Congratulations, they finally announced their remarriage! The netizen blew up: I didn't expect it.
Congratulations, they finally announced their remarriage! The netizen blew up: I didn't expect it.
May you keep your heart and the ta around you for the rest of your life.

some time ago, I was moved by a warm love story.

five years after her divorce, Nie Changhong accidentally learned that her ex-husband was seriously ill and resolutely decided to remarry to save her husband.

they met on a blind date before, and they spent a happy time after marriage, but no matter how sweet their love is, it is inevitable to have friction in trifles.

A few years ago, when her ex-husband mentioned divorce impulsively in a quarrel, Nie Changhong stubbornly left home.

it never occurred to me that her ex-husband Zhi Yufeng diagnosed arterial thrombosis a few years later and contacted Nie Changhong before the operation to see her and her child.

when Nie Changhong saw her ex-husband's purple-black calves, she burst into tears.

after the operation, Nie Changhong did not close her eyes in front of the hospital bed for more than 30 hours, but still did not stop the deterioration of her condition.

Zhi Yufeng amputated his left leg and suddenly suffered a stroke, leaving his left body nearly paralyzed.

his family was unable to take care of him, so he was sent to a welfare home.

Nie Changhong felt heartache when he learned that her ex-husband was not doing well in the welfare home, and the warm pictures of the past seemed to emerge in front of her eyes.

she suddenly made a decision that was incredible to others: "remarry!"

that afternoon, Nie Changhong pushed Zhi Yufeng, who had only one leg, to go through the formalities of remarriage, determined to take care of him for the rest of his life.

many people are kind enough to persuade her:

"Don't drag yourself down, send him to a welfare home, and you can save some money for the children."

Nie Changhong responded with a smile:

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"anyway, I will always take care of him and accompany him."

her smile warms her husband more than the sun.

this breathtaking love story has aroused tens of thousands of netizens' likes:

"only marriages that support each other can withstand the test of wind and rain."

feelings are always more precious after suffering.

We live in an age when everything is easy to get and easy to lose.

the journey of marriage can not always be calm, when there are twists and turns, some people will go their separate ways, while others choose to advance and retreat hand in hand.

the long-term relationship between husband and wife never depends on vows of love, but mutual support and never give up in the wind and rain.

do you still remember the truck cockpit love story that moved the country?

the wife of truck driver Nie Jianwen had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and underwent craniotomy, and then her right body became hemiplegic.

Nie Jianwen decided to take her with him to the sports car. Although the small truck cab was unstable, he made his wife feel at home.

his wife is a person who loves to be clean. Nie Jianwen will call warm water to wash her hair and wipe her body when she has time.

in the face of her husband's meticulous care, the wife is also very moved:

"my husband is a good man. He loves me, too. Wherever he goes, he will take me with him."

it's hard to drive a sports car alone. With a wife who can't take care of herself, you can imagine the difficulty.

sometimes it is difficult to find a toilet on the highway, and his sick wife becomes incontinent, and Nie Jianwen cleans up silently without complaining.

this "rough man" not only learned to wash and cook, but also carefully prepared his wife's favorite pickle and chili sauce.

his wife lay uncomfortable for a long time, and Nie Jianwen also learned to move out of the cab behind his wife's back with the help of sheets to see the outside world.

many people praise Nie Jianwen as a rare good husband, but he says:

"my wife and I are free to fall in love. She used to take care of the elderly and children alone and opened three shops. Now that she has encountered difficulties, I have to have the minimum responsibility and responsibility.

if I don't hold on, the family will fall apart and will feel guilty for the rest of my life. "

Nie Jianwen said and did it.

with the company of a lover, my wife is in a much better mood. She used to have epilepsy, but now the medicine has stopped, and she can hold things and stand.

now, the wish of the two is to change the big car, run far away to earn more money, and have more room for their wife to recover, and then live a good life together.

husband and wife are each other's harbor.

even if you encounter strong winds and showers, you still believe that each other is your own safety.

this reminds me of a rural young man who counterattacked because of the power of love. He owed more than 10 million yuan in foreign debt because he changed his career and made an investment.

when he went to collect debts, the debt collectors were blocked at the door, some cursing and some crying, and it was his wife who gave her kind advice.

at that moment, my wife called. She cried and said:

"Don't do anything stupid. As long as you're around, the worst thing you can do is beg. I'll stay with you."

after that, the two reopened a hot pot restaurant, slowly making money and slowly paying off debts, and now they have returned to a good life.

behind a man who can make a comeback, there must be a woman who can be in the same boat with him.

the road to marriage is surrounded by flowers and muddy thorns.

one of them falls, and the other can give him a hand and a push.

