"chat records must not take screenshots."
"chat records must not take screenshots."
You have to be brave to bid farewell to the past in order to have a chance to encounter a better scenery on the road to the future.


when NetEase Yun was listening to music, he saw such a hot comment:

"Don't easily truncate the chat notes and save them. Do you look sad when things change?

every sweet word is ridicule, and every kiss, love, good night and company becomes incredible.

how could I say it in the first place, and how could this be the case now? Maybe the other person doesn't remember what he said to you, but it's too bad you still keep thinking about it. "

after reading this passage, I felt a shiver in my heart.

in other people's stories, we can often see our own shadow.

I believe that everyone who likes to take screenshots and save chat records will have this kind of experience and feeling.

those words are warm and romantic at first, but when they don't love, they instantly become sharp blades to the heart.

if you read it one more time and miss it for one more second, it will hurt you for one more minute.

there is a message from a girl, which has impressed me so far.

because she sent a lot of screenshots of chatting with her ex-boyfriend, and then left a message saying:

"although we have separated, every time I see these screenshots and think of what he once said to me, I always think that he still loves me.

but if you still love me, why did you leave me? "

I watched some of their chat conversations.

if I hadn't known that they had broken up, I might have been moved by what the boys said.

like all boys in love, he is on call to his girlfriend.

screenshot from January to April, for three months in a row, boys say good morning and good night to this girl every day. Sometimes at one or two o'clock in the morning, girls send Wechat to boys saying they can't sleep.

he stayed with the girl all night and didn't hang up until the next morning.

every relationship is ridiculously beautiful at the beginning.

but all seemingly indestructible relationships are also likely to collapse in an instant.

especially love.

the fantasy about life in love is more romantic at the beginning, more tormented in the middle, and more miserable in the end.

by the fourth month, the speed at which boys responded to girls' messages became significantly slower and perfunctory.

the message sent by the girl at 8: 00 in the morning, he didn't come back until 9: 10 in the evening.

the girl posted a long short composition to share her daily routine, and he only replied "Oh".

the girl bought a new dress, specially put on makeup and took a photo and sent it to him. He didn't click on the picture and said it was "fine".

I have to admit that chat transcripts are a very cruel thing.

it records the process of a relationship from saying nothing to saying nothing, and witnessing a better way for a person to go from having to be without you.

makes it impossible for you to take the time to lie and delude yourself into thinking that he still loves you.

he knows whether he loves you or not, and so does the chat record. As long as you take a look at those screenshots, the answer is actually obvious.

when the relationship comes to an end, when the person who loves you turns around, even if you don't give up, learn to let go and let go.

Love is like a multiplication problem, whether it is a multiplier or a multiplier, as long as one side is zero, the result is zero.

is destined to be a person with no results, no matter how hard you try and retain, it won't help.

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No matter how many screenshots you save, you can't keep the person who is determined to leave.

there is a line in the movie "the afterlife" that says:

"Don't worry about what you can't take away and what you can't keep."

Love and breakup are all necessary stops in the journey of love. Maybe no one will accompany you all the way from the beginning to the end, but please believe that someone will be waiting for you at the end.

so, if the person who accompanies you at first wants to get off at some station, let him go.

be free and easy, don't pester, don't be nostalgic.

I know that it is very difficult for people who really give their heart and love hard to say goodbye.

especially when loving him has become a part of your life.

however, the high wall cannot stop the people who are leaving. There is a wind in their bones, and your outstretched hand is so big that you can't catch it with any force.

in fact, you all know that sometimes you can't let go of him or this relationship, but you can't let go of yourself who was so desperate to love in this relationship.

but he is already light and at ease, so why do you keep thinking about self-torture?

A sea of people, people come and go, you should also learn to love while walking.

if you can, don't take screenshots and save the chat notes.

Delete those records, delete the past, and live for yourself again.

Don't wait for him to look back, he is far away.

Don't inquire about him any more. He's doing fine without you.

Don't wander in the same place, people who turn around frequently can't go far.

if you miss the sunrise at five o'clock in the morning, you may also miss the sunset at six o'clock in the evening.

this sentenceIt means that you have to bravely wave goodbye to the past in order to have a chance to encounter a better scenery on the road to the future.

, forget it if you can't love someone.