CCTV named and banned! He was suddenly arrested, and the news was angrily reprimanded by the whole network: he really deserved it!
CCTV named and banned! He was suddenly arrested, and the news was angrily reprimanded by the whole network: he really deserved it!
Behind the chaos of the live broadcast, it is the atmosphere of the whole society that is corrupted.

recently, a reversal video shattered the values of many people.

in the old house in Maan Village, Liangshan, a man took 3000 yuan and gave it to the old man next to him.

when men give money to the elderly, they do not forget to tell them: this is 3000 yuan, so you can take it and rent a house for your children to go to school in a few days.

looking at this, some people may think that this is a warm story to help poor families.

but the truth exposed by CCTV is astonishing.

it turns out that the so-called "charity" is performed.

although the living conditions were not comfortable, the kind old man did not refuse the stranger's request.

in another video, there is a distressing brother and sister.

the two go up the mountain to carry firewood every day, and usually they can only afford to eat potatoes. although my sister has good grades, she can only feed sheep at home because she does not have a hukou.

but in fact, both sister and brother have household registration, and there is no case of dropping out of school. "that Uncle" taught them to take pictures.

after the video was reversed, the account "Yunnan Bobo" has been banned, but looking back on the whole incident, everyone is still angry.

because of the mention of "Liangshan", we can always think of the difficult living conditions of the residents there.

where is this "positive energy"? It is clearly "show" and "fraud".

they gain fame and traffic at the expense of higher trust costs for society as a whole.

when kindness is deceived again and again, who is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need?

what is even more sad is that this is only the tip of the iceberg of live broadcast chaos.

there are more similar events happening around you and me.

do you still remember the "Jia Yang Girl" who broke out last year?

she, who looks harmless and has a sweet smile, in a video, slaughters a sheep with her bare hands within 10 minutes.

relying on this strong sense of contrast, the account "Grey Wolf's Sheep" has increased its fans by 8.5 million a month.

but before long, this number suddenly broke off.

then, the Sheep of the Grey Wolf exposed his unknown misery with his trumpet.

her real name is Huiran. She was engaged at the age of 18 and followed her husband to Xinjiang to herd sheep at the age of 19.

her husband is one year younger than her and cannot get a license, but their child is more than 2 years old.

after marriage, her husband is often away from home, playing games every day, and what is worse, domestic violence to her.

in the face of Hui ran's sudden popularity, her mother-in-law began to treat her as a cash cow, and her husband directly tore his face and snatched away the account.

after the matter fermented, netizens were angry and left messages for her under the video of Huiran account for fear that she would become the next "Ram".

however, Hui ran's husband's statement made a startling reversal.

according to him, he has never had domestic violence, and the account itself belongs to him. He also stressed that Huiran cheated on his agent Liu Wei.

the two hold their own opinions, and for a moment, everyone doesn't know who to trust.

the truth finally came out.

Hui ran's "domestic violence" is fake, and her husband's "cheating" is also false.

in order to attract eyeballs, they carefully planned the hype.

when the farce ended, the secondary account "Huiran" gained more than 900,000 fans. From the beginning to the end, only those who were fooled were worried about Huiran and beat the aggrieved audience.

A similar play was performed again a few days ago.

"Sister Fuyang Min" posted a video of herself being beaten, which attracted the attention of netizens.

later, the woman broadcast live on the platform, crying that she had been abused by her ex-husband and said she had called the police.

originally everyone was still complaining for her, hoping to severely punish the perpetrators of violence, but it was not long before the police confirmed that the domestic violence was false.

familiar recipe, familiar taste.

found no, with the rise of the live broadcast industry, it has become a traffic password in the eyes of some people.

they don't have real talent and learning, and they don't want to do down-to-earth videos. They just want to get traffic quickly through all kinds of eye-catching gimmicks.

they shoot whatever is exciting, with no principle and no bottom line.

and after earning traffic, it is the beginning of cutting leeks.

in fact, there is only one reason: too much money.

such a case has been reported on the Internet:

became popular, he began to sell jewelry in the studio.

slogan came out.

Ms. Yang from Shanghai, who felt that the price of the goods was affordable and could help the poor child, placed an order directly.

she spent more than 20,000 yuan on a bunch of ocean stars, diamond rings, beeswax.

later, it was identified that more than 400 yuan of beeswax was plastic, and other jewelry was also plastic.

and in addition to ordinary netizens, merchants have also become victims.

as a result, only three fans were sold and even the samples were not returned.

if the villagers want to cry, they can only swallow their grievances.

Live streaming with goods is a good thing. Carrying goods online has solved the accumulation of goods caused by many merchants for various reasons.

the chaotic behavior of live broadcasting that can occur frequently makes people feel sad.

the temptation brought by the flow dividend makes the vested interests break through their bottom line again and again.

even, for the sake of traffic, some people make for money.An act with no moral bottom line.

it seems that the one who is better at the job will master the traffic password.

for example, on the road in public, kneeling in front of the camera live, shouting: "old iron 666, old man, I kneel to you!"

and the big brother, who wears a hat of wealth and a gold chain around his neck, roars loudly at his mobile phone: "come on!" It's loud enough to pierce your eardrum in an instant.

those who have "talent" will perform "talent". There is no talent to perform, so let's show you a "second sweeping robot".

do you think this has reached the extreme? Compared with the Internet celebrity who barks like a dog, it's nothing to mention.

is really giving up all the dignity of being a human being.

behind the "live chaos", it is the atmosphere of the whole society that is corrupted.

in the end, it is ordinary netizens like you and me who pay for them.

with the vigorous development of the short video live broadcast industry, business opportunities have emerged and the threshold for making money has become even lower.

if you brush the live room for a while, you will find that clowns can be seen everywhere, and false vulgarity can be found all over the screen.

you can make a lot of money by selling ugliness, and you can win more attention by showing a little bit.

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in order to master the traffic password and seek quick profits, many people have lost their dignity and bottom line.

single-minded in the whole life, rely on strange behavior, win people's attention.

how long will the unhealthy wind with no restraint and no bottom line continue to blow? We don't know yet.

just one thing is always clear:

No matter how dazzling the halo is, there will be a day when it is exhausted.

nowadays, there is indeed a phenomenon of ugliness and chaos in the live broadcast industry.

but we can't deny that there are still many Internet celebrities who work conscientiously and deliver positive energy to the society throughout the live broadcast industry.

for example, popular science bloggers who have recently become popular

@ wage earners Xiao Zhang


in the "how to" series of videos, with her own experience, she tells the story of how to take the high-speed train on her first trip. How to register to see a doctor in the hospital? How to eat Haidilao? And so on many common life common sense.

although these videos have little professional knowledge, they actually help many people who have no social experience.

there are no exaggerated performances, no noisy shouting, but only the collision of knowledge and culture.

this is the correct way to open LVB.

it is these people who do content in a down-to-earth manner that let us see the real value of live streaming.

the meaning of live broadcast can be to show talent, but to share everyday, or to spread culture.

but in any case, it should not be reduced to a stage for clowns to make profits.

"People's Daily" has a comment saying:

"the relativism of entertainment to death erodes the anchor of our value, and we blur the boundary between right and wrong and fun."

in the era of traffic supremacy, you and I should be more vigilant.

although webcasting is a huge market and one of the important ways for people to relax and entertain, it does not mean that they can do whatever they want.

, let's act together.

the live broadcast circle is not outside the law, and we can't let the crowd dance. Only by making them pay the price can we effectively deter them.

stop the live broadcast chaos from spreading.