Deng Chao was stabbed 14 stitches and announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry. Sun Li replied only 9 words, but cried countless people.
Deng Chao was stabbed 14 stitches and announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry. Sun Li replied only 9 words, but cried countless people.
The fatherly love you give will one day take root and sprout and blossom all the way to your child!


speaking, Deng Chao can be regarded as one of the best "good dads" in the entertainment industry.

once, one of Deng Chao's Weibo posts was laughed at by the crowd.

in order to coax the child to practice acupuncture, he was unexpectedly tricked by the child and became a "acupuncture model".

he got 14 stitches with his hands and feet, and he became a hedgehog alive, and he could feel pain across the screen.

seeing Deng Chao in such a mess, netizens who love mending knives begin to be demons again.

teasing him almost all over the screen.

but some netizens approve of him very much, because it is full of love for the child.

on his Weibo, he spends most of his time playing and playing funny with his children. He is a father who is never absent.

accompany the child to play body painting, and was transformed into a national treasure panda by his daughter.

comb her hair and braid Xiaohua.

be Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork for the children and reward the taste buds of the children.

even when Xiaohua's sister cried and refused to let her father leave work.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced evening wedding dress? Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

Deng Chao could only coax him patiently, feeling helplessly, "I decided to take a rest and be a full-time father."

seeing this scene, many netizens were moved, but Sun Li's message made people laugh and cry.

these are almost all his daily routine at home.

sometimes I really envy and Huahua, because from birth to the present, no matter how busy my father Deng Chao is, he will take the time to accompany them.

it was really happy to have a childhood accompanied by my father.

fathers have a vital influence on their children's life, and those children who are guarded by fatherly love really earn too much.

as the father of the child

how much do you rate yourself?

"as a father, if the perfect score is 100, how much do you rate yourself?"

in an interview, several dads gave the answer: 80, 95, 98.

it is obvious that dads are satisfied with their performance.

but the answer from the child is a different story.

"if you get a full score of 100, how much will you give your father?"

several children gave extremely low scores: 0, 8, 10.

the dads beside them opened their mouths wide in surprise.

in doubt, the interviewer asked: when was the last time Dad took you to play?

"I don't remember."

"during the Spring Festival!"

"you don't even play with me."


the truth was told at once in a few words.

it turns out that the father's absence is not even aware of the father himself.

once heard an interesting analogy: a family is a Journey to the West.

my son is a Tang monk, guarding and protecting him all the way.

my mother is Sun WuKong, who takes great pains and hands-on in everything.

where's Dad? It's Zhu Bajie. When you are away from home, you can only take care of yourself, and go home to accompany your children to "do homework", "play", "clothing, food, shelter and transportation" and so on.

only when "Sun WuKong" is gone, will the father, Zhu Bajie, be in a hurry to fight for a while.

Don't laugh, it's not a simple joke, it's a portrayal of life.

previous studies have shown that in more than 50% of families, children are accompanied by their mothers, while those accompanied by fathers account for only 12.6%.

the lack of father's education has become the norm in the family.

consanguinity is inborn

but the relationship between father and child is not

if the father misses the first half of his child's life, he can only miss it.

when Jackie Chan was interviewed by reporters in his early years, he said such a thing.

once he took the time to pick up his son Jaycee Chan from school, but he waited at the gate of the primary school for a long time but no one was seen.

he went back to ask his son what had happened.

Jaycee Chan bowed his head and threw out a sentence: "Dad, I'm in middle school."

is also the lack of his father's company, Zhang Mo's childhood is more sad.

since his birth, his father, Zhang Guoguo, has been out filming and has had emotional problems with his mother, so he seldom goes home.

when he was a child, he was relatively small and was often bullied by his classmates. Without the support of his father, he became more introverted and withdrawn.

in his childhood, he also resented his father and never mentioned that his father was Zhang Guoli.

sometimes when he comes across the column of "father" when filling out the form, he either fills in "worker" or "shoe repairman", or simply fills in "laid-off"....

in life, you will hear many words-such as "widowed parenting" and "invisible father". One thing these fathers have in common is that they spend too little time with their children.

the reason for this is that I am busy with my work and have no time to take care of my children.

there are also people who think that taking care of children is a woman's business. As the saying goes, the man is on the outside and the woman is on the inside, so this absence has become a matter of course.

here, I especially want to tell you one.Word-fatherly lack of love syndrome.

refers to the symptoms of restlessness, loss of appetite, depression and irritability due to the lack of fatherly love.

moreover, the younger a child is, the more likely he is to suffer from "fatherly lack of love syndrome", which leads to cognitive, personality, emotional and other disorders and defects.

psychologists have found that

A person's achievement depends on 20% of his efforts and 80% on his father's instruction.

the same sentence, if spoken by a father, can sometimes have 50 times more influence on a child than a mother.

