"daughter, it doesn't matter if you don't get married": a letter from my mother went viral on moments.
"daughter, it doesn't matter if you don't get married": a letter from my mother went viral on moments.
There is no age at which you should get married, only yourself who is ready.


Dear daughter:

not long ago, my mother read a hot search news. A 32-year-old Beijing drifters girl went on a blind date 100 times. She was filled with emotion when she thought of you, who was also working hard outside.

this girl Beijing drifters has become a homeowner, independent and successful in ten years through her own efforts.

however, while she was imagining a bright future, her boyfriend of eight years broke up and lost her job two weeks later.

in order to get out of her last relationship as soon as possible, she began to date frequently, sometimes seeing three people a day.

I'm eager to find sense of security by getting married, but I can't eat hot tofu in a hurry.

after a blind date for a year, the girl was exhausted and didn't meet the right husband.

after reading her story, I had a sleepless night. There were so many words in my heart that I wanted to say to you, so I got up and wrote this letter.

I hope you can understand the meaning of marriage after reading it.

remember that you once asked your mother a question:

"Mom, why do I have to get married?"

I replied:

"how can a woman not get married and have children? What will you do when you get old? "

parents of our generation all hope that their children can find a good home and a safe haven so that they will not have no place to stay.

therefore, I once hoped that you would start a family early and have a secure support for the rest of your life.

but later, my mother saw too many girls who were anxious to be urged to get married by their parents, and most of them met someone bad. Instead of finding shelter from the wind, they fell into the pit of marriage.

like the swallow, the daughter of Aunt Wang next door.

she is 2 years younger than you. She graduated from a famous university and is also beautiful. If she relies on her own efforts, she will have a good future.

but your Aunt Wang always wants her daughter to marry a "good family" and be less tired.

do not realize that if women do not eat the hardships of making money, they have to eat the hardships of marriage.

through blind dates, the swallow met a man who was seven years older than himself.

at first, the conditions of each other were good. After two months of acquaintance, they got married in a hurry.

but the good times didn't last long. Soon after the marriage, the swallow found her husband idle and not doing his job.

for this reason, the two often quarreled with each other and lived a life of chicken feathers.

watching the swallows wash their faces with tears every day, your Aunt Wang is also repentant.

how can parents not want their children to have a good life, but sometimes if they act in too much haste, it is easy to do bad things with good intentions.

Mom also understands that marriage is not urgent, and you need to be careful. Life is really different from who you live.

as long as you can take care of yourself, you don't have to worry about getting married.

I remember writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said such a sentence:

"one person can be happy, but the happiness of two people is sweeter;

one person can have a good life, and two people can have a good life twice as well. "

Marriage is not the only way to be happy, and being single does not mean being unhappy. Only when you are happy, everything in your life is meaningful.

not long ago, my mother watched a documentary "leftover Girl" and wanted to share it with you.

it tells the emotional life of three older unmarried "leftover women".

among them is Zhang Jing, who has become a bank branch president before the age of 30, works well and lives independently.

however, she has suffered a lot of secular eyes and criticism because she did not get married at the "age to get married".

even her family did not understand and put all kinds of pressure and ridicule on her.

relatives and friends say when they meet:

"you're 40 years old, and women can't give birth at 48!"

in the face of all kinds of disputes, she still adheres to her principle: marriage will never be reconciled, love will never compromise.

getting married and living a life is your own business, not to show or satisfy anyone.

people who live in the eyes of others are unreal and sad.

Life is your own, so you don't have to pay too much attention to the comments of others.

Love is like a game, only when the two sides are neck and neck, can they depend on each other for a long time.

A good marriage is two people who love each other, fight side by side, inspire each other's excellence and find the energy tension of life.

daughter, life is long. Only by finding someone who really loves you can you have the courage to join hands for a lifetime and go further.

in choosing a partner, my mother thinks you should be more careful.

after all, only those who marry for love will have light, and with people who are in tune, a dull life will be rich and interesting.

here, Mom wants to share a marriage story with you:

Xin Fengxia has been famous all over the world since she sang opera in primary school.

but she can't read, but she yearns for the world of readers very much.

once through Lao she, she got acquainted with the talented screenwriter Wu Zuguang.

the two take a liking to each other, gradually establish a relationship in the interaction between work and life, and finally get married.

Wu Zuguang appreciated Xin Fengxia's studiousness very much. He not only taught her to read and write, but also arranged a special study for her to accompany her in painting.

Xin Fengxia turned her admiration for Wu Zuguang into a work and a painting.

the two respect and love each other, and both gain love and respect in each other's affirmation.

later, when Xin Fengxia was hemiplegic, Wu Zuguang once again encouraged her to keep writing. She wrote and he changed.

in this way, through joint efforts, the two walked out of the bleak days together and grew old together for the rest of their ordinary lives.

daughter, time is long, and true love is worth waiting for.

in order to find someone who really understands and appreciates you, it doesn't matter if you don't get married now.

what is more worrying in this world than not getting married is marrying the wrong person.

after marriage, Xu Li discovered that they had very different ideas about life and work, as well as parenting. The two quarreled frequently and ended in divorce.

from this, it is necessary to take some time to get to know each other.

after all, getting married for a small profit in the near future will eventually break up.

Mom, as an experienced person, knows very well that a good marriage needs to fall in love with each other, and it must take a process to confirm that she and the other party are the right person.

the rest of my life is long, daughter, remember to develop yourself and give true love some time.

strengthen your faith in love, and sooner or later you will meet the one who only comes for you.

daughter, do you remember the movie "the leftover is king" that you saw with me before?

at that time, we were both moved by the father in the film, and my mother still remembers that monologue.

"she should not marry her parents;

you shouldn't listen to gossip outside. If you hear too much, you want to get married.

she should think of getting married with the person she likes, holding her head high, looking forward to it, as if she had won.

I don't know when that day will come, but I will stand with her, because I am her father, and she can only be happy with me and nothing else. "

it is said that in the world, apart from parents and children, no one will sincerely love an unrelated person.

in the eyes of a mother, nothing is more important than her daughter's happiness.

here, Mom also wants to say to you:

Marriage is a choice, but not the only one.

because marriage does not represent the whole meaning of life, nor should it become the yoke of your life.

to tell you the truth, my mother is more afraid of you losing money because you are in a hurry to get married than being afraid that you will get off the so-called normal track of life.

I hope that when you decide whether or not to get married, it is after careful consideration, rather than the result of impulse.

if you are sure, your mother wishes you one day:

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can unswervingly, the face is brimming with happiness, with the man in front of me.

pointed to him and said to me, "Mom, I found it. This is the only person I have to marry."

if you haven't made up your mind, Mom wants you to understand:

there is no age at which you should get married, only yourself who is ready.

later, it really doesn't matter. Life is so long. If you make the slightest mistake, you will lose the whole game.

Dear daughter, whenever you do, just be yourself.

for marriage, you just need to stabilize your mind and make a good choice.

it doesn't matter if you don't get married, as long as you are happy.

Love your mother.