Do not know the rules of human relations!
Do not know the rules of human relations!
When relatives and friends come and go, they should not only respect morality, but also pay attention to etiquette.

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A Dream of Red Mansions says: "the world is clear and learned, and human experience is an article."

Human contact is not only a hassle, but also a valuable asset.

if you don't know the rules and consume blindly, there will inevitably be little left in the end.

only by abiding by the rules and attentively maintaining the friendship can our friendship be strengthened over a long period of time.

do not take advantage, come and go

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "reciprocity is reciprocal." It is not polite to come but not to come, and it is not polite to come but not to go. "

understand that there has never been a good thing in this world that only takes but does not give.

if love takes advantage, it is bound to make people disgusted and ruin their own character.

going back and forth is the oldest wisdom and self-cultivation, but it is never out of date.

especially if you start a family on your own, you must have a ledger for polite communication.

whether it is daily human contacts or financial loans, you should make a clear note.

it is the most basic etiquette rule to return reciprocity when necessary.

even if you are familiar with relatives and friends, you must remember not to take advantage, otherwise the relationship will become precarious.

especially when the Spring Festival is approaching, if someone gives you a gift, you should also choose a gift in return.

when people give you ten points, you still get seven points, which is full of calculation and insincerity in being a man.

people give you ten points, but you still get nine points. Although it is not enough, it is not satisfactory.

others give you ten points, but you are still very strict and magnanimous, and you are comfortable in communication.

when people give you ten points, you still get eleven points, and the extra point is affection, which is more affectionate.

only if you don't take advantage, come and go, and remember the goodness of others, can you warm your heart and have a long relationship.

be generous and act according to your ability

as the saying goes, "years are good, months are good, life is hard."

although it is self-cultivation to visit relatives and friends and bring gifts, it should not be poor and generous.

A person with a swollen face and a fat face should give gifts that exceed his own economic level.

in the end, he will only please others, embarrass himself, and make his life a mess.

the point is, if you lower the level of gift next time, neither side will look good.

therefore, we must act according to our ability, proceed from reality, do not be strong, and do not overspend.

after all, human contact is not a simple exchange of money, but the maintenance of feelings.

"send goose feathers thousands of miles, the gift is light and affectionate", the gift is to express your wishes and congratulations.

those who are close to each other don't have to be too polite. Both those who give gifts and those who receive gifts are happy.

if the relationship is estranged, there is no need to keep up with the comparisons. Just think about it and don't put a burden on the family.

Human feelings move around, enough is enough, there are both friendship and Li Zi, is the real way to get along.

don't care too much, suffer losses appropriately

as the old saying goes, "whether or not to kiss a family, break the bones and tie the tendons."

dealing with relatives and friends, except for holidays and courtesy to each other.

on weekdays, we will get together even if we have nothing to do. The picture is to be happy, for the sake of feelings.

in many cases, there is no need to haggle over who spends more money and who treats less.

among them, the value of feelings far exceeds the value of money, too pinching every penny, it will inevitably hurt the peace.

if the other party's financial conditions are not good, and your family is well-off, then don't be afraid to suffer losses and take the initiative to take the responsibility.

if you suffer losses properly, you will certainly get the gratitude and return of each other, and the communication will be more harmonious.

if you are faced with relatives and friends who have encountered changes in life, you can also be more generous when giving gifts.

is not only a gift, but also an emergency, which can prove your kindness and sincerity. If you are in trouble in the future, your relatives and friends will also help you.

in a word, small gifts follow your heart and don't take it seriously; if you help others with great gifts, you are not afraid to lose.

Don't be casual, know how to be polite

as the old saying goes, "when it comes to reason, it is not strange to be polite."

Human exchanges, courtesy, others will be grateful and return.

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if you do not know the etiquette and are too casual, the effect of taking the ceremony will often be counterproductive.

therefore, we must abide by the established rules, take them seriously and consider them carefully.

because people are suitable for things and places, only in this way can we improve our feelings and get twice the result with half the effort.

first, there is no order for gifts. Everyone pays attention to good luck and likes the beautiful meaning of good things in pairs.

second, avoid unlucky items such as clocks, shoes, umbrellas, pears and so on when giving gifts.

third, gift-giving should have a sense of ceremony, especially during the Spring Festival, and it is best to pack it in a gift box to show attention.

fourth, gifts should be given sooner rather than later, and they should be prepared in advance rather than on the same day.

Fifth, gifts should be given to their preferences, understand each other's wishes, in line with each other's identity, appropriate.

Mencius has a saying: "his friends are also with Tao, in order to receive with courtesy."

relatives and friends come and go, bothRespect morality, but also pay attention to etiquette.

only by being just right and in line with etiquette can we strengthen our emotional ties and add icing on the cake.

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