"crybaby, cry to death": do you really read the signal of a child crying?
"crybaby, cry to death": do you really read the signal of a child crying?
There are no unreasonable babies, only parents who do not understand their children!


it is often famous for its amazing speed, powerful explosive power and ever-changing characteristics, and has once become the magic sound of parents.

most of the time, we don't understand what triggers the sensing device in the little guy's body, which makes them often stage the great crying war of the century.

cry when angry, hungry and thirsty, pinch and frighten. In a word, the most wonderful voice in their world is crying

especially those who are younger and unable to speak, the parents are even more confused when they cry.

recently, a male friend complained to me frequently that my little ancestor was making a lot of noise these days , always crying intermittently at night, making it difficult for him and his wife to sleep well .

the terrible sound of crying made the couple worry about whether the child was sick, but after checking inside and outside the bed, they found nothing different.

No way, they had to take turns to put the baby to sleep, but both of them fell asleep the next day without accident.

with their complaints all around us, lamenting how they got up in the workplace, but there was nothing they could do about the little things at home.


most of the time, you have to line up like Sherlock Holmes.In addition to a hundred possibilities, the remaining 101 are repeatedly detected.

remember that when the egg mother took care of the baby, she mistook the child's constant crying for an uncomfortable and grumpy one.

but many methods have been tried without success. Just when the patience of the egg mother is running out, my mother-in-law's words can be regarded as a complete wake-up call.

" do you think the baby is always kicking his legs, is the diaper covering his butt making him feel bad? "

Egg Mom realized after knowing that every time I only looked at the diapers to see if the diapers overflowed and leaked out, but ignored whether the diapers were not breathless to cover the baby.

because if diapers are stuffy and airtight, and if the water vapor cannot be discharged in time, they will stick to the baby's buttocks , causing them discomfort.

so, sometimes the baby cries and kicks his legs, probably wearing airtight diapers to remind you that you are too bored to change ~

having experienced this, Egg Mom also has to admit that there are still many questions to be explored on the road of parenting, both novice parents and experienced parents.


Egg moms are deeply impressed by this. In many cases, parents' hindsight and not knowing how to decrypt the baby's crying signals often prolong their uncomfortable time.

take the repeatedly emphasized baby's intimate diapers, which are not breathable, unapproachable, and not soft. May make the baby cry, and even attract demons such as red butt.

for this, Egg Mom recommended this model to them, which is dedicated to building super-strong butts on the surface. Pampers first-level help to try to solve the problem of breathable baby's butt.

happily, a week later, the crying situation of the baby has been significantly improved , can also twist the fart dance with crayon Xiaoxin.

watching the baby stretch freely and wiggle the little butt, friends say it all benefits from the breathtaking feeling of the first-class gang.

diapers are softer in hand, and the first grade gang is lighter than Pampers's other products. Gently press softness and lightness within reach .

its the inner and outer layers are also covered with vents visible to the naked eye , so that the hot and humid air inside can be discharged and the outside air can enter and neutralize the stuffy air, which is very beneficial to keep the baby's fart dry.

good air permeability .

you don't look at its thin piece, but you don't suck water carelessly, even for babies like friends who drink too much and urinate too much, they are basically one night only need to use one piece , do not disturb the baby's sleep by changing it deliberately at night.

and in order to make it more intuitive to feel its water absorption, the egg mother also found a glass of 400ml blue liquid to simulate the urine volume of an one-year-old baby overnight and slowly poured it into the diapers.

it can be seen that although its body is light, it only takes about 35 seconds to absorb water, and there is no spill.

then the egg mother put a clean paper towel on it and pressed it with her hands to see if the diapers would reverse osmosis. The results show that there are only slight wet marks on the tissue, Don't worry about urine reverse osmosis on the baby's butt .

as for the phenomenon of internal faults that moms are worried about, Egg Mum has also carefully considered it and is reliable.

very simple, the most direct way is to touch it to see if it has obvious noise and lump, but the egg mother feels it, Pampers's first-grade diapers are relatively smooth as a whole .

and as we all know, the fault formation of diapers is mostly related to the core, so the egg mother also absorbs enough water and cuts all kinds of kneaded diapers from the middle to find out.

happily, the core is relatively smooth as a whole, and there is no fault .

how about this Pampers Grade I gang imported from Japan, is it true that the real gold is not afraid of fire?

I believe that with such an intimate guardian of Pampers's super-inhaling and breathable gang, the baby will naturally sleep soundly, and the next day it will be more lively ~

Pampers , make him the best cool lid.

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