Children have these three kinds of performance, which shows that parents educate their children well! There will be great achievements in the future.
Children have these three kinds of performance, which shows that parents educate their children well! There will be great achievements in the future.
Look old at three years old and old at seven years old.

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every child is unique and is the best gift given to his parents. Parents all hope that their children can be well and have a bright future when they grow up.

in fact, a child's personality traits when he grows up are closely related to those of his childhood. We can tell from some performances in his childhood that he will succeed when he grows up.

as the saying goes," look old at three years old, look old at seven years old ".

if your child has the following performances, then Egg Mom is here to say" Congratulations ", which will be great in the future!


" only people who are confident can have confidence anywhere. "

people will encounter many difficulties in life, and the only thing that can make children face difficulties in the face of difficulties is self-confidence.

A child who lacks self-confidence and always gives up on himself often encounters a little setback and failure will make him lose morale and lose his spirits all day.

whether in study or life, such children will not strive to make progress, they will not try their best to break through themselves and achieve their goals, because they lack confidence in themselves and hold the mentality of "they can't do it themselves" before they do it.

imagine, how can a child who flinches at the slightest difficulty succeed and be successful?

and if a child is optimistic and confident, then he must be positive and confident in life. He is energetic and creative, which means he has a better chance of success and happiness.

Macy once said:

" Don't trust me to work miracles, but trust me to be fearless of adversity. "

A child with self-confidence can have the courage to face adversity and the ability to turn against the wind!

only optimistic and confident children can better gain a foothold in society.

when their children make mistakes, they will say, "Why are you so stupid?"Why aren't other people's kids like you?" this will greatly reduce their children's self-confidence.

try to encourage and praise children, work with them, and make progress together . Only in this way can we cultivate more promising children.


decisive, assertive

Egg Mom found that some parents always strictly require their children not to do this or play with that, and are used to manipulating everything about their children, such as "this can't be eaten", "this can't be touched", "this can't be touched".

in fact, each child is an individual, and when faced with things, they all have their own ideas.

when children have their own ideas and make decisions decisively, this is a good thing, parents can give their children some encouragement and affirmation.

because decisive and independent-minded, this is not only a prerequisite for a person to succeed, but also an opportunity for a person to seize the opportunity of success.

if a person does not act decisively, even if he has a chance of success, he will hesitate and miss a good opportunity.

so parents, do not over-interfere with their children. Instead of letting their children rebel when they grow up, they should give their children freedom from an early age, let them do what they want to do decisively and try their best to let their children grow up according to their own wishes.

in order to cultivate children to be decisive and independent, it takes the efforts of parents. try to respect children, learn to listen to their opinions, and give them some autonomy and choice.


likes reading

Research Institute of Education Research shows that families whose parents often read books and newspapers in their spare time have a higher percentage of their children getting good grades.

so if a child grows up, it depends on whether he likes to read from an early age.

Jiang Fangzhou once said: if a person does not read books, then his values are determined by his relatives and friends.

so reading can broaden your horizons and exercise your child's brain. If you want your child to grow up and be successful, the only secret is to let him keep learning, constantly improve and enrich himself.

No matter what happens in the rest of life, as long as he likes reading, his happiness in life is bound to rise.

in order to cultivate children's reading habits, parents need to cultivate their children's reading habits from an early age , teach them by example, try to put down the phone and spend more time reading with their children.

so how many behaviors does your child have? Come and have a look ~


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