From today on, you must take cash with you when you go out.
From today on, you must take cash with you when you go out.
The love and care of children is the antidote for parents to live calmly.

"do you still use cash?"

this question is asked by ten people on the street. About nine and a half of them will shake the mobile phone they are holding and say, "it's enough."

in fact, sometimes with cash in your pocket, you can have more "shortcuts" than others.

if you pay careful attention, next to the crowded toll windows, there is often a window "deserted". When you get close to it, you will know that it only "receives" cash.

those who only go out with their mobile phones can only stand in a long line and look at the "window" and sigh.

from now on, take some cash with you when you go out. Sometimes it really works. Some people really need it.

the easiest way is to have cash in your wallet

when you travel far away, or enter basements and parking lots without Internet, you often get into a dilemma if you can't afford it.

although mobile phones are convenient, you should keep some cash with you.

make dual preparations for everything, you can always avoid unnecessary trouble.

at a party, my good friend Ah Peng talked about why he had started to keep some cash with him in the past two years.

"because his father has a chronic disease, he needs to take medicine steadily for a long time. On one occasion, I accompanied my father to the hospital to see a doctor. As a result, my cell phone just ran out of power, and my trip home was broken. "

"sometimes if he runs out of blood pressure pills and he is not at home, if he does not prepare cash for his father, he will not be able to buy it from a nearby drugstore if he does not know how to use a smartphone, which can easily delay his illness."

it may not be convenient to go out with cash, but the easiest way is to keep cash in your wallet at all times.

take some cash when you go out and let the old man go home early

Get prepared to buy a fabulous spring formal dresses and be the center of attention? In every style, you can now choose your style.

in the rainy streets, you can often see stall owners who are clearly drenched but refuse to close their stalls.

they are generally old and alone, some may be childless, some are disabled, and they make money by planting vegetables and making snacks.

they refuse to close the stall because they haven't got the money yet, and the cost of living for the day hasn't been settled yet.

because this kind of booth does not support mobile payment, many people either automatically "ignore" or turn around and leave.

even if stall owners set up stalls in the rain, even if they go out early and return late, they earn only a little bit.

take some cash with you when you go out. If the dishes or snacks of the elderly also meet your requirements, you might as well make a deal with them.

so that they can sell out early, go home early, and live independently and with dignity.

the use of cash is not necessarily backward. In many corners where no one pays attention, cash still has precious value. It is a care for the elderly and a kindness to the weak.

Don't walk too fast, please look at the parents who are left behind

the times are running fast, and many old people are thrown to the edge of society.

powerful smart appliances, they do not know how to operate; even the new high-end mobile phones will only be used to make calls.

once a netizen came home for the Spring Festival and was surprised that her parents could grab red envelopes on Wechat and browse Douyin. She asked her parents how they learned it.

parents said helplessly: "Hey, you are not around, usually see who who, I will ask again, rely on thick-skinned!"

writer Ma Jiahui says that since his father learned to use chat software, his father, who usually doesn't talk much, often sends messages to himself, asking himself "what did you eat today?"

he felt warm and impatient. One day, when his father asked about repairing the computer, Ma Jiahui couldn't help complaining about his father and said a few important words.

and after being silent for 20 minutes, my father sent a message, "sorry, it won't happen again."

our parents may not be able to keep up with the ever-changing times, but they still have a heart that loves life.

it was not that they were far away from life, but that we turned them down.

as Fu Seoul said:

"Don't eliminate your parents on behalf of this era. Helping them and accepting them is the best gift we can give them."

parents do not understand electronic payment, so they can prepare more cash for them. Operation can not come to the health code, you can run a few times to do paper certificates for them.

an operation that is taken for granted by many people is a strange horror in the eyes of others.

the love and care of children is the antidote for parents to live calmly.

some people say that the world of the young is colorful, while that of the old is black and white.

the first feeling of getting old may be that the world is becoming more and more strange and life is full of "troubles".

maybe one day cash will be a thing of the past, just as everyone will grow old one day.

May each of us gain a little more patience and understanding when we grow old, so that we will not be desolate, helpless, and live a happy and decent life