Great things should be quiet, urgent things should be slow, and difficult things should be changed.
Great things should be quiet, urgent things should be slow, and difficult things should be changed.
The more quiet it is to deal with life's major events, the slower it is to deal with life's emergencies, and the more suitable it is to change when dealing with difficult things in life.

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the ancients said: "the taste is in the thing, the heart is hidden in the body."

A person's first reaction to an accident hides his knowledge, insight, character and self-cultivation. And this reaction also determines his quality of life.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

but the way we look at things and our attitude can influence the way problems are solved, thus determining the height of life.

be quiet in case of major events

"quiet and then you can be safe, then you can worry, and then you can worry and then you can get it."

A person can only be thoughtful if he is calm in body and mind, and gain if he is thoughtful.

in Mr. Yang Jiang's memoirs, the most frequently mentioned sentence is "it doesn't matter".

the door spindle is broken and the door cannot be closed. She smiled and said, "it doesn't matter";

her husband had a scabies on his head and was irritable, so she comforted "it doesn't matter";

whenever something depressed happens to her family, she will gently advise, "it doesn't matter."

she was calm and calm all her life and never seemed to be in a panic.

behind the simple words "never mind" lies Yang Jiang's philosophy of "calmness and stability".

We often say that "wisdom is born in haste", but in most cases it is "quiet" that leads to "wisdom".

Life is like a boxing match. The more impetuous you are, the more likely you are to lose your opponent's rational judgment.

only by calming down, controlling your emotions and dealing with them calmly, can you see the moves and win.

it is only when you are calm that you can take your time when you make a big deal.

slow down in case of emergency

Zeng Guofan said: "things are often wrong because they are busy, and they are more leisurely."

in life, many people are always in a hurry for success and think that the sooner the better.

in fact, on the contrary, we are in a hurry to do something, and it is easy to make mistakes in panic.

calm down and take your time. It seems that progress has been "delayed", but the result is more satisfactory.

as the ancients said, "A fool is full of anger, but a wise man is angry."

people are in a rage, in a hurry, their IQ is almost zero, they are dominated by emotions, and it is themselves who finally pay the bill.

instead of making mistakes in a hurry, it is better to slow down and do a good job.

slow down when you encounter an emergency, give yourself a mood and environment to do things, and then immerse yourself in this, selfless work can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

when things are urgent, they change; when things are slow, they are round.

the busier life is, the more calm you will be. When the state of mind and action are stable, the problem will be solved eventually.

distress will change

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there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will be familiar with it for a long time."

when you encounter difficulties, persistence may not be correct, but flexibility is wisdom.

when things develop to a certain stage, they often get into a bottleneck. Only after the change can it be accessible, and only after it can it be reached for a long time.

those who achieve great things should have foresight, and if this road is blocked, then find another way; if his road is blocked, you might as well turn another corner.

learn to be flexible in order to "overtake at the bend" on the road of life.

during the warring States period, Gui Guzi often personally supervised Sun Bin and Pang Juan in arranging troops and conducting practical drills.

once, Gui Guzi set up two pictures of "three, two, one" and "one, two, three", allowing the two disciples to choose confrontation.

the "3, 2, 1" pattern means three people in the front row, two in the middle, and one in the back row; the "one, two, three" pattern means one person in the front row, two people in the middle, and three people in the back row.

as soon as Pang Juan looked at the array chart of "321" and saw that it was hard to attack and easy to defend, Pang Juan was the first to say, "I choose the '321' formation and let brother Sun Bin's' 123 'attack!"

Sun Bin knew full well that Pang Juan was competitive and always had the upper hand, so he had to deploy his own team to fight.

he put the martial arts warriors in the front row, adopted one by one tactics, and broke through the avant-garde.

then he finally defeated Pang Juan with the tactics of man-to-man and loose copying.

Pang Juan was dissatisfied and asked to start all over again. This time he used "one, two, three" to attack Sun Bin's "three, two, one" battle.

Ghost Valley walked down the hillside, came to Pang Juan and said, "Today, Sun Bin is smarter than you. There are two reasons for winning: one is changeable, and the other is geographical location.

the formation map I have laid out is by no means immutable. Remember that 'the army has no constant potential and the water has no constant shape'. We must be flexible and mobile in the light of the reality of the battle in order to win. "

there are many sides to things. If you want to see the nature of things clearly, you can't just look at them from one angle.

everything has multiple angles, and if you stand from different angles, you will have different answers.

the true meaning of life is to achieve, not to "knock yourself to death"; to face the real environment, to know how to turn and grow, not to run rampant or escape.

being flexible, things may not be as difficult as we think.

when we live in the world, we have to face countless things and choices. if we are calm and flexible, the difficulties will naturally be less.

all kinds of things will happen to people in this life.

We can't control the development of things, but we can adjust our mindset.

the more quiet and urgent it is to deal with major events in life.The slower things are, the more difficult things in life are appropriate to change.

one step at a time, one year old, one grows up.

just like uncut jade carved to the end, it can be seen that Zhuhua moistens the light.

to the end of life practice, but the practice is "clear" in the heart.

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