Evolution of nutritional composition of milk powder: novice mother must see!
Evolution of nutritional composition of milk powder: novice mother must see!
If you want to buy the right product, you must learn to see it as a sub-table!

all say that to be a mother is to upgrade and fight monsters all the way. After several girlfriends around you have just been upgraded to novice mothers, they have a deep understanding of the meaning of this sentence.

@ Peach Mom, stay-at-home mom, 27, 1 year old

when Xiao Zi was born, I looked at her chubby white feet and made up my mind that I must take good care of this little angel. But my plan was aborted in the first step-because of the congenital lack of milk, I had to use mixed feeding.

unexpectedly, babies who drink milk powder are particularly prone to fever and constipation. if you cut off the milk powder and drink breast milk, the baby will cry hungry at night. I.

later, the doctor suggested that when buying milk powder, you must look at the formula, and the ingredients close to breast milk are more suitable for the baby. but where can I find a formula close to breast milk ingredients? it's really hard! ! !

@ Xi Xi Ma, Internet practitioner, 26 years old, 6-month-old

but the headache is that, like I'm usually busy at work, I don't have much energy to worry about details. I always feel that buying the most expensive is equal to the best. after spending a lot of wrong money, I began to learn to do my baby's homework and pick out milk powder. But there was no choice but to step on all kinds of thunder, and the baby suffered with me.

listening to the complaints of my best friends, the egg mother really feels the same way.

as a "coming mother", the egg mother also encountered a lot of difficulties when picking up milk powder. for this reason, I checked a lot of information and did a lot of homework before I realized that breast milk is the baby's golden rations. When there is really no breast milk that needs to be fed with milk powder, it is necessary to choose ingredients to be close to breast milk .

talk about the nutrients in breast milk, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water and active substances. There are more than 400 kinds of proteins alone!

do hemps have 100, 000 words written all over their faces?

Egg moms tell you that milk powder registered through the formula contains basic substances such as protein and carbohydrates, and moms don't have to worry about shoddy work.

the nutrients that need to be focused on are actually those that are scarce but can be selectively added, such as " lactoferrin, natural OPO similar structural lipids, and milk phospholipids ", the three nutrients that are closer to breast milk, because they are relatively scarce, the cost is very high, and not all businesses will add them, so mothers need to pay special attention to them, and the quality of major brands is uneven. It is particularly important to understand the formula. Let the egg mother teach you how to look at these ingredients.

Natural lactoferrin

it is one of the important members of maternal non-specific immune system and the core immune protein in breast milk. It has the functions of antibacterial, antiviral and regulating body immunity. It is called " the first line of defense of health ", which is very important for the healthy growth of the baby.

so how many benefits does lactoferrin have?

enhance baby's immunity , I needless to say, this is the biggest selling point of lactoferrin, egg mother also wants to tell you that "lactoferrin" is far more powerful than you hear, it can also help the healthy development of the baby's respiratory system and intestinal tract, it can also promote the growth of probiotics in the intestinal tract, and regulate the transmission of iron. If you want to make your baby more immune, it's best to choose formula with natural lactoferrin .
lactoferrin can also play the role of anti-oxidation, so lactoferrin can also play the role of antioxidation.

how to choose lactoferrin?

requires a comprehensive consideration from measure to quality!

lactoferrin is so good? Why don't you just buy it?

No! Egg Mom wants to tell you that the global shortage of lactoferrin is due to the addition of lactoferrin to more and more milk powder brands. But it is more troublesome to extract, many businesses will cut corners, a lot of lactoferrin products on the market are mixed.

if you want to buy the right product, you must learn to look at it as a sub-table!

    first step
  • second step : it's time for mothers to test their professionalism. Be sure look at the content !

although there are many milk powders containing lactoferrin on the market, they are different in content. Some of the prices are so expensive that the content is less than 20mg/100g , which is a bit of a thunderbolt! At present, the high content of lactoferrin on the market can reach 450mg/100g , this content is relatively close to breast milk, so mothers must look carefully.

step 3

  • step 3 : you should not only look at quantity, but also quality. To understand this, you are the" golden position "level of your mother.

then look at the craft! the most important thing about lactoferrin is its activity. If the activity is low, no matter how high the content is, big brands have begun to use technology to retain the activity of lactoferrin.

the more advanced technology on the market is cold spray technology , it can better retain the antibacterial activity of lactoferrin, can effectively help reduce the risk of infection, and feed closer to breast milk.

mothers remember that there are three tips: first to see if there is any; second to see how many there are; three look at the craft. one of the three key points is indispensable.

two major star components:

Natural OPO similar structural lipids and natural milk phospholipids

"Natural OPO similar structural lipids and natural milk phospholipids" these two ingredients are also essential, and many formula powders are added on the market.

but we should pay attention to whether it used to be artificial or natural. With the development of science and technology, milk powder brands are also trying to show mothers nutrition suitable for their babies, and ingredients are constantly evolving.

synthetic ingredients are quite different from the natural ingredients in breast milk! Like natural OPO, the fat structure is closer to the source milk , which can take better care of the baby's intestines.

Natural lactophospholipid

can better promote the absorption of DHA, AA and other key fatty acids than synthetic plant fats.

therefore, when a novice mother chooses milk powder, she must pay attention to the formula list, not only to see if it contains the above ingredients, but also to see if it is natural, and whether the craft is good enough to find the one closer to breast milk. Egg mothers tend to choose the best among the best, and choose the formula of big brands , which is a little more secure.

which brands are really like" close to breast milk "in the overwhelming advertisements for milk powder? Which brands are really trustworthy milk powder brands for mothers?

all-star ingredients milk powder, such as-- Royal Meisujiaer.

main star ingredient.

especially the content of natural lactoferrin, compared with other brands on the market, heavy and heavy!

450mg/100g ! Closer to the content of breast milk, dumped other people a few streets!

Egg Mommy specially checked the extraction technology of Royal Mae Sujiaer and found that they adopted the above-mentioned " Cold spray process , can better retain the activity of lactoferrin, enhance the protective effect, and feed more like breast milk.

"lactoferrin, natural OPO similar structure lipids and natural milk phospholipids" , there are many of the three major stars. And they are all "natural ingredients" and are not synthetic.

Natural OPO similar structural lipids , can better take care of the baby's intestinal tract, high content of SN-2, can effectively promote the absorption of key fatty acids, the baby can absorb better, the body can be better.

phospholipids is also" natural ", with closer to the golden ratio of source milk , can better promote the absorption of DHA, AA and other key fatty acids.

you can take a look at the laboratory data comparison table to ensure that milk powder is closer to breast milk and more protected after absorption.


remind Ma people that when they look at the list of ingredients, they must pay attention to the fact that they contain" whole milk and cream ", which means that they contain" natural OPO similar structure lipids "and" natural milk phospholipids ", because many milk powder formula lists do not directly include" natural OPO similar structure lipids "and" natural milk phospholipids ".

Royal Maisujiaer, which gathers these three all-star ingredients, has always been my favorite milk powder for Feifei! Just as the Spring Festival is coming soon, the egg mother decisively hoarded another big box.
drink it yourself, or give it to the novice mom around you, or give it to your novice mother.

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