Does the baby have an upset stomach in the summer? Parents must understand these prevention knowledge!
Does the baby have an upset stomach in the summer? Parents must understand these prevention knowledge!
Diarrhea at the beginning of summer? This article teaches you to deal with it easily!

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survived the cold winter and the changeable spring, and finally ushered in summer.


BabyLike a beast that has just come out of its cage, you can start to have fun-

eat watermelons on air conditioner; eat ice cream cold drinks secretly. Running around barefoot . I feel sorry for us old mothers, who are worried all day for fear that the child will make something wrong with her health.

pan> , a little cold baby's belly will "protest", so that I can't sleep well at night, toss about, and lose a lot of meat!

We have to start fighting wits, don't eat too much ice cream, don't touch cold ice cream, and don't have any more ice cream every three days!\" data-type=\" jpeg\ "data-w=\" 1\ "height=\" 153\ "style=\" width: 153px \ "> do you think everything is all right? NO!

many novice mothers broke down and told me that after racking their brains to coax their children not to eat indiscriminately, they suddenly found that the baby had diarrhea again!

my God! Why on earth is this? It's too hard to be an old mother.

Don't worry, if you want your baby to have good intestines and stomach, finding the reason is the key. the morning mother will talk to you today.

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Why do old mothers take precautions or fall short? This is certainly not our problem, can only blame the baby's intestines and stomach is too fragile!

their belly and intestines are immature , the secretion of stomach acid and digestive enzymes in adults is much lower than that in adults. Of course, you have to "call the police" to eat and drink.\" data-type=\" gif\ "data-w=\" 1\ "height=\" 181\ "style=\" width: 181px;\ "width=\" 181\ ">


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the summer weather is hot, the baby will drink a lot of water after sweating, and a large amount of water will dilute the gastric juice.

at this time, if you eat too much greasy and indigestible food, you are prone to gastrointestinal problems.

so develop good eating habits. Really hin is important --

eat enough cellulose (vegetables) daily to promote the baby's intestinal peristalsis

make sure that three meals a day are nutritious and eat more high-quality proteins, such as fish, eggs, milk, etc.

intestinal peristalsis is slow at night, so don't lie down immediately after eating.

the most important thing is, never eat too much cold food such as ice cream, watermelon and cold drinks at one time, who knows!

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some babies are very cold, blowing violently into the air conditioner all day, and their bellies are exposed all day, of course they are easy to catch cold!


so usually let your child exercise more, such as bouncing the ball, chasing, etc., so that you can not only exercise, but also have fun!

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" it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel ". If you want to be a worry-free mother, or make your child's intestines more" able to fight ", your intestines and stomach become stronger, of course, fearless!

many mothers think about it and say that when they are still breastfeeding, their babies can fight their intestines the most and worry very little, so they want to go back to that time ~

indeed, the nutrients in breast milk are not only necessary for growth and development, but also enhance resistance and promote brain development.

but now that the babies are weaned, the good days are gone forever.

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of course, the knowledge of choosing milk powder is great, taking into account not only the baby's fragile stomach, but also whether the nutrients are comprehensive, which makes the mother bald!


it doesn't matter! As a planner, I quickly came up with a solution, that is to choose a milk powder close to breast milk for my child, like me, an old mother who fights for her baby, of course I have to find it!

sure enough, I found a milk powder that is closer to the "golden ratio" of breast milk-- Feihe Star Flying Sail , ✿✿ flowers (°▽ °) flying ✿!