Father is the template for son's growth

the father is the first male image in the child's life, and his words and deeds will provide the child with a "man's template".

as the poet Kitajima wrote in "to the Father", "you call me to be a son, I will follow you to become a father." for a boy, when he grows up, he will have the shadow of his father.

the companionship of the father will make the boy more responsible.

well-known host Li Xiaomeng once said:

"the role of father is a role that men pass down from generation to generation and are destined to play. For many men, it seems out of reach to be recognized by their father.

and there is often a secret contest between men, or between sons and fathers.


A good father will reach "reconciliation" with his son through companionship and guidance.

Boys brought up by their fathers are more adaptable to society.

writer Liu Jirong once talked about an experience when his son was growing up.

after her son was born, because of her dislike of her "pig teammates", she single-handedly took care of all her son's big and small things.

under her meticulous care, her son grew up day by day, but he was somewhat introverted and timid.

I thought that children were born this way.

but until the father got involved, the son changed, became brave and became strong.

will stand at the front during the injection, and encourage the female students who are scared to cry.

will solemnly say to my mother:

"when you encounter difficulties, you can't just sit and cry and wait for others to come to your rescue. You must learn to save yourself as well as others."


psychologist Gerdy says that fathers are a unique being and have a special power in raising children.

Father makes a boy more like a boy.

the father is the strength of the daughter to be happy all her life

fathers also make girls more like girls.

for girls, her understanding and understanding of men comes from her father, who is deeply influenced by her father in terms of character, the concept of marriage and the establishment of intimate relationship.

A father will plant the seeds of confidence for his daughter.

the interaction between father and daughter will determine whether the daughter is elegant, confident and full of sense of security in the future, according to the book raising a Girl.

Childhood is an important period for the formation of gender roles, and fathers are the first members of the opposite sex for girls.

the father's favor and praise will give the daughter a strong self-worth, let the daughter enjoy her female role, self-confidence and shine from the bottom of her heart.

A father's love is an important nourishment for a daughter's self-confidence.

the father will interpret "what love looks like" for the girl.

there is a problem with Zhihu:

does the father's speech and behavior directly determine his daughter's future criteria for choosing a mate?

the answer with the highest likes is

"my father said that the proudest thing in his life was not how successful his career was, but that his daughter wanted to marry someone like her father. "

A girl who is spoiled by her father and grows up has seen "what love looks like" and knows what kind of love is really loved when dealing with intimate relationships.

in reality, there are many girls, as long as the boy gives her a piece of candy, it is extremely moved, as long as the boy gives a little favor, he feels that the boy loves her very much.


"because she did not experience what the love of the opposite sex should be like when she was a child, but subconsciously longed for love from the masculine side. "

for a girl, the most important thing is that her father loves her and let her know that her father loves her. Love is not sweet words or buying you a bag, but is willing to give up a lot of things to give you warmth.

those girls who lack fatherly love tend to seek a kind of dependence in their feelings and spend their whole lives looking for "fatherly love".

busy dad, you can also be a good dad

there was an 8-year-old boy who complained about his busy father in his composition:


every day, when he goes out early and returns late, he calls away with one phone call. He thinks about sleeping late on rest days, and even the dog hates him.


it seems humorous, but it is full of children's sadness.

"busyness" is the normal life of many fathers, and it has also become the biggest barrier to parent-child relationship.

but can't a busy father be a good father?

not really.

Guo Jingjing once talked about her husband Huo Qigang in an interview: "he runs outside every day and is very busy."

NoIt is because the husband does too little, but the husband is so busy, but he still tries his best to spend time with his children.

when he is at work, even if there is a meal out, as long as he has an hour's spare time, he will rush home to accompany the child to draw pictures, take the child for a walk, and see the child.

there is a concept in the book "busy dads can be good dads" called "prime time", which means that when dads are with their children, they should devote themselves to creating good memories that their children can remember.

it doesn't have to be by plane to see the mountains, seas and grasslands outside.

instead, put down your phone, drop everything, and seriously try to do one thing with your child.

play with toys, exercise, walk, go to the park and do housework together.

for fathers who are busy at work, they can choose other ways to communicate with their children.

for example, make a short video of your work, or make a voice or video with your child, tell him what you are doing, ask him what he is doing, and get in touch with him.

usually, this is done by the child and the mother. Now, with the participation of the father, the child can better understand the true meaning of the family.

so, dads, stop saying you're busy!

empty, look back at your children and play with them while they are still young.

where your time is spent, your results are there.

the fatherly love you give will one day take root and sprout and blossom all the way to your child!