Dong Yuhui responded to his departure by revealing his salary for the first time: originally, we were all cheated!
Dong Yuhui responded to his departure by revealing his salary for the first time: originally, we were all cheated!
If you think it's so easy to be an Internet celebrity, why is Dong Yuhui standing in the live room instead of you?

Dong Yuhui has a new identity.

on February 16, a talent development conference was held in Pinggu District, Beijing, and Dong Yuhui was awarded the award of "deep ploughing and thick planting".

news came out, it was immediately searched on top.

some netizens wonder that Dong Yuhui is from Shaanxi, and New Oriental is also in Haidian District, Beijing. What does it have to do with Pinggu?

it turns out that in July last year, due to natural disasters, peach production dropped sharply in many areas of Beijing, including Pinggu District.

only ten minutes after the broadcast, the peaches were snapped up.

and in this activity of helping farmers, the East chooses itself to make no money, and all the profits are given to the farmers.

Dong Yuhui used his appeal to reduce the loss of Pinggu peach farmers and make great contributions to Pinggu District.

it is reasonable for him to win this prize, and he has no water at all.

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however, what is more sensational than winning the prize is a picture posted online.

it is rumored that Dong Yuhui will be given a Beijing hukou, 1 million yuan in cash, a 150 square house and other awards in Pinggu District, Beijing.

for a while, netizens liked it one after another.

some people say that he has real talent and knowledge and deserves such a reward.

some people praise that Dong Yuhui spreads positive energy.

others say that Dong Yuhui's experience tells us what "knowledge changes fate."

however, there is no lack of dissenting voices in the comment area full of blessings.

"what is he? What are the contributions of Internet celebrities? "

"they already make a lot of money, so why do they give it away like this? what about those who don't have enough to eat?"

"I don't know how many ordinary people have been robbed of their jobs by this live broadcast. Is it really worth such publicity and preference?"

there are a lot of questions.

one is weirder than the other, and one is more childish.

however, just as the news was on the screen, Oriental selected to refute the rumor.

the prize is true and the reward is false.

later, Dong Yuhui also posted a reply:

Cash and house are rumors.

Dong Yuhui said, "getting Pinggu talents is mainly an honorary reward. There is a cash reward of 100000 yuan, but I have already refused because I don't think it is necessary."

some people expressed regret that Dong Yuhui was worthy of these awards.

Dong Yuhui has his own understanding of this point.

on the day of winning the award, Dong Yuhui responded to the questions of salary and shares in the studio.

he said that the company had talked to him as early as last June. His current salary is already at the level of group executives, and he is very satisfied.

also responded to the previously mentioned issue of shares.

has also been cashed at present.

being so sober, one can't help but like it.

in fact, after reading Dong Yuhui's experience, you will understand his current state of mind.

Dong Yuhui was born in the countryside of Tongguan, Shaanxi Province.

unlike other rural areas, this is a place where every household has gold mines.

when he was very young, Dong Yuhui also experienced a life with no worries about food and clothing.

Unfortunately, the life of abundance is beautiful and short.

later, due to some special reasons, the family was in a state of decline.

there is a long embarrassment waiting for him.

so poor that he can only wear the rest of his neighbor's clothes.

in the year when I was in junior high school, my father, who worked outside the country, did not call back his tuition fee because his family had no money.

in desperation, my mother took Dong Yuhui out to borrow money.

but people who have been asking abroad for a day have not borrowed enough tuition fees.

by the time I got home, it was completely dark.

after entering the door, he saw his sister and sat in the dim candlelight.


when my sister was in junior high school, my mother asked my sister why you came back.

my sister said that she got into a fight at school and the teacher criticized her.

she gave four or five reasons in a row and looked at Dong Yuhui firmly, saying that she didn't want to go to school.

my mother was crying and slapping her sister on the back.

Dong Yuhui saw this and criticized her sister for being disobedient.

Mother was stubborn but her sister, so she had to agree.

and Dong Yuhui went to junior high school as he wished.

when I was in junior high school, my sister always did odd jobs near Dong Yuhui's school.

if you hear that someone has bullied him, he will always run to avenge him as soon as possible.

on weekdays, his sister will often bring him food.

it snowed heavily and very cold that winter.

my sister is walking in the ice and snow, holding a tall lunch box in her hand, which is a ball soup, only ball soup.

Dong Yuhui said that my sister may have worked in a wonton restaurant and boiled the unfinished wonton stuffing into soup.

Dong Yuhui took over the lunch boxI saw my sister's hands red with cold.

that scene became the most unforgettable memory of his junior high school.

Dong Yuhui suddenly realized.

it turned out that it was in order to fulfill him that his sister gave up her studies and went out to work.

after experiencing this, Dong Yuhui secretly vowed to study hard.

Dong Yuhui never came into contact with English before he went to junior high school.

when everyone was reading ABCD in unison, only Dong Yuhui read "A Bao guessing Dai".

the teacher thought he was deliberately making trouble, so he was kicked out of the classroom and laughed at by the whole class.

No accident, Dong Yuhui won the bottom of the class in the first English exam.

but these humiliations did not break him.

