Bad news! Famous actor died, the reason stung half of the entertainment circle: what a pity …
Bad news! Famous actor died, the reason stung half of the entertainment circle: what a pity …
His life was legendary and brilliant, but he also came to a sad end.


"I know my future is not a dream,

I spend every minute earnestly, my future is not a dream, my heart moves with hope. "



the song "my Future is not a Dream" has a melody. I believe everyone can at least hum a few words.

singer Zhang Yusheng is called a musical "magician".

the peak of his debut at the age of 22, the classic works have influenced many excellent musicians since they were sung.

Zhang Huimei, a diva singer, is the one who became popular.

in 1997, Zhang Yusheng died suddenly and his life was forever fixed at the age of 31.

it is a pity that genius has fallen.

what happened that year?

A baby boy was born on June 7, 1966.

it is said that it rained for a week in the days when he was born.

his father complied with God's will and named him Yusheng.

Zhang Yusheng in the early days was not firm about his dream of music.

but a man changed him, his beloved sister Zhang Yuxian.

my sister has a great talent for singing and has always wanted to be a singer since she was a child.

the two also agreed to form a combination together.

an accident, the girl's dream has become an eternal regret.

that day, Zhang Yuxian went to the seaside to play, accidentally stumbled and drowned.

this incident hit Zhang Yusheng so hard that he couldn't let it go for a long time.

it was the first time he felt the impermanence of life.

Zhang Yusheng has only one idea to realize his dream for his sister.

later, in a radio interview, he confessed:

"it seems that I have taken on a mission, and I am constantly urged by a voice in my heart: if you like, do it as soon as possible!" Don't wait until it's too late. "

so Zhang Yusheng, with his guitar, signed up for the "wooden boat" folk song competition, cut through difficulties all the way, and finally won the championship.

this competition has given him confidence and interest.

in 1988, Zhang Yusheng participated in an off-campus singing competition for the first time.

here, he met his own Bole, Weng Xiaoliang of UFO Records, a famous record producer in the music industry.

thus begins his music career.

Weng Xiaoliang was attracted by Zhang Yusheng's musical talent and his clear, passionate voice and immediately invited him to join his company.

he thinks that a song must be sung by Zhang Yusheng.

is the beginning of "my future is not a dream".

the inspirational lyrics of youth, coupled with Zhang Yusheng's high-pitched voice, sing out the dreams of many young people for the future.

Zhang Yusheng became an overnight hit with this song, and his debut was the pinnacle.

although Zhang Yusheng is not tall, he looks ordinary.

but as long as he opens his mouth to sing, it is an existence that no one can ignore.

in 1988, the company took advantage of the victory to create his first album "miss you every day".

album sales are as high as 350000.

the title song of the same name, "thinking about you every day", is one of his classic masterpieces.

many people think they are talking about love, but in fact they talk about Zhang Yusheng's yearning for his sister.

then, Zhang Yusheng released his second album "missing me".

is as high as 1.38 million.

for a time, Zhang Yusheng was in the limelight in the show business.

but his rapid fame did not bring him spiritual satisfaction, but suffered a lot.

the company defines him as a sunny teenager, and the songs he sings are inspirational and affectionate songs.

it is very popular, and the sales volume remains high.

but not what Zhang Yusheng wants in his heart.

because his target is the producer.

"I just want to make an album that really belongs to me."

after gaining popularity, Zhang Yusheng finally won the opportunity to create his own album.

in 1992, his first album, take me to the Moon, was released.

this album is very characteristic,

the concept of music is very advanced.

fully demonstrates Zhang Yusheng's musical talent and creative talent.

this result plunged Zhang Yusheng into self-doubt.

and the company also restricted his creative freedom in order to stop the loss.

at the end of the same year, Zhang Yusheng returned with his new album "the Sea" created for him by his company.

obviously, this is an album that gives in to the market.

once launched, sales directly exceeded 6 million copies.

also put Zhang Yusheng at the top of the pop charts.

the song "the Sea" is one of his most popular songs, which has been sung so far.

to this end, he once wrote "since"You Song to express your dissatisfaction with the company.

however, no matter how much dissatisfaction he has, he can't quit.

because he still carries his sister's dream of music.

he had to compromise at the right time.

so we can find:

every time Zhang Yusheng publishes a creative album, he releases a non-original album.

between reality and ideal, Zhang Yusheng always stubbornly adheres to his own creation.

after 1995, Zhang Yusheng shifted his focus to the producer.

during this period, he wrote many popular songs.

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many artists in the circle have used his works.

Xin Orchestra, Fan Weiqi, Tao Jingying, Yi Nengjing …...

in 1996, Zhang Yusheng went to a bar for a drink and happened to meet Zhang Huimei, who was singing in the bar.

he was instantly moved by Zhang Huimei's unique voice.

Zhang Yu was born on Zhang Huimei and seemed to see the shadow of his sister.

the two hit it off and hit it off.

Zhang Yusheng invited her to sing her new song "the one I love most hurts me the most".

this song opened up the popularity of Zhang Huimei.

, Zhang Yusheng made Sisters and Bad Boy for Zhang Huimei.

the release of two albums caused a huge sensation.

Zhang Huimei became an instant hit.

and the album "Bad Boy" has sold as many as 45 million copies, thus establishing Zhang Huimei's position as a music diva.

Zhang Huimei was only 25 years old that year.

from an unknown bar resident singer, she has become the most high-profile female singer in the music world.

all this cannot be done without the help of Zhang Yusheng.

when Zhang Huimei talks about it, she is full of gratitude:

"is my teacher, my good friend and my benefactor."

but Zhang Huimei didn't have time to repay Zhang Yusheng's kindness, and the accident came too soon.

1997 can be said to be Zhang Yusheng's busiest year.

after finishing Zhang Huimei's album, she began to promote her new album "duplicity" and wrote songs for musicals non-stop.

it is clear that everything is moving in a good direction.

but fate always jokes.

that day, Zhang Yusheng was rehearsing in the theater and was busy driving home after 11:00 at night. Unfortunately, there was a major car accident due to fatigue driving.

after fighting with death for 24 days, Zhang Yusheng left the world.

he is only 31 years old and is in his thirties.

Zhang Yusheng finally wrote his album "duplicity", which also says:

it's just that no one thought that we were all deceived by him.

in the twinkling of an eye, things have changed.

in 1998, duplicity won the Golden Melody Award for Best album.

it is a pity that he has been shortlisted five times and failed to win the prize. This time, his father walked on the podium on his behalf.

Father Zhang took the trophy and said, "I'm sorry today, but Yusheng can't come."

the audience suddenly burst into applause and choked with sobs.

Zhang Yusheng said that he admires Mozart most:

"he is the musician of God, and I have heard peace and happiness.

some people described it as a voice from heaven, and God asked him to bring the music from heaven to everyone, but God found that he passed on too much music and quickly took him away. U200d

I hope to put his music into my music. I hope my music can bring a new feeling and a sense of peace. "

little do you know that one word becomes an apology.

unexpectedly, his own fate is like Mozart.

after delivering too much music to us, he was taken away by God.

his life was legendary and brilliant, but he also came to a sad end.