Hard-core dads are very popular with their children, and sure enough, other people's dads never let people down.
Hard-core dads are very popular with their children, and sure enough, other people's dads never let people down.
It is necessary to speed up the role of parents, but it must be slow to accompany children to grow up.



two days ago, I received a message from a fan backstage about my transformation as a father , which was funny and real at the same time.

since I had a daughter three years ago, I have always felt that I am in pain and happy.

every day I am busy learning to breast-feed, change diapers, and do supplementary food. just to be a good father as soon as possible.

finally mastered some parenting skills, but as her daughter learns to walk, her emotional needs become richer, not only with her, but also with heart.

I have no choice but to slow down and play with her

occasionally can act as models for each other, manicure and makeup fly together, although the damage is the wife's cosmetics, but coaxing the baby must be a high investment and high return

looking back on the past few years, although the process is not perfect, I am still very proud to see my daughter grow up day by day. "

just like my egg dad, no matter how eager I am, I am absolutely patient with my baby. As long as he is around, I never worry about the child making noise, or having a ballroom dance with my daughter Feifei, or playing a war between pirates and sons. You can easily solve the grinding baby.

and especially fond of holiday surprises. Last Christmas, he was excited to give presents to the baby, but he suddenly woke up halfway, and he said as soon as he short-circuited:

" I'm Santa Claus now, and I just borrowed your father's body. "

as a result, little Feifei cried and asked him to bring her father back.

this year, before Christmas comes, he is already tinkering with surprises for his children. I just hope that this time he can successfully take off the title of "Sand Eagle Dad" with his own efforts.


because these seemingly rough, parody fatherly love, let children in the interesting experience, feel the unique fun of growing up.

this is probably the uniqueness of dads taking care of their children. They can always slow down and take into account the fun of children's natural growth while enters the role of father quickly.

and I don't know if you have noticed that when dads and children do some manual and puzzle games, they always habitually leave problems to their children to solve:

"can crying solve the problem? if you can't do it well, you can't hand in your manual homework. Think about which step is wrong."

develop a child's ability to think independently . After all, it is more helpful to develop a child's brain intelligence than to take the initiative to help him solve problems.

in addition, for egg moms, fathers and children also have a very practical magic use, can isolate some of their children's emotional dependence and make them more independent.


just like Bao Dad likes to take his baby to the park and play in the wild, catching dragonflies, picking fruit and digging wild vegetables.

it can be seen that how exquisite fathers take care of their children is not only in the overall control of the pace of parenting, but also beneficial to the healthy growth of children.


of course, there are many dads in life who know the significance of their children's natural growth, but they are limited in their actual actions.

is too eager for success while neglecting the fun of growing up; pursuing the speed of mastering parenting skills leads to not slowing down to accompany the child. These losses outweigh the gain.

just like an egg mother, I can't wait to get into the role of a mother at first, replenish my baby quickly, and make money quickly to provide her child with a good growing environment.

but the different fatherly love of having a father with balls reminds me that the original purpose of" doing it quickly "is to accompany the baby to" take your time ", so that the child will grow up more naturally and happier.

this is also Friso advocates # philosophy of Fast and slow parenting # the new concept of parenting- to enter the role of parents should be accelerated, but it must be slow to accompany children to grow up!

because children grow up only once, if they do not slow down to accompany them to grow up naturally, it will only become a deeper regret in the future.

of course, in order to encourage more parents to join the slow pace of parenting, this time Friso is also appropriate for Christmas # Christmas Daddy to make fun of # themed activities.

I hope you dads will have the courage to carry out their own Christmas anecdotes.

, dads have a lot of fun with their children. Welcome to join the army of complaining about dads and nagging about their own dads' little pleasures ~

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