Don't ignore how to prevent children from being nearsighted and hunched.
Don't ignore how to prevent children from being nearsighted and hunched.
With regard to children's myopia, it is this that is even more lethal than mobile phones and televisions.

I don't know when the egg mother noticed that the phenomenon of myopia hunched around became more and more common and became more and more serious.

not long ago, a news about 15-year-old myopia caused an uproar in parents' circles.

to be honest, it is hard to imagine that the degree of myopia of such a young child has soared to more than 2,000 in just one year.

Egg Mom, as a mother worried about many possibilities in his future life, will be greatly affected by high myopia, and then worry about her child's eyesight.

Egg Mum, recently found that her second-grade daughter, Sisi, was a little strange when she looked at things. Sisi not only watched TV closer and closer to the screen, but also liked to squint at things, and it was easy to bend over on the desk when doing homework. Siwen said it was useless many times.

slowly, Sven thinks Sixi may be nearsighted. To the hospital, sure enough, the left eye 150 degrees, the right eye 200 degrees, there are varying degrees of astigmatism.

at that moment, Sven felt sorry for herself when she saw countless pictures of watching TV and playing with her mobile phone.

after this incident, Siwen specially stipulated the time for children to watch TV and play with their mobile phones, but the condition of children's myopia did not improve.

World Health Organization, by 2018, the number of myopic patients in China reached 600 million-the myopia rate of primary school students was 36%, and the total myopia rate of teenagers was more than 53%, ranking among the highest in the world.

in this regard, many parents, like Siwen, attribute their children's nearsightedness and hunchback to mobile TV, but this is not always the case.

A few days ago, People's Daily released a group of big data.While awakening us to the seriousness of myopia, we also spend a lot of space emphasizing the important impact of correct reading and writing posture on children's eyesight and health.

in fact, compared with the harm of electronic devices, egg mother has always felt that maintaining the correct reading and writing posture of the child is the key point that we ignore- because the improper sitting posture will not only cause the child to stoop, affect the development of the spine, but also affect the health of eyesight.

and parents need to help their children develop correct reading and writing posture if they want to prevent myopia and stoop.

    first of all, it is necessary to meet the [three 90 °] standard sitting posture -the feet naturally land at 90 °to the ground, the thighs and calves 90 °, and the arms naturally bent 90 °to maintain the correct reading and writing posture.

    secondly, keep [three in one] distance when writing -- hold a pen an inch (3cm), eyes one foot from the book, body one punch away from the desk.

  • finally, parents do not ignore the height of tables and chairs , it is best to float according to the growth and development of children, because children's books, desks and chairs are too low or too high will affect their children's eyesight and spinal health.

if children sit at tall desks and their feet cannot fall to the ground and sway in the air, it will virtually increase the pressure on their legs. And the small desk is also easy to let children bend over, for a long time, hunchback, myopia and other problems may find them.

so, in order for children to have a healthy body, in addition to the daily supervision of parents, a study desk that can rise and fall and adjust the height of the desktop is particularly important.

the good news is that more and more parents are paying attention to their children's study desks, but they often don't know what to do with their choices.

remembered that before, the egg mother also ran for the study table of the two children, but after some research and comparison, she finally chose Kang Pule Children's study desk and chair Norwegian set , which worked surprisingly well, and the children also liked it very much.

as for why we chose Kang Pu Le, on the one hand, Kang Pu Le's brand has a 35-year history is trustworthy. Since its inception, it has taken the study desk as the core of research and development. is committed to creating tables and chairs that satisfy children of different ages and help them sit in the right posture and stay away from hunchbacks and myopia.

on the other hand, the quality of Kangpu products can stand careful scrutiny.

first, we are all very concerned about the rise and fall of children's learning desks and the tilt of tables, which is directly related to the convenience of children's use.

Egg Mom compared many brands of children's learning desks in the market, including more than a dozen brands at home and abroad, and found that although most of them can rise and fall, there is a great difference between the way of rising and falling and the safety.

some low-cost study desks are inconvenient to rise and fall, and the safety cannot be guaranteed, but the Kangpu table bought is a German STABILUS barometer, or recycled nitrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe.

tell me more about the tilt and tilt of the table. at present, the known adjustment methods of egg mother include slot type, rope pulling, etc., and whether the tilt angle is divided into two gears, some are obviously inconvenient to operate, and even some have noise and safety risks.

by contrast, the Kangpu Norwegian table can adjust the angle it needs with one click.

tilt angle is not divided into gears, freely switch between 0-37 degrees, write about 10 °, read about 16 °, and paint around 37 °. Anyway, it has everything you want.

secondly, the chair that goes with the study desk is also a factor for parents to consider, because the child's spinal health is inseparable from it.

it is worth noting that Kangpule's chair can not only adjust the rise and fall according to the baby's height , there is also 9cm adjustable space before and after the cushion, which can control the depth of the cushion according to the child's different body shape and support the baby's body.

in addition to the cushion up and down, left and right can be adjusted freely, the adjustment device of the seat back can also adjust the softness and curve of the backrest, better fit the children of different body shapes, and can also make wavy floats according to the child's movements, protect the spine in all directions, and do not cause a sense of pressure to the child. The child obviously pays a lot of attention when doing his homework.

finally, it is the health and safety issues that our parents are most concerned about. Kangpu can be said to have really achieved the strict standards.

study desks are thickened medium carbon steel legs, stable and firm, and there will be no children playing and shaking tables and chairs, affecting learning.

and different from some products that focus on the use of multiple spaces on the market, it adopts German barrier-free space design, leaving enough room for children to move, so that their legs can be stretched freely without causing joint tension.

the important thing is that each of its study tables is made of imported environmental protection board, which is easy to clean and has no peculiar smell. The formaldehyde emission is only 0.005mg/m3, which is lower than that of milk. Parents can rest assured that their children can use

in addition, Kang Pule also has a Moscow suit study desk is available for you to choose from, not only with the basic functions of the Norwegian suite, but also with upgrade highlights in the configuration.

among them, it increases the convenience of reading with parents and children, and forms an" L "matrix between desks, which is more convenient for parents to communicate when they accompany reading.

moreover, I don't know if the careful mother has found that the Moscow study table also has more storage drawers , which can also meet the increasing storage needs of children without affecting children's activity space, which is very sweet.

in addition, the Moscow set has two chairs in a total of five colors for children to choose from to meet their various aesthetic needs.
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what is more guaranteed is that Kangpu's offline stores are located in nearly 70 cities across the country, and there are specialty stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and so on. Table and chair warranty for six years, air pressure bar warranty for ten years, all-round protection for every family to use healthy and comfortable.

finally, in order to help more families learn more easily, on the occasion of Singles' Day, Egg Mum worked very hard to communicate with the brand and won a surprise benefit for everyone.

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