Chen Xiao first talked about divorce and revealed the truth of her marriage with Chen Yanxi: I'm sorry to disappoint everyone.
Chen Xiao first talked about divorce and revealed the truth of her marriage with Chen Yanxi: I'm sorry to disappoint everyone.
I believe that in your marriage, there is something unique that belongs to you.

to say who gave the nearest candy, Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi must have a name!

half-familiar Lovers 2, Chen Yunxi's love is unambiguous.

the couple's avatars, a rabbit and a pig, are all about each other.

Menghualu watched the first ten episodes, but Chen Xiao didn't dare to watch it with her just because of Gu Pan Shenghui.

on her birthday, Chen Xiao will sneak to the crew, spread flowers and prepare cakes and balloons.



also showed Botu love words by the way, "I think you look like my wife."

when I talk about this, there is uncontrollable happiness on my face.

help, it's best for a real couple to take it!

but it is supposed to be sweet details, but it has attracted a lot of people to resent and complain.

Xiuen love is said to be hot, and if there is no news, the marriage has changed.

I have to say, this year's fans are too difficult to bring.

what shocked me even more is that this is not the first time that Chen Yanxi has been scolded or persuaded to leave.

the moment officials declare their love, they don't seem to be favored.

the two formed a bond through the "sculpt chivalrous couple".

soon, Chen Xiao declared his relationship with Chen Yanxi.

post: one day, you will take my last name.

at the wedding, the "head gauze kiss" of the two was even more amazing.

the whole network competed to imitate each other, and both recognized that they were really sweet.

it's just that love produces happiness, but marriage leads to life.

whether stars or ordinary people, but also to experience trivial, sometimes stumbling, feeling the stones to cross the river.

after more than 6 years of marriage, the "crazy talk" of marriage changes has never stopped:

"it won't be long before we get divorced, let's see if you're embarrassed."

"you and Chen Xiao are really not a good match."

after every trace, the magnifying glass and microscope were all moved out.

attended the event with a smiling face, a frown and a face with "impatience" written all over his face.

at an award ceremony, Chen Xiao was expressionless, even a little indifferent, in the face of Chen Yanxi's recorded VCR.

with just a few pictures, someone becomes a micro-expression expert, chasing shadows:

"Chen Xiao is not happy, and there is no light in his eyes after marriage."

this is just to prove that Chen Xiaoxi did not love Chen Yanxi.

seems to have moved the bench and waited for their divorce to see a joke.

in fact, all this is just a drama for spectators, and the two are fine.

you didn't see the worthless smile of Chen Xiao.

stick together, fingers clasped, talking and laughing all the time.

when filming, they will be like little lovers in love, laughing and playing.

the outside world is constantly suspicious, and Chen Yanxi is helpless and funny:

"he's not Altman. Can he still have light in his eyes?"

there are no stars in the eyes? Because the stars were born! "

but no matter what you do, it will still be the object of bad public opinion.

the answer is actually very simple.

people who act are far away from life, while those who watch the play act as hypocrites and judge.

whenever the news of the marriage change comes out, Chen Xiao hardly responds.

is not afraid, but lazy.

"there's no need to try it as a joke, and it's not even a joke, because it's too mild for me."

Chen Yanxi also said:

"if other people want to listen to everything, then I will become a dustbin."

but they are also taking action to fight back bluntly against the visitors.

although he has been married many times, he is still sprinkled with sugar and full of love.

Chen Yanxi pinched and posted a family photo to celebrate her husband's birthday.

Chen Yanxi entered the competition "Sister Lang". Chen Xiaoli, the number one fan, came on immediately.

(people don't say cruel words


often leave your son and go on a date in private, which belongs to enjoying the sweet time that belongs to two people.

A family of three go out to play and share some interesting things about the trip.

Chen Xiao used to be lonely and resistant to marriage.

when I met Chen Yanxi, he had the impulse to get married for the first time.

as a bystander, you can't judge whether the other person is happy or not.

Love and marriage is, after all, like drinking water and knowing whether it is warm or cold.

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Life is not a script, there is no need to look at people everywhere, to suit people's wishes.

the strange thing is that there are always some irrelevant people who like to come out and tell them what to do.

