Dismantling and mending the platform (good in depth)
Dismantling and mending the platform (good in depth)
No matter how good a person's ability is, he is always doomed to go far.


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once saw such a story:

when a man is on his deathbed, he wants to know the difference between hell and heaven, so he asks his angel to show him around.

the two first came to hell and saw a big pit with a table in the middle with a pot of broth.

around the pit sat a circle of scrawny people, one by one holding long-handled spoons, desperately trying to put the broth into their mouths.

however, because the spoon is too long, no matter how they try, they can't eat the food.

the two came to heaven again, the same pit, the same broth, the same long-handled spoon.

but the people sitting around the pit feed each other with spoons, so everyone here is strong and happy.

there is only a difference between heaven and hell in the same environment, different circumstances.

selfishly dismantle Taiwan and often get nothing. Learn to cooperate and set up the stage in order to achieve win-win results.

the weak break up

the writer Guigo Higano once said, "the greatest evil of human nature is that you can't see others good."

because they are unwilling, because they do not want others to lead a better life than themselves, the weak often take the act of dismantling Taiwan.

in adding jams to others and pinching pennies again and again, they will harm others and harm themselves.

the vice president of my friend's company is about to retire, and the sales manager and R & D manager are the most popular candidates.

the sales manager increases the customer's demand layer by layer to increase the difficulty and workload of research and development.

R & D managers are dragging their feet again and again, exaggerating when they seize on sales mistakes.

they often blame each other at meetings and make a lot of trouble.

for this reason, several new customers have turned to other companies, and old customers are increasingly distrustful of the company.

this bad state made the boss very angry and relieved them of their duties after many warnings to no avail.

the position of vice president has also been obtained by the quality manager who has been conscientious.

as the saying goes, "the fisherman will benefit if the snipe and clam compete with each other."

always tear down other people's platform, hurt each other at the same time, in fact, also hurt yourself.

once read such a story:

there is a pair of keys and locks that match seamlessly.

one day, the lock said to the key that it was really hard for him to guard the door at home every day, but the key felt that it was even more bitter when he was out in the wind and rain.

later, the angry key wanted to drive away the lock, so he hid it secretly.

the owner couldn't find the key when he got home, so he smashed the lock and threw it into the dustbin.

the key was so happy that it jumped out of its hiding place.

but the lock has been replaced, the key is useless, and the owner throws it into the dustbin.

as the saying goes, "under the gunshot, there is no winner."

if you tear down each other, you will only lose both sides, throw dirty water at others, and you will be splashed with mud.

the strong make up the stage

it is said in the Book of changes: "those who benefit are the sum of righteousness."

when people help each other, interests naturally come together.

Ma Weidu took a fancy to a beautiful Ru kiln ware and asked the antique shop owner about the price.

the shopkeeper hesitated and said, "I bought this from Japan. It's worth a lot of money." If you really want it, I'll sell it to you for 80,000 yuan! "

Ma Wei listened, smiled and said, "I'll give you ninety thousand."

since then, if the store has any collection, it will contact Ma Weidu first, and as a result, Ma Weidu has harvested more rare collections.

writer Gibran once said: "the meaning of life lies in the mutual illumination between people."

the weak are happy to tear down the Taiwan, while the strong know how to make up for it and use their own advantages to achieve each other.

Ba Jin was a loyal reader of Bing Xin at the beginning. In 1933, he founded the Literature Quarterly with friends in Peiping.

since the founding of the magazine was unknown and few writers contributed, Ba Jin visited Bing Xin.

Bing Xin, who was famous outside at that time, entertained him warmly and agreed to contribute to the publication, thus solving Ba Jin's urgent needs.

in 1940, Bing Xin was recuperating in Chongqing and was so short of money that even the New year's Eve meal became a problem.

when Ba Jin learned of this, he immediately made every effort to help him reprint and publish his anthology to help him earn the cost of living.

the wisdom and pattern of two people are fully shown in the relationship between a group of people and a group of people.

Li Ka-shing once taught his son how to do business:

if you cooperate with others, seven points are reasonable, or eight points are OK, then only get six points.

as the saying goes, adults are themselves and become their own people.

the world of the strong always accomplishes and reflects each other.

because they understand that if you are willing to build bridges for others, others are naturally willing to pave the way for you.

while achieving others, others will become themselves in turn.

Wise people set up the stage

Han Xin, one of the three heroes of the early Han Dynasty, was revered as Bing Xian by later generations.

he played an extremely important role in the struggle between Chu and Han.

Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty, once commented, "Lian million people, war."Must win, attack must win, I am not as good as Han Xin. "

as a matter of fact, Han Xin, who was originally under Xiang Yu, offered advice many times but was not accepted, but was only appointed as a junior official in charge of military food.

it was only when he was discouraged that he defected to Liu Bang and was appointed a general to command the armed forces.

when Liu Bang took office in the military, Han Xin was able to display his talents and win a hundred battles.

Liu Bang also won the world and established the Han Dynasty with the help of Han Xin, Zhang Liang and Xiao he.

as the saying goes, "one fence, three stakes, one hero, three gangs."

personal power is limited after all, to provide a platform for others to give full play to, they can also go a step further.

once saw a story on Zhihu.

A sales department has recruited a group of new people, one of whom is very capable and easy to learn.

came to the fore in less than a year and became the top seller.

someone said to the head of the sales department, find a way to get rid of him, or your position in charge may become his one day.

after listening to this, the sales supervisor applied to the leader for the appointment of a new person as deputy supervisor, and left most of the management to him.

two years later, the newcomer did take the place of the supervisor.

and the supervisor, because of his outstanding ability and knowing people, was promoted to sales manager.

words in Daojing:

the more you think of yourself as others, the more you have; the more you give to others, the more you have.

try your best to help others, and you will be fuller; if you try your best to give to others, you will get more.

people who really have a big pattern will learn to set up a stage for others and will also expand their own stage.

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Nan Huaijin, a master of Sinology, said:

whether a person can get things done or not depends to a large extent on the height of cognition.

No matter how good a person's ability is, he is always doomed to go far.

if you do not know how to appreciate others, you are destined not to be appreciated by others; if you do not know how to support others, you are destined not to get the support of others.

those who achieve great things are often accompanied by like-minded people.

, let's work together to be the strong and the wise to make up the stage.