Chen Kun no longer avoids her son's birth mother status, netizen: why her?
Chen Kun no longer avoids her son's birth mother status, netizen: why her?
The state of freedom and multiple identities make Chen Kun break out from an "actor".

some netizens have summed up the "four unsolved mysteries" in the entertainment industry, one of which is


# Chen Kun's son birth mother #

this topic can be called a big question hanging in the minds of onlookers all the year round.

however, there seems to be a new discovery on this topic.

the story also starts with a photo posted by Chen Kun's son.

Chen Zunyou, Chen Kun's son, posted a photo of a family gathering.

netizens with sharp eyes found that the woman at the back and left of the photo was very similar to Chen Zunyou's "little nanny" who was widely rumored at that time.

stir up thousands of waves for a while.

the question of "who is the birth mother of Chen Kun's son" is fermented again.

there are different opinions on various forums, and many netizens who eat melons have jumped out to express their views....

on the Internet, Chen Kun's fans are also boiling over the long and short.

they went to Chen Kun's comment area one after another to urge Chen Kun to clarify the rumors as soon as possible and punish rumors mongers by legal means.

but compared with angry fans, Chen Kun's performance is quite calm.

he did not send a letter from a lawyer, nor did he express his dissatisfaction.

on the contrary, he comforted his fans by "Buddhism":

"it's not a big deal. People eat and talk when they open their mouths. If there are mistakes or rumors, just ignore them."

then, Chen Kun posted an insight on his personal social platform:

"if you live your own life well, you will be happy if you live up to yourself."

"Don't force others to accept yourself, because whether they accept it or not, you can live as you like."

I have to say that today's Chen Kun is living more and more casually and thoroughly.

compared with him who was once young and frivolous and admittedly "bad-tempered", now he is a little more calm and peaceful.

he is no longer so easily disturbed by the outside world, but is more focused on his own world and leads his own life.

at the age of 46, Chen Kun seems to have finally found the most real and comfortable self.

when it comes to Chen Kun, I believe many people's first impressions of him come from the TV series Jin Fan Family.

as the audience champion of that year, the influence of this play is quite wide.

Chen Kun plays the role of Jin Yanxi, which is still the white moonlight in the hearts of many girls today.

in the Jin Fan Family, Chen Kun's elegant and alienated temperament fully interprets Jin Yanxi's image of "Wan Gui Childe".

but just the opposite.

instead of being born into a wealthy family, Chen Kun is quite poor.

Chen Kun was born in a small village in Chongqing in 1976.

at the age of 7, his parents divorced and he and his two young brothers were placed in foster care with his grandmother.

as a child of a single-parent family, Chen Kun was bullied at school when he was a child.

sometimes when he was walking on the road, a group of people would suddenly rush out and beat him.

and he could only lie on the ground motionless, and when everyone was clean, he got up and ran home.

later, his mother remarried, and he and his brother were taken back to their mother.

A family of five is huddled in a shabby little house with only 13 square meters, and life is very difficult.

how hard was Chen Kun at that time?

he once described his family as a child like this:

the space in the house is closed, the environment is messy, and even the windows are covered with paper.

when friends come to tell him to play, just reach out and tear the window paper, you can directly wake him up and wake him up.

there is no toilet at home, and it takes three minutes to walk quickly to the nearest public toilet on a cold night.

in order to save money, he doesn't even dare to take a bath, so he can only be "extravagant" once a week.

when life is most difficult, he and his mother even go to the vegetable market to pick up rotten leaves to cope with three meals.

Chen Kun's mature and sensible character has been created by his poor family.

in high school, in order to lighten the burden on his family, Chen Kun began a part-time life.

so when students are studying and playing easily, Chen Kun can only work in society and sing in bars to earn living expenses.

at the age of 19, Chen Kun came to Beijing.

once, he accompanied his friend to take the film school exam, and then the very dramatic thing happened--

my friend failed the examination, but Chen Kun was admitted in the first place.

in this way, Chen Kun, who originally dreamed of becoming an interior designer, accidentally opened the door of actors.

in 1999, Chen Kun, who was still a senior, was appointed by Zhao Baogang to star in the TV series "like Fog like Rain and Wind" directed by Zhao Baogang.

in this play, Chen Kun plays the role of Chen Zikun, a locksmith from a poor family.

his melancholy temperament, deep eyes and handsome appearance all fascinate the audience.

with this role, Chen Kun quickly became popular.

soon, the director of the Golden Fan Family also came to the door on his own initiative.

in 2003, "Golden Powder Family" began to broadcast, causing a sensation.

this play not only makes Dong Jie and Liu Yifei popular, but also makes Chen Kun's Jin Yanxi become the "lover of dreams" for countless young girls.

countless people shouted "Chen"After Kun, there is no more slogan of Jin Yanxi.