Don't always take people for fools.

in order to satisfy his fantasy, he encourages suspicion of others and the family breaks up.

but I don't know that there is the deepest malice in the world.

for stars who are constantly watched by the camera, their works, actions and feelings will all be judged.

and like this, there is more than one time for people to show their values in other people's family affairs.

some time ago, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao took part in "his wife's Romantic Journey" and went on a hot search.

originally a loving couple appeared on the show, but it was nothing.

but at this time, there is an one-sided situation of "distressed seedlings".


sit on the same sofa, but separate twoEnd.

when introducing Miao Miao, Zheng Kai did not directly say the age of his wife, as if he were not familiar with it.

on the farm, Miao Miao was curious and excited about everything, but Zheng Kai was also helpless and his reaction was mediocre.

during the game, Zheng Kai wanted to untie it quickly, while Miao Miao wanted to untie it a little bit. In the end, Zheng Kai was a little serious and unhappy.

in just a few minutes of the picture, everyone tries to peel off the cocoon to find traces of unlove.

the onlookers' opposition is not an unwarranted accusation, but an expression of concern.

but they didn't see the details in the program:

Miao Miao wanted two chickens, and although Zheng Kai shouted that she didn't like it, she immediately grabbed it.

when climbing the mountain, I was worried that soon after the seedling was born, my body could not bear it, so I carried her all the way.

in reality, Zheng Kai is extremely considerate.

Miao Miao wants to be a "small farmer", so he arranges a vegetable garden on the balcony to grow fruits and vegetables.

every time I come home from a business trip, my suitcase is full of things for my wife and children.

practice Baduanjin with his wife every day.

the vigorous "cheetah cub" turns into a super nanny.

looking at Miao Miao's Weibo, happiness is revealed everywhere except work, as well as daily life with Zheng Kai and his children.

who can say they are unhappy?

the marriage between two people is unexpected, but it makes sense.

everyone sees different details, no matter how bad outsiders say Zheng Kai is, Miao Miao sees his good.

because of Zheng Kai's carefulness and thoughtfulness, Miao Miao feels that he is his own safe haven.

for Zheng Kai, the tenderness of Miao Miao gives warmth to his family.

so Zheng Kai is indifferent to Miao Miao? He is not very fond of Miao Miao?

I think the answer is no.

when you meet the right people at the right time, they all get what they want and nourish each other.

their feelings do not match the appearance of many hearts, no affectionate money, no sweet at any time, bored at any time.

there is even a little "apathy" and sketches.

it may not be perfect, but love is always there.

Let others be puzzled and unoptimistic, they are very happy.

Love, you don't have to struggle too much, just look at yourself.

is suitable or not has always been a false proposition from the point of view of the bystander.

in reality, there is no 100% matching love, we should not presuppose a template in our hearts.

there is no need to frame love in the form of show love, but forget:

in fact, the love shown in daily life is more real and reassuring.

mention the "immortal couple" in the entertainment industry, Carina Lau and Tony Leung must be among them.

but the controversy that haunts them is so strong that they always feel mismatched.

one is introverted and unsociable, the other is an extroverted, cheerful and shrewd woman, who is from two worlds in any way.

Tony Leung is happy and quiet, while Carina Lau likes to be lively.

Carina Lau plays mahjong at home, while Tony Leung is reading upstairs.

he doesn't feel noisy, but enjoys it.

"I don't know how to make her lively. I like her hilarious so much."

Carina Lau is the head of the family, and she takes care of all the water, electricity and miscellaneous expenses.

even for home decoration, Tony Leung doesn't have to worry about it, just check in with his bag.

however, Carina Lau does not get angry or complain.

she always said: I wish he was happy.

they look very different, but they complement each other just right.

Why is the marriage between Tony Leung and Carina Lau so long?

in the final analysis, it lies in the love in the heart, giving to each other and tolerating each other.

there is no fixed pattern of feelings, only suitable for each other.

there is no fixed form of marriage, as long as you love each other.

in the eyes of outsiders, couples who seem to be a perfect match may already be riddled with holes under their gorgeous robes.

some couples who are not favored can live a long life.

Don't always like to "judge" the appropriateness of other people's marriage with your own eyes.

ignores the fact that in marriage, it is the husband and wife who should be the most sensitive.

as Chen Yanxi said:

"Marriage is between the two of us. As long as we are good, we don't have to worry about anything else."

Stars and ordinary people are no exception.

Marriage is like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

it is impossible for everyone to choose a partner, whether they are happy or not.

therefore, it is not necessary to pursue all the feelings and become the "perfect marriage" in the eyes of others.

there is no need to be demanding that everyone is flawless.

believe that there is something unique in your marriage that belongs to you.

it is good for people to be happy all their lives.

if this relationship makes you happy, then ignore the eyes of others and go ahead boldly.