We often hear a saying:

A good marriage is not 1 to 2, but 0.5 to 0.5 =one.

there is really such a young post-80s couple who interpret the real meaning of "0.5 years 0.5 years 1" with practical actions.

wife Sun Guofang and husband Li Fangdong both have a long scar on their waist, and it is this scar that makes the family complete.

in 2014, her husband, Li Fangdong, was diagnosed with uremia, had multiple infections during dialysis, and was given two critically ill notices within half a year.

Kidney transplant is the only way for uremia to save lives, but Li Fangdong's condition is too serious to wait for a suitable kidney source to appear.

watching her husband suffer from illness, the wife wants to donate her own kidney to her husband to share his pain.

however, in medicine, the success rate of non-immediate family members is only 1/100000.

she said:

"there is a glimmer of hope that I can be saved, too. With this man, my son has a father, his father has a son, and I have a husband."

it may be that fate is pitiful to have a lover. On the fifth wedding anniversary, Sun Guofang received a phone call about their successful matching, and she won the bet.

however, when he heard the good news, husband Li Fangdong was reluctant to let his wife donate a kidney.

after suffering, I finally see the hope that my husband can stay, and no one can shake Sun Guofang's determination to save her husband.

she comforted her husband under pressure and risk:

"even if I can only accompany you until you are fifty years old, at least it will be worth it to give the children a home and the elderly a home, and then go with you."

this persistence of life and death makes the husband wandering on the line of life and death look forward to living more than ever before.

the gratifying thing is that the kidneys of the husband and wife are highly similar after the operation, and the wife's kidneys soon work in the husband's body.

from then on, two people have the real each other in their lives.

watching her husband getting better, Sun Guofang remembered that no matter how late her work was, her husband would leave her a light. When she saw the light coming out of the window, she would feel steady and warm.

she did not hesitate to donate her kidney to her husband in order to keep the warmth in her heart.

after going through great winds and waves and sharing life and death, the small family has finally returned to the laughter and laughter of the past.

once read a sentence:

"in the face of serious illness, real couples will show the side of sharing weal and woe, which is difficult to feel when they are in good health."

not afraid of the wind and waves, beyond life and death, the truth can be extended.

this is the most valuable relationship between husband and wife!

what is true love?

there is a highly praised answer on Zhihu:

"I thought love was vigorous when I was young, but I didn't know until I was old that love was mutual support when I was sick."

not long ago, an old man with silver hair became an "Internet celebrity grandma" with a skillful and smooth push-up video.

the video shows the grandmother skillfully practicing push-ups in the corridor of the hospital, sometimes with movements such as opening and closing jumps.

when I learned the love story behind Grandma's exercise, I burst into tears.

Granny Feng Xiugen, from Hunan, is 78 years old. her wife had a stroke six years ago and was able to walk on crutches, but she went from bad to worse and needed a wheelchair.

Granny Feng is also in poor health and is often dizzy. She begins to exercise consciously so that she can have a good body and take better care of her wife who is often ill.

in this way, Grandma Feng has persisted in exercising for more than 6 years, and she is really strong and strong.

after her husband fell ill, Grandma Feng took on all her husband's accompanying work, scrubbing her body, changing clothes and feeding, all by herself.

this skinny old man of less than 1.5 meters can carry her husband into a wheelchair, push him out for a walk, and often help him move his limbs.

now, the couple have been married for 59 years.

Grandpa Gu has also become more and more clingy. Sometimes he will be anxious to find her if he can't see her for a few minutes, and he will lose his temper when the food is unpalatable.

Grandma Feng always spoils her, and sometimes her husband just babbles, and she can accurately understand it.

Grandma always says:

"it takes one more day to take care of him. He supported the family when he was young, but now it's time for me."

only when you are in trouble do you know that it is true love that there is someone who can protect you from the wind and rain.

many people say that they do not envy the hugs of street lovers, but only those old people who stumble and support each other.

the most beautiful appearance of love is not how vigorous the bridge is, but the companionship from green hair to white head.

the meaning of marriage is never icing on the cake, but sending carbon in the snow.

it begins with love and dissolves with family affection.

it can be as romantic as a romantic, but also can be duty-bound to rely on each other.

ordinary couples may not experience great winds and waves, nor do they have so many earth-shaking stories.

but a meal in the morning and a lamp left in the evening are all guarded by each other silently.

see each other's not easy, be grateful for each other's efforts, so that the two hearts will be closer and closer, and the days will be warmer and warmer.

"hold hands and grow old together" is never a whim, butA guardian who never gives up all his life.

, may you stay with the ta from the bottom of your heart for the rest of your life.

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