Chen Kun is hot, completely hot.

he was successfully promoted to a front-line student, not only with continuous film appointments, but also with roles that were basically male No.1.

in addition to TV dramas, Chen Kun also has a very eye-catching performance in the film industry.

in 2007, his starring role in Yunshui Ballad won the Best Actor Award at the China Film Huabiao Award.

A year later, the movie "painted skin" made him the highest-paid actor in the Chinese film market.

for Chen Kun, this is honor, wealth and status that he has never come into contact with before.

he finally lived the life he dreamed of when he was a child.

can finally get what he wants, send his family to Beijing, and the family will live in a big house and live a good life.

however, in his great fame and fortune, Chen Kun once suffered from depression.

with a deep and shy heart, he feels that he is a nouveau riche who is out of proportion to what he gives and gets, and that he is not enough to achieve these successes.

as a result, he began to fall into great contradictions and anxiety, and began to sleep all night.

in order to get out of depression, Chen Kun locked himself at home for eight months to think about his own problems.

, he finally found an outlet for his troubles:

the possession of wealth may be a test for me.

can I give a positive direction to wealth?

can I use the wealth and resources I have to help more people?

only in this way can what I have have meaning and my life have real value.

as a result, Chen Kun began to look at himself. Instead of running away, he learned to accept his current situation.

in order to make himself worthy of the audience and this career, Chen Kun is determined to devote himself to art

be a real actor, not a star.

so, after 2008, Chen Kun turned down a large number of drama appointments and began to transform, focusing only on the big screen.

and his standard of acting has also changed from "whether the protagonist is or not" to "whether the character is attractive or not."

so we saw Hu Wan, the cunning and ticklish Hu Wan in Let the bullets fly.

saw the rainy field full of evil spirit in Longmen Flying Armor.

some of these roles are just supporting roles, and some of them are not much, but they let us see the changeable charm of Chen Kun.

Let us see his wider acting path, more mature and natural acting skills.

more calm and confident eyes, and his more firm and respectful heart towards his acting career.

many people may have found that Chen Kun seems to have become more and more "low-yield" in recent years, and his works can be counted with one hand.

some netizens can't help asking:

"what has Chen Kun been doing recently?"

"it feels like no new work has been released for a long time."

in fact, Chen Kun now turns his attention from the outside to the heart, from the outside to himself.

since 2011, Chen Kun has set aside several months to go hiking every year.

so far, he has traveled all over Dunhuang and the Himalayas.

not only that, he also created the country's first spiritual construction public welfare project "Walking Power".

project advocates everyone to "look at the heart by walking and awaken the inner strength in silence".

so every summer, Chen Kun would walk away from the city with travelers of different identities for about ten days.

in addition to doing public welfare and filming, Chen Kun has also won various honors and awards in other fields.

his design works have not only been published in professional magazines, but also well received by people in the industry.

he never sets limits for himself, as long as it is a warm-blooded project, he is willing to try.

he once said:

"I enjoy every different identity.

there are a lot of curious things in life, and I feel like I'm growing.

but there are still a lot of things I haven't experienced, so I soon want to learn and feel across the border. "

so although some people call him "unprofessional", Chen Kun enjoys it:

"I Chen Kun is like this and I like this life very much. I completely accept my own state."

the state of freedom and multiple identities make Chen Kun break out of an "actor".

and his handling of the role is becoming more and more accurate, making it harder and more difficult for the audience to look away.

"if you shoot less, the performance will be cleaner."

this is the case with Chen Kun now. although his works are gradually streamlined, he shines brilliantly from the inside to the outside.

although he appears less and less in front of the audience, every appearance is amazing.

this time

# Chen Kun's son birth mother #

incident, ZengSome fans complain that Chen Kun is "too Buddhist".

but in my opinion, rather than being "Buddhist", Chen Kun is strong enough to withstand any skepticism from public opinion.

"Why do I react so violently? is it because I'm not strong enough?

when I am strong, I can bear insults and abuse from anyone. "

fourteen years ago, Chen Kun asked himself this in the face of media speculation about his son.

so fourteen years later, in the face of renewed criticism from the outside world, he was able to respond calmly and calmly.

I admire Chen Kun very much. He has a kind of deep peace after going through the wind and frost.

this reminds me of Zhihu's last question and answer about Chen Kun:

Why is Chen Kun in his forties, still so sunny and full of juvenile feeling from the outside?

one of the answers is:

his mentality is young and he is born from his heart. It seems that he has finally found himself after so many years.


although he is 46 years old, Chen Kun now has a younger and freer mindset.

is more powerful and unshakable.

maybe that's why his eyes are always clean and bright.

maybe that's why, in the face of gossip, he can always deal with it in an indifferent and casual manner.

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I traveled half my life, but I was still a teenager when I came back.

, like 46-year-old Chen Kun.

I wish you who read this article can obey your heart and return to your true self.

the more you live, the stronger you become, and really live out your advanced self.

this book is published under authorization.