A person without talent is doomed to go against the current.

from then on, he became even more indignant.

he is memorizing words while others are playing games.

when others are playing basketball, he is still memorizing words.

after reciting the textbook and the examination paper, and even writing the words on the clothes, my mother found out and said how stupid he was.

Dong Yuhui paid no attention to his mother's complaint.

he knows that he is not gifted and has a low starting point, and only by making more efforts than others can he have a chance.

after graduating from high school, Dong Yuhui was admitted to Xi'an Foreign Studies University.

unlike other students, Dong Yuhui, who entered the university because of family difficulties, had not yet had time to experience a good college life, so he had to consider how to solve the food expenses.

he began to work as a part-time tour guide.

one winter, after receiving a foreign tourist, he returned to school at two o'clock in the morning, and the hostess refused to open the door.

you can imagine how cold Xi'an is in winter.

he had nowhere to go and was reluctant to take a taxi, so he had to walk back to the city along the road and continue to work the next day.

such an encounter is a common occurrence for Dong Yuhui.

although life is hard, he never misses his homework.

after four years of college, he still keeps a high intensity of study.

with his solid accumulation, he got three good offer in the year he graduated from college.

one is a watch company, one is a car company, and the other is New Oriental.

standing at the fork in life, Dong Yuhui hesitated.

his father told him: "you are so young, you should create real value, to influence others, this must be the most valuable."

this passage has become Dong Yuhui's creed in life.

he resolutely chose New Oriental.

and his life has ushered in a new chapter.

Dong Yuhui, who entered the New Oriental, saw the hope lit up.

he worked harder and became the leader of the English teaching and research group after only one year on the job.

broke the record of the youngest team leader in history.

time flies.

it is said that he has successfully predicted the composition questions of the exam for five consecutive years.

made him a "celebrity" of New Oriental.

in New Oriental, Dong Yuhui found the value of life.

he becomes more confident and richer.

as long as he gets paid, he will send money home to his parents to buy more meat to eat.

later, in order to improve the living environment at home, Dong Yuhui spent all his savings and bought a commercial house in Xi'an.

although he has been carrying a 30-year mortgage, it is worth it to think that his family can live in the city.

I thought life could go well all the way.

but fate is unreasonable, and when it comes to the door, there is no escape.

at that time, the education and training industry had its coldest winter ever.

as a big brother in the industry, New Oriental is not immune.

almost overnight, the New Oriental Mansion was empty.

some people have changed careers, some have started a business, some have returned to their hometown, while others have chosen to stay and transform along with Yu Minhong.

Dong Yuhui is one of them.

at the beginning, the number of people online for each live broadcast was in the single digits.

the people who came in scolded him.

"where did you get the courage to come out live so ugly?"

"can't New Oriental find a handsome person?"

occasionally there are several orders, all of which are bought by oneself or the relatives of colleagues.

many colleagues can't accept such a gap and choose to leave.

Dong Yuhui wavered as he watched his familiar colleagues leave him.

he felt that the company was embarrassed to kick him out, so he was allowed to stay.

if that's the case, you might as well take the initiative to leave.

so he also submitted his resignation application.

by the time the agreement was signed, it was past 6 o'clock and the personnel was off duty.

the next day, Sun Dongxu, CEO of New Oriental, heard the news, went to Dong Yuhui and said to him, "when you don't know what's the use, all you have to do is each other."I'm sure we'll find a way out. "

Lao Sun's encouragement gave Dong Yuhui the courage to stick to it.

but if you fight on the live track, you can't succeed with persistence.

for a long time to come, the studio was still lifeless.

Dong Yuhui's income has plummeted, plus he has to pay rent and repay the house loan every month, so he can only rely on online loans to make a living.

he said, "at that time, after I paid my mortgage and rent every month, I had only 2000 yuan left in my card. I was 29 years old and could not order takeout more than 30 yuan. This was my life."

in June last year, Dong Yuhui finished borrowing the last online loan he could borrow.

he thinks that if the live broadcast does not improve this month, he will have to resign.

Dong Yuhui said, "when bad luck hits you, you don't hide, and one day you will be full of good luck."

this time, good luck bumped into Dong Yuhui.

Dong Yuhui became popular overnight because of his unique way of live broadcasting.

his golden sentences come out frequently, which makes people feel like a spring breeze, and his quotations have gone viral all over the network.

hundreds of thousands of people poured into the studio with more than a dozen people in an instant.

Dong Yuhui, finally seen.

everyone knows the rest of the story.

he was reported by all the major media.

countless celebrity writers came to the studio selected by the East to share the stage with Dong Yuhui.

Dong Yuhui has become an example for ordinary people to counterattack.

the reason for writing Dong Yuhui's story is that there are too many ordinary people in him.

We may not be able to become Dong Yuhui and have the same highlight moments as him.

but at least we can see from him that it doesn't matter if he comes from a bad background. a moment of darkness is not the whole of life. As long as you don't give in to fate, you can always find a way out.

in fact, what you see as a blockbuster comes naturally after accumulated strength.

if you think it's so easy to be an Internet celebrity, why is Dong Yuhui standing in the live room instead of you?

this book is published under authorization.