "now that he is famous, he is surrounded by good people, and everyone is filled with smiling faces."

the voice around became: "Mr. Huang, are you tired?" Miss Huang, what would you like to eat? what can I get you? "

people around who abuse him and treat him coldly become people who respect and admire him..

when contempt and jealousy turn into admiration, they can only release goodwill.

when you become strong enough to be beyond the reach of those who hate, who dares to offend you easily.

there is a good saying:

"if you like someone, you can try your best to express it. If you don't like someone, you can avoid it as much as possible."

keep improving, leave the circle of people you hate, and you will find that there are more good people.

because when you are weak, the cost of bullying you is very low.

when your world becomes wider, the person you hate disappears.

Yi Shu wrote in the first half of my Life:

"the best revenge is not hatred, but indifference from the bottom of your heart. Why bother to hate an irrelevant person?"

it is better to live in your own heart than to live in the eyes of others.

focus on yourself, fulfill yourself, and keep improving is the lesson of your life.

the best way to treat people you hate is to be the best you can be.

, I will continue to refine myself for the rest of my life and meet my mentors and friends.