Do not overdraw yourself (good in depth)
Do not overdraw yourself (good in depth)
A person's greatest self-discipline is to have a moderate choice and not to overdraw himself.

Confucian style



as the old saying goes, "everything is moderate, but if you go too far, it will be a disaster."

there are limits to many things in this world.

once you overdraw, you may have to pay a thousand times the price to repay it.

having a moderate choice and not overdrawing yourself is a person's greatest self-discipline.

do not overdraw the body

Zweig said: "when one is young, one always thinks that disease and death will only patronize others."

when young, people are healthy and strong, and they always think that they are unbreakable.

even after listening to more advice, he still stays up late to watch dramas and eat too much.

until one day, when the body starts to turn on the red light, I don't know that life is priceless and health is valuable.

especially after the age of 45, it is even more unbearable. If you overdraw, you will eventually lose your original health.

so, stick to exercise, go to bed early and get up early, eat regularly, and don't overdraw healthily.

take care of your health, keep healthy, be responsible to yourself, be responsible to your family, is really rich.

money not overdrawn

as the saying goes, "A gentleman loves money. He takes it wisely and uses it wisely."

to be a man, you should not only earn money openly, but also control your own money.

after all, material desires are endless, if you indulge your excess consumption and overdraw your money.

you will only make yourself heavily in debt, lose the ability to confront risks, and live an uneasy life.

after the age of 45, there are people who are old and young, and money is a person's biggest sense of security and strength.

with money in hand, you can be filial to your parents, educate your children, take care of your loved ones, and take care of yourself.

Life is short, a hundred years in a hurry, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun in time and enjoy the present.

but the real quality of life is not a lavish overdraft, but a return to self.

within the limits of one's ability, the happiest is to pursue the best life and live a refined and fulfilling life.

non-overdraft relationship

"Zengguang Xianwen" says: "it is like meeting each other for the first time, but there is no resentment in old age."

the longest relationship between people is to pay attention to the sense of proportion as if they were acquaintances for the first time.

know how to respect, leave leeway, know what not to do and what not to say.

in this way, we can not only have the first love at first sight, but also be able to withstand it for a long time.

if you are close to each other, you will not treat yourself as an outsider, make unscrupulous demands and take advantage.

regardless of each other's feelings, take everything for granted, and no matter how good the relationship is, it will be depleted.

after 45 years old, after years of washing, human feelings are cold and warm, and bosom friends will only become less and less.

if you don't know how to be grateful, do not maintain, blindly overdraw, and lack of feedback, you will eventually drift away.

only to keep the propriety and respect in each other's communication, not to overdraw the relationship, and to live up to our sincerity.

in this way, we can keep the relationship between long-term relationship and evergreen, and walk hand in hand for the rest of our lives.

non-overdraft trust

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "if you have no faith, you don't know what you can do."

in this world, no one is an island, and there is always a time to trouble others.

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Today, others are in trouble for you to help, but in the future, you also have to ask others to carry it.

and interacting with people often comes from the establishment of trust and is destroyed by the collapse of trust.

if you play routines too many times and overdraw your trust, you will be helpless eventually.

No one supports what you do, no one believes what you say, no matter how difficult it is.

after the age of 45, not overdraft trust, high character, is the best pass to walk in the world.

be a man of conscience, do not deceive your friends, match your words with your deeds, and your contacts will become wider and wider.

Don't worry about things, don't cheat, be diligent, and keep your feet on the ground, so that the road ahead will be longer and longer.

do not overdraw trust, heart to heart, sincerity for sincerity, can make good friends, meet dignitaries, prosperity.

non-overdraft time

Chuang Tzu said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden."

time is in a hurry, fleeting time is long, no one has been favored, nor has he been kind to anyone.

since we don't have time to be young seriously, we might as well choose to grow old seriously.

to know, time is life, do not procrastinate and slack, blindly overdraft.

otherwise, when the old lady looks back on the past, she will find that he has done nothing and that it is too late to repent.

after the age of 45, you should cherish your time and live with your heart.

do not let a day idle, on the road of getting old, run all the way, get better all the way.

time is fair. Where you spend your time, the flowers of your life will bloom.

in the future, spend the time complaining to improve, the lazy time to make progress, and the boring time to change.

when you die, you will eventually meet a better self and live the life without regrets you want.

in the future, like a wooden heart, he can say, "years do not forgive people, and I have never spared the years."

Zuo Zhuan says: "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, and he is called by others."

the misfortune and misfortune in life are not for nothing, but their own cause and effect.

now, if you overdraw one point more, tomorrow, your luck will be less.

think about it. How many overdrafts can you withstand in your life?

on the contrary, the more self-discipline you are, the more blessed you will be if you do not overdraw or consume yourself.

, from now on, may you and I all adhere to self-discipline, have a moderate trade-off, have a surplus of income and expenditure, and never live an overdraft life.

Confucian style Jun,