Be a person and do things (too profound)
Be a person and do things (too profound)
If you want to go further, you need both contented wisdom and discontented choices.

Confucian style



the road of life is complicated, with both smooth and bumpy times.

it is not easy for anyone to be alive, but to be busy all his life is nothing more than to be a man and do things.

can be a man and know how to do things, so that he can live a happy life in the ups and downs of the world.

be a man and save face, but do things lightly

as the old saying goes, a person lives a face and a tree lives a skin.

A man is disgraced and ashamed; when a tree has lost its bark, his life is in danger.

to be a man, you should know how to save face to others, give three points in a reasonable way, and say bluntly that you should keep three feet.

this is not only self-cultivation, EQ, but also the wisdom of dealing with others.

refuting people's face, embarrassing people, will also break their own way back; to save face and make people feel comfortable is to build roads and bridges for themselves.

doing things, it's just the opposite.

too much face, often can not bend down, can not bow down, can not bear hardship, it will not be able to earn, can not afford to face, let alone live a good life.

some people, even put face above all else, do not hesitate to embarrass themselves and wronge their families, but also pretend to be face-saving.

do not know that face is for others to see, if for the sake of superficial glamour, damage to the actual interests, in the end, it is really losing face.

to be a man, you know how to take care of the face of others and leave a line in everything; it is really wise to be able to let go of your own face.

be conscientious and behave yourself

people often say that being a man first and doing things later, if people don't do well, it's hard to get things done.

the most important thing in being a man is to be conscientious.

speaking of conscience means that a person has a natural kind-hearted nature, can distinguish right from wrong, and can distinguish between good and evil.

will not cheat for the sake of profit; will not do whatever it takes to achieve an end.

A conscientious person is honest and trustworthy, honest, benevolent and righteous, reassuring and down-to-earth.

they are more able to compare their hearts with each other and understand that everyone has their own difficulties.

therefore, what you want, you will fight for it by yourself, rather than taking shortcuts and harming the interests of others.

those who do not belong to themselves will stick to the bottom line and will not let themselves be enslaved by desire.

if you behave with conscience, you will get the support of more people; if you behave, you will win the trust of more people.

in this way, the road of life will be smooth.

one can suffer losses in life and bear hardships in doing things

Zeng Shiqiang said: "those who will always take advantage of them will always fight for a small part of them."

in many cases, the person who can suffer losses will only suffer a small loss for a while, but his kindness and modesty will enable him to win more in the future.

after all, the way of heaven is a reincarnation, and the human heart is a scale.

the interests you give up and the grievances you swallow will eventually come back to you in other ways.

and people who care about everything have nothing but themselves and never take into account the feelings of others.

do not realize that when the organ is done, it is also a time when the hearts of the people are lost.

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A master who really knows how to be a man knows how to take the initiative to suffer losses.

they know very well that compared with money, the human heart is the most precious asset.

not only that, people who can suffer losses often endure hardships.

after all, when everyone is greedy for comfort, the person who is willing to bear hardships seems to be suffering.

in fact, whether it is the hardships of study or work, the more you escape, the more you will suffer the hardships of life in the future.

as said in the poem, without some cold and bitter, there is no fragrance of plum blossoms.

people who refuse to bear hardships will dabble in whatever they do, or even cheat and cheat. They can't do little things well and big things won't last long.

and people who can bear hardships are more able to calm down, calm down, cultivate carefully, and tend to be more productive.

this world has always secretly rewarded those who can suffer losses and are willing to bear hardships.

because everything in the world is causal.

if you can suffer, you will not suffer greatly in the future; if you can bear hardships, life will not suffer.

be content to be a man, but not content to do things

economist Samuelson once put forward the famous happiness formula: "Happiness = utility /desire."

to put it simply, the smaller a person's desire, the easier it is to be happy.

reasonable desires can provide people with motivation to move forward, but if they are not satisfied, they will fall into pain.

for example, when you have the company of your family and look forward to a better material life;

when you have no worries about food and clothing, and you want to have both children;

when you have healthy and smart children, I hope they will obey and not cause you any trouble.

A person who does not know how to be contented, his life is full of complaints and discontent, so how can he be happy?

only with contentment can one be at ease; only with peace of mind can one be at ease; only when one is at ease can one be carefree.

being a man is often contented, but doing things requires discontentment.

discontent means constant exploration and excellence; high standards and strict requirements; and self-discipline and introspection.

as the ancients said, "if you take it from above, you will get it from the middle; if you take it from the middle, you will get from it; if you take from it, you will get nothing."

contentment in study and career means that you stand still and do not want to make progress, but reality does not allow you to be comfortable.

if you are satisfied, you will inevitably lag behind others, be eliminated by the times, and be abandoned by the unit.

people who really achieve something will never be satisfied with the status quo and will not let themselves become frogs in warm water, but take the initiative to seek innovation and change.

especially agree with one sentence:

"Excellence requires effort, effort requires self-discipline, and self-discipline can make people uncomfortable. If you do something uncomfortable for a long time, you must need motivation, which comes from dissatisfaction with the status quo. "

if you want to go further in life, you need not only contented wisdom, but also discontented choices.