"Christmas" baby mom big skills competition show, this is the real treasure mom
"Christmas" baby mom big skills competition show, this is the real treasure mom
Parents' attentive company is the best Christmas joy for children.


" Xiao Bao was always clamoring to go to Disneyland, thinking about Christmas satisfaction. "
"our baby just wants a toy car and cries or cries. It's a headache."

remembering that two days ago, a friend complained that her life as a mother had become hectic, but then again, she was also very proud when she looked at her growing baby.

when it comes to the hardships of parenthood, every mother is well aware of the hardships of parenthood, but who is not satisfied with her wish to win the treasure mother's crown along the way?

Treasure Mother collected by Egg Mom's tweet last time, the backstage received a warm response from everyone. Although they are also in constant danger in parenting, they can all use their wisdom to solve the problem one by one.

or feeding, or interactive exploration, or festival celebration. All these have brought us help in parenting.

Egg Mom wants to be happy alone, and specially integrates their wisdom and crystallization for everyone to learn from. Maybe after reading it, you will understand the true meaning of Treasure Mom!


@ janie:

what our children don't like is egg yolk. I crush it and add it to the milk powder and rinse it for her to eat. She also drinks it obediently and has nutrition.

@ laugh at Life:

when a child first eats, she should be trained to eat independently. Don't let her elders feed her, and don't be afraid to get dirty. Clean up a little bit when the child comes out. Don't be afraid of trouble to clean up. As long as you stick to it for a while, parents will feel a lot easier.

anyway, both of my babies did it this way, and there was no problem at all.

it is said that treasure mothers have many skills, but egg mothers think they can make their children eat clearly, which is the most powerful skill point of treasure mothers.

so, you can see that the above mother is clever, who can easily handle picky eating with food mixture, and is good at orderly training and subtle influence to let her children develop good eating habits .

Interactive play

@ Lily:

my most proud skill is to be proficient in all kinds of children's toys. I couldn't handle Lego. As soon as I got into the game, the baby looked at me with admiration. Haha

@ Noah's Ark:

having a child at home, daily interaction and parent-child interaction have become the focus of parents' attention, and many times, our so-called interaction is simply to give or accompany, but ignore the real needs of the child's heart.

just like this Christmas, we always think about how to give our children the gifts we want, but seldom want to spend time with them. This solitary holiday joy is obviously not what children want.

parents, parents do not need gifts and amusement parks to fill. parents' attentive companionship is the best parent-child interaction.

look at the above two mothers, or play games with their children, or listen to rain singing with their children. Can make children feel simple happiness, which are worth learning.

explore growth

@ CC:

excessive protection will make children become greenhouse flowers, so it is important to take them out more often.

@ @ Wang Jun:

as parents, we always worry too much, which virtually limits our children's ability to explore and grow up. When we are young, we may not know that strawberries grow on the vine, so when we grow up, we will lack the motivation to explore.

these are not what we want to see. Children are independent individuals, they have their own wishes and ideas, and they are curious about the world and want to explore it.

and all we need to do is to let let them explore and try to create opportunities for them to explore, so that they can thrive healthily.


they are ordinary and ordinary, but they are real and powerful. Although they are nervous at the beginning and anxious and tired on the way to raising a child, they can use their courage and wisdom to grow up with their children no matter what difficulties they encounter.

like Nuoyuneng Dutch version

but they can always learn from each other and learn from each other to overcome parenting difficulties.

the child's exploration at home is restricted, so he is taken to the nature to explore.
worried about the monotony of their children's life, Bao Ma is more careful to create joy for them.

in short, as long as we work hard, there are no babies we can't handle!

in fact, the reason why treasure mothers are so glamorous is that, in addition to their constantly upgrading ability to fight monsters, the key point is the refreshing parenting state they exude, which attracts everyone:

Parenting is not tight and willing to try, and will not deliberately limit the growth of the child. and can always make every light everyday feel like a treasure.

this is exactly Novoeux Dutch version is refreshing and moderate, and accompany the child to grow up naturally.

in addition to the refreshing nature of parenting, Nuoyou Neng Dutch version also seeks light taste and full nutrition to help the baby grow naturally.

brings a light taste to the baby and keeps the baby from getting angry.

of course, although Nuoyou Neng Dutch version of milk powder taste light, but it contains quite comprehensive nutrition.

one mouthful is light and full of nutrition, which is Nuoyuneng Dutch version

therefore, the dual combination of treasure mother and treasure milk powder can naturally achieve success in parenting.

it's Christmas, and I'd like to quietly ask the mothers what treasure skills strong> have exercised for their children's Christmas joy, as well as the parenting tricks they have come up with. You can leave a message to share

We will communicate and explore together and become a better treasure mother together!

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