Companionship is a kind of two-way growth, and smart parents do it!
Companionship is a kind of two-way growth, and smart parents do it!
Every growth of TA is also another growth of you.


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less one-way output to stimulate a child's endless imagination


but children also have their own ideas, which we need to affirm and encourage.


for example, the fish eyes are square and the tree is red. And I always want to correct her and let her follow the established rules.

until my daughter excitedly came over to show me her idea with her own painting-- xa0

"Mom, see if this looks like rainbow sugar, the red is the sun, the blue is the clouds, and the yellow birds."\" data-type=\ "gif\" data-w=\ "540\" style=\ "width: 100% control height: auto;\">

after this incident, it also made me reflect on my long-standing "one-way output" education model: one is asking, and the other is implementing , which virtually kills some of the possibilities of the child.

such as painting, insisting on "drawing image" will hinder the development of children's imagination and creativity.



when you become a mother, you always feel that you should act like a parent, protect your children from wind and rain, and clear all obstacles on the way to their growth.

when you have difficulties, be sure to rush in front of your child to protect him.
even unknown dangers should be thought of for your child.

but the result is often We love too much and our children grow up too slowly.

before taking the baby to learn to drive, look at him.He cried after he fell, couldn't help hugging him every time, and even came forward to hold him before he fell.\" data-type=\" gif\ "data-w=\" style=\ "width: 100% height: auto;\">
this also causes children to learn to drive very slowly and will be laughed at by children of the same age. Xa0

after he goes to learn to drive, he forbids me to join: "Mom, you stand still, you keep helping me, everyone laughs at me when I can't learn."

I was worried about my baby, but I watched him wriggle forward, save himself every time he fell, and then ran all the way into the distance.



at this point, I really want to thank my child for her "amazing move". has not only reversed my parenting attitude, but also successfully made me reflect on my way of life.


use their sincere and honest words and deeds to influence the hardest thoughts in our hearts.\");background-position: center;background-repeat: no-repeat;background-size: 100% width: 35px Height: 35pxShiFontmuri size: 20pxShicolor: rgb (132,204,255);\'>




think about it, our children are always with us and continue to lead us to grow up again.

and when we see children, from words and deeds in childhood to manhood behavior. All soaked in our accompany footprints, this is not a kind of pride and pride!

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because it has already penetrated into all aspects of life, affecting our parent-child quality and family relationship.

even Xinhuanet has published articles affirming and calling for the social significance of high-quality companionship:

" arouses more parents' deeper awareness and practice of companionship, which is the companionship practice from childhood love to social love. "xa0\ "data-type=\" png\ "data-w=\" 592\ "style=\" width: 100% height: auto;box-shadow: rgb (170170170) 0px 0px 14px 0px;\ ">

0 years old is a critical period for the baby's growth, and also the most critical period for potential development.

high-quality companionship can give the baby a better learning foundation, store more knowledge and information while accompanied, and lay a good foundation for the baby's growth.

I think this is also Feihe specially launched pan> the original intention of the theme activity is not only concerned about the physical quality of Chinese babies, but also more concerned about their psychological development.

528China Baby Day . Xa0

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this year is the third year of the initiative, and this year's theme is trong> to promote a new mode of parent-child relationship.

I hope every parent can give her baby more attentive company on this day, companionship is a more suitable love.

Feihe has been delivering a more suitable, fresh and scientific parenting concept to parents.

just like the quality of Feihe milk powder, not only naturally contains OPO, fresh and easy to absorb , but also more suitable for Chinese babies, more than 100 million cans a year are chosen by mothers.

ection> Feihe milk powder is more suitable for Chinese babies.

every time TA grows, it is also your growth again. Follow Feihe 528 Chinese Baby Day, tell the story of how you and Mengwa accompany each other and grow up together, and don't forget to give your baby an hour of high-quality company every day!

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