Chen Jon, 43, suddenly posted a message revealing her husband's true face: "I am tortured every night."... "
Chen Jon, 43, suddenly posted a message revealing her husband's true face: "I am tortured every night."... "
Life is not easy, we should do and cherish our health.


Chen Qiaoen, 43, recently went on a hot search because he was suffering from a strange disease, which attracted the attention of countless people.

and the secret was revealed mainly because of a careless remark from her husband Alan.

it was in the Variety "my wife's Romantic Journey" that Chen Qiaoen and Allen, who had not been married for a year, participated as guests.

perhaps because he is used to getting along with each other, Allen doesn't care about the camera at all when talking to Chen Qiaoen, says everything out of his mouth, and often teases him about sleeping and snoring.

Chen Qiaoen was a little embarrassed about this, and the audience also thought it was a little funny.

after all, the queen of idol drama snores behind her back, which is a bit of a funny contrast.

however, a joke is a joke.

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afterwards, Chen Qiaoen solemnly posted about his own snoring, revealing not only the true face of her husband Allen after marriage, but also his secret.

it turns out that Chen Qiaoen sleeps and snores because she is ill.

whenever night comes, when Chen Qiaoen falls asleep in bed, she snores loudly unconsciously.

in the words of her husband Allen, it is "a sweet sleeping face that sounds like a dinosaur."

and this is not really a big deal. The most frightening thing is that Chen Qiaoen often loses his breath during snoring.

as in the movie, if you put your hand under her nose, you won't feel any breath at all.

this happens almost every night.

after being with Chen Qiaoen, Allen panicked all night when he found out that his lover had the disease. He was afraid that the other person would fall asleep and never wake up again.

after that, Chen Qiaoen was moved by her husband's concern. It was also in the reminder and company of her husband that Chen Qiaoen went to the hospital for an examination.

and the examination results obtained later let Chen Qiaoen be stupefied directly.

in fact, it was not only Chen Qiaoen but also the doctor who was shocked by the results of the examination.

because Chen Qiao'en 's condition is really quite serious.

according to the examination, Chen Qiaoen has a disease called sleep apnea.

the disease, also known as apnea syndrome, is a potentially fatal sleep respiratory disease.

the specific manifestation is like Chen Qiaoen, during deep sleep, patients will not only snore, but also have frequent apnea.

after going to the hospital for deep brainwaves, Chen Qiaoen discovered that when she fell asleep, her breathing would be astonishingly paused 25 times in an hour, and each breath would be stopped for more than 50 seconds.

this also means that Chen Qiaoen is not breathing for nearly half of his deep sleep.

such a situation is not serious, and it is not too much to say that she is suffering every night.

because if you can't breathe air during sleep, the blood oxygen saturation in the body will drop, and the brain can only encourage people to wake up and take the initiative to breathe.

so people with this disease wake up many times every night, unable to fully enter the real rest.

if it goes on for a long time, human health will be greatly affected.

after being honest about her illness, Chen Qiaoen also called on everyone to pay more attention to sleep health and avoid her condition.

but when I saw the reply in the comments section, I clearly realized that we still ignored the lethality of sleep apnea.

when Chen Qiaoen gave everyone popular science about sleep apnea, many people were surprised to find that they had such symptoms.

some people say, "I can wake myself up by snoring, but I can hold my breath."

someone said, "me, too. I suddenly woke up and found that I didn't seem to be breathing."

many people began to ask about specific treatments at the bottom.

it turns out that this "strange disease" has been lurking around us, but most people are unaware of it.

after consulting the data, I found that about 170 million people in our country suffer from sleep apnea, and 60 to 70 million of them are moderate to severe.

these patients include men, women, the elderly, and children. No group seems to be able to escape.

once the condition reaches a moderate or severe level, you must go to the hospital for medical help.

because sleep apnea itself is far more harmful than we can imagine.

first of all, the disease can easily lead to extreme changes in the lives of patients.

there is a man in Quanzhou who suffers from sleep apnea. After seven hours of sleep a night, he basically has more than 600 apnea.

this figure is appalling, and the man has hardly had a good night's sleep, and no matter what attempt he makes, he will be repeatedly suffocated in his sleep.

because of lack of sleep, the man suddenly fell asleep during the day, whether driving or cooking, which almost caused unimaginable accidents.

secondly, sleep apnea can cause a variety of complications.

because if the human body is repeatedly anoxic during sleep, it is extremely easy to cause vasospasm, and the brain and cardiovascular structure will also change.

if this happens for a long time, then the patient's cardio-cerebral vessels will be damaged.Harm, there will be high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and so on.

when metabolic disorders occur, patients are extremely likely to develop intractable diabetes.

the most worrying thing is that death is not far away from the patient.

if the severity of sleep apnea is too high and the duration of each sleep apnea is too long, then sudden death is most likely to occur in sleep.

in 2019, Xiamen reported that a 29-year-old man died suddenly of sleep apnea.

it should be emphasized that children need to pay more attention to sleep apnea or severe snoring than adults.

because the disease will also have an adverse effect on the child's intelligence and appearance.

so how on earth should we tell if we have sleep apnea?

in terms of probability, almost one in five snorers suffers from sleep apnea.

if you or your family usually have serious snoring, you can keep a close watch at night.

if the snoring goes up and down, the apnea lasts for 10s, and the frequency of apnea is more than 30 times a night, it may be sleep apnea.

in addition, you can also judge by some sleep and post-sleep status.

if you have increased nocturia, headache, dizziness, daytime drowsiness, irritability and even depression, you really need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

, let more people understand sleep apnea and pay attention to their own sleep problems.

Life is not easy, we should do and cherish our health.