From WeChat red packet, you can see whether a man loves you or not.
From WeChat red packet, you can see whether a man loves you or not.
Love without bread can not resist the attack of wind and rain.

the Spring Festival arrived as scheduled, and we all began a new round of hot wishes.

the family crowd, friends and old classmates are in a jubilant mood.

but Uncle Ke saw a man's screen brushing on moments and complained:

"Today's girls are too material!"

"it's not too much not to give New year's gifts or red envelopes. As for breaking up?! "

"I still have to give red envelopes to my nieces and nephews during the Spring Festival. Where do I have so much money to give to my partner?"

A common friend saw this and couldn't help teasing:

"Brother, doesn't the Spring Festival focus on a sense of ritual? You don't even want to talk about it? Other girls can afford to buy gifts by themselves, and they don't need your money! "

the most sensitive word in a relationship is money.

many people always talk about the color change of money, in their view, if the feelings are mixed with money, it is no longer pure.

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to a large extent, the quality of a relationship is often verified by "money".

if you want to know whether a man really loves you, and if you want to understand his values and character, one or two can be seen from WeChat red packet.

some time ago, my friend Le broke up with her boyfriend, and finally she was scolded by her ex-boyfriend.

it turns out that on Ah Le's birthday, her boyfriend sent her a 0.25 WeChat red packet and asked her to read it backwards.

when I think about it, that's all I usually do. on such an important birthday, Ale is still stingy and searching. Ale suddenly lost his temper and replied, "my colleague sent me 66, did you 0.25 send a beggar?"

when the boy saw that Ah Le was angry, he immediately reissued a red packet of 520 yuan, but there was a bit of reluctance in his words: "is it big enough this time, can you get it?"

A Le, of course, did not get it, but resolutely broke up.

A Le ignored it, and the boys began to chase and scold her as a "material bitch", "open to money" and "material girl", swearing and resorting to every possible means.

"so this is what you material girls really are. I saw you clearly with 0.25 yuan!"

in desperation, A Le can only pay this high-sounding break-up fee to stop.

some people say that Ale vulgar, only mention money, make love stink like copper.

but Uncle feels that most of the time, WeChat red packet is a demon mirror that can tell whether a man loves you or not.

what Le cares about is not the size of the red packet, but how much a man's mind is.

numbers don't mean anything. after all, the man who is willing to spend money for you doesn't necessarily love you.

but it is undeniable that a man who is not willing to spend money for you certainly does not love you.

there are people who earn 3000 a month and are willing to do everything they can to improve each other's lives, while others earn more than 10,000 a month but insist that a dumpling costs 80 cents when they break up.

is it the money that intervenes in the relationship and makes both parties question it? In fact, the relationship is too fragile.

those who don't love you are afraid of giving you too much, while those who love you are afraid of not giving enough.

as Venus said:

"if your money is not sent to your girlfriend or your wife, who do you want to send it to?"


what a woman wants is not how big your red packet is, but how much you love her in this WeChat red packet.

when some people don't talk about money, they always take care of you and take great care of you, but when it comes to their own interests, they change their faces or even avoid you.

so it's not shameful to talk about money.

only when you talk, can you see the most real appearance of the person you love.

there is a story in the TV series "my True friend":

A pair of young people in love are fighting for the future in a rented house, trying to save money to buy a house and get married together.

when the mother of the girl knew that the boy didn't have a house, she stepped in to stop the relationship between the two, with the intention of taking her daughter away by force.

seeing this, the boy kept a low profile and begged the girl's mother to give him a chance, and repeatedly promised to buy a house after earning enough down payment.

but the girl mother has been adamant: "if there is no room, there is nothing to talk about."

the girl didn't accept it, and her mother was finally touched by it.

how can a man not rest assured that he is willing to hand over all his possessions to you and work hard for you?

for those who care about you, even patchwork will let you see their thoughts; those who don't mean to love you will find it troublesome to send 0.25.

Love cannot last long if it cannot be carried out in small things such as dressing, eating, and counting money.

money is not only the material foundation, but also the emotional foundation.

if a person says "love you more than life", but pinches pennies on sending you a red packet, he doesn't love you that much.


@ cat north and south

once told his own story:

her husband is a straight steel man who knows nothing about romance and has never been surprised after a few years of marriage.

but even if such asAt this, she was also very happy and happy, because later her husband learned to be smart, and when he couldn't figure out what he wanted, he gave out a red envelope and asked her to buy it herself and celebrate the festival in the way she liked.

is this matter?

No, this is the most direct manifestation of love. Love you, only willing to pay for you.

Zhang Zhilin said bluntly that if he had only the last 24 hours left in his life, what he most wanted to say to Yuan Anyi was: "is there enough money?" If you've said enough, then I'll be at ease. "

Life is like this. Love without bread can not resist the attack of wind and rain.

without material support, what can he say to love you?

WeChat red packet is just a detail of your love life, but it is full of tenderness and sincerity.

Men who are unwilling to give you red envelopes will run away when you are shopping, frown when you choose fruits, and draw property boundaries when you talk about marriage.

feelings eventually fall into life, which is nothing but firewood, rice, oil and salt and trifles.

how can you be sincere when you ask him if he loves you with only promises but no action?

as Zhang ailing said:

"Men and women are happy when they spend his money in love." If a woman really loves you, then she will feel happy when she receives your red packet. "

No matter how touching a love word is, it is not as good as an intimate act to arouse the heart.

A red envelope does not represent superficiality, but his blessing and love for you.

it doesn't matter how much money he can earn, but whether he is willing to spend it for you or not.

if a man feels sorry for you to squeeze the bus, complains that you don't eat on time, tells you to pay attention to safety on rainy days, and sends funny text messages to coax you when you are ill. Please ignore him.

and then be with the person who can drive you, accompany you when you get sick, take you at dinner, pick you up after work, and tell you that it doesn't matter if you are unhappy. At the worst, I will raise you.

because what a woman wants is not an empty promise, but you who regard her as more important than a red packet.



, I hope you can all receive red envelopes from your loved ones and be treated with your heart.