Half, half (depth good text)
Half, half (depth good text)
For the rest of our lives, may we all stop demanding all aspects and be comprehensive in everything.

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Mo Yan said in sandalwood punishment: "the most taboo thing in the world is perfection."

when the flowers bloom, they will die. When the moon is full, they must be missing. Perfection is followed by withering and imperfections.

so the wisdom of our ancestors often says the word "half". Li Mi'an in the Qing Dynasty had a "half and a half song":

it is just right to drink in the middle of drinking, but the flowers bloom in half time.

half of the sail does not turn over, but the horse is put on half the rein.

half a little but Rao taste, half a lot of anti-annoyance entanglement.

A hundred years of bitterness and joys and sorrows will take advantage of only half of each other.

if you understand the word "half", you can taste the true taste of life.



half is concerned about, half is forgotten

Li E, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, wrote in his poem "Gift to Friends":

"it's all right to meet each other, and you will always remember you after you leave."

friends don't have to get in touch with each other often, but they certainly don't forget each other.

when I think of each other occasionally, I still feel a trace of concern in my heart.

thinking about each other when you have nothing to do is the true standard of friends.

some people, although also called friends, are accustomed to following the trend, holding high and trampling low.

you think he is a flower by the cliff, but in fact, he is just a scum in a sea of people. such friends are all passers-by in life, and it's best to forget.

you don't need too many friends. Two or three bosom friends are far better than thousands of casual acquaintances.



half is giving, half is receiving

Mr. Wang Zengqi said: the family sits idle and the lights are amiable.

Home is an eternal harbor. With a home, the world is full of warmth.

A happy family requires the efforts of everyone.

Yun Niang once said in six stories of a floating Life:

buy ten mu of vegetable garden around the house, and class servants plant melons and vegetables for salary.

your painting and embroidery are needed for poetry and wine. Cabbage and rice, cola for life.

in the time of beating horses, the whole family rises in the morning sun and watches the setting sun at dusk.

the little life is light and busy, with both pay and gain.

when you are stressed, look at your family's smile, catch your breath, take a break, think about it, and then move on.



half is talent, half is cultivation

Wang Shuo wrote in his letter to his daughter:

"you are in the torrent of the universe, invited by us, gladly get out of the car, come to the world, our family, cast in our arms, every moment is a picture, beautiful."

every child is a seed, but his or her florescence is different.

some flowers can bloom brilliantly after breaking out of the ground, while others need a long waiting period.

be patient. Don't see other seeds blossom and bear fruit and conclude that your child is not a good seed.

believe in the child and wait for the flower to bloom, maybe your seed will never blossom, because from the beginning, he is destined to become a towering tree.



half is luck, half is effort

Kazuo Inamori said:

to have a full life, you have only two choices:

one is to "do the job you like"; the other is to "make yourself like your job".

everyone spends most of his time at work. Work is not only a guarantee to support his family, but also a step to hone his will and move towards a better life.

for people who work only for salary, their work is always mediocre.

work means that the more you do, the more you will work, and the more you will work, the more opportunities you will have.

you just work hard, and you can't help but help you until God can't help you, so the result won't be bad.



half angels, half demons

Zhou Guoping said: money is a good thing, but it is not the best thing. We cannot sacrifice the best thing for this good thing.

when money saves lives, it is an angel; when people die for money, it is the devil;

when meeting normal needs, it is an angel; when inflating selfish delusions, it is the devil.

A gentleman loves money and takes it wisely.

there is no evil in money itself, but human greed for money is the source of all evil.

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half is fighting for, half is random fate

what is happiness? Happiness seems illusory, but in fact it is within reach.

when you are thirsty, have saliva to drink, do not envy other people's energy drinks;

when you are hungry, you have a bite to eat instead of greedy for other people's delicacies.

this is happiness.

with a smile, strive for it, try your best to obey your destiny, and you will be happy.

but what happiness is there if you refuse to reach for the meal on the table and wait for others to feed you?



half courage, half illusion

Socrates said that the happiest thing in the world is to fight for your dreams.

people live in the world, it is difficult to walk, how many people can not stand the training of the world, walk to forget the original intention.

everyone,You should sow the seeds of a dream.

Dreams, always in the distance, hidden or present, may be difficult to achieve in a lifetime.

just like the eagle in the sky, the eagle fights the sky because of its longing for the blue sky. Although it is poor for its whole life, the eagle cannot fly above the blue sky.

but the real meaning of a dream is to take the first step bravely and act for it, rather than looking at it, daydreaming all day and wasting time.



half is fireworks, half is Qinghuan

Life is always inseparable from firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the smell of fireworks in pots and pans.

learn to find Qinghuan in the smell of fireworks:

the potted plant on the balcony, the fragrance of the flowers in the potted plant, the scroll beside the bed, the distance in the scroll, the picture on the wall, the story in the picture.

every plant, a book, a picture, a tea and a meal, wherever we can see and heart, there is Qinghuan everywhere. Most of the time we just lack a seed to find poetry.



half is confused, half is understanding

Zheng Banqiao said: it is difficult to be smart, especially difficult to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused. Put aside, take a step back, feel at ease now, not plan to report later.

in the earthly experience, we always understand some truth in confusion, and then look at some things in confusion.

keep it in your heart and live your life foolishly.

confused in understanding, understanding in confusion, this is a wise attitude towards life.

understand the truth, learn to be relieved, life is full of scenery.

Hangzhou Lingyin Temple has a couplet:

how can you have more success in life? everything is only half satisfactory.

"half" is the great wisdom of life.

for the rest of our lives, may we all stop demanding everything and everything.

the flowers are half blooming, the wine is a little tipsy, and half is perfect.

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