At the classmate reunion, these three types of people are almost on call, but there are also three kinds of people who "please don't move" at all.
At the classmate reunion, these three types of people are almost on call, but there are also three kinds of people who "please don't move" at all.
Not bound by the world, not influenced by relationships, not bound by others.


recently, the class WeChat group, which has been silent for a long time, has come alive again, putting the classmate reunion on the agenda.

in just a few minutes, more than a hundred messages flashed by, some people lamented that time was like an arrow, some people looked forward to seeing each other again, and some people confided their regrets at that time.

it seems that students who have been away for many years dream of returning to their youth under a call, but is this really the case?

not exactly. After a brief greeting, the group chat fell silent again, and some people never even said a word.

if you think about it, you will find that our former classmates are no longer naked after the baptism of years, and we are no longer happy to get together.

among them, these three types of people are almost on call, but there are also three kinds of people, no matter how "please don't move" at all.

people on call

likes to be lively and social

Qifa said that the topic of one issue of the debate is: "do you want to participate in the alumni reunion if you live a normal life after graduation?"

debater Fu Seoul spoke on behalf of the square and said:

if your class has a gynecology and obstetrics director, a primary school head teacher and a middle school head teacher, you have to climb to the reunion.

it doesn't matter if you live a normal life, but cheer for the next generation.

at first glance, classmate reunions seem to be a good opportunity to socialize.

as a result, there are always people who like to be lively and on call. Where there is a gathering of people, there are their figures.

they can have a hot chat with anyone, know the current situation of this classmate and be familiar with the past of that classmate.

and the reason why they are keen on socializing is to accumulate some contacts so that their classmates can lend a helping hand when they have something to ask for in the future.

but the reality is very cruel, pushing cups and changing cups on the dinner table, everyone is called brothers and sisters.

but once you leave the table, the hustle and bustle fades away, and the so-called friendship will be quiet again, and no one belongs to the other.

the world of adults is no longer as good as emotional support on campus, but equal in strength.

how much help you can give to others, how much warmth others will give you back, otherwise it is just a fantasy.

thinking about old love, don't know how to refuse

some people regard the reunion as a social field, while others regard the reunion as a memory killing.

the feelings of former classmates are the best memories in my mind. As long as they ask for an invitation, they will certainly come as promised.

because of the old love, I can't bear to refuse.

but I don't know that when we get together again, the students are no longer ignorant and become smooth and sophisticated.

just like in the TV series "the Summer of Zhang Weiguo", Zhang Weiguo hummed a little song to attend the reunion. As a result, the students ignored him and only cared about pleasing the strong in their hearts.

because of Zhang Weiguo's ordinary work and logistics in the troupe, he was constantly ridiculed and belittled as an after-dinner joke.

after a party, instead of finding the warmth among his classmates, Zhang Weiguo felt the coolness of the world.

there is a good saying:

"the memory of the past is like a knife torturing those who care about the old love, and you still smile even though you are riddled with holes."

We often regard the memories of the past as treasures, but in the minds of others, those memories have been washed beyond recognition by time.

most of the time, you think that the human feelings of the world, most of them are accidents, human feelings are pitifully few.

not everyone is worth looking back, some people are destined to be passers-by and have nothing to do with your youth.

have a good life, love to show off

We often hear people say, "Today's reunion is a large-scale show of wealth."

I don't know when the party has changed. You want to catch up with others, but others just want to show off their wealth to you.

at the classmate reunion, the students who are doing well are usually the most active and active.

after all, a party is a good time to show yourself.

the partner shows off the sweetness of marriage, the income of showing off some achievements is considerable, even if some of them are too prominent, they will take the opportunity to show off their ring jewelry or designer bags.

but after the uproar, as ordinary as yesterday, everyone will eventually return to the deep sea of reality and be haunted by life.

Shakespeare said:

"Vanity is a boring and deceptive thing, and he who gets it may not have any merit, and he who loses it may not have any fault."

Vanity is the most useless, giving no comfort and no compensation.

living in your own world, living a dull little life, knowing that you are warm and cold, and crossing your own sorrows and joys are the true prosperity.

"Please don't move"

is sincere and hates masked pleasantries

someone on the Internet asked: "Why is it more and more awkward for students to get together?"

blogger Kevin Qi's answer is rather piercing:

"this man, who once beat you up, is smiling hypocritically.

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that man used to be your best friend, but he never looked at you at dinner, but toasted the man who was eight feet away from him.

it is said that he has just set up a company with a profit of tens of millions a year.

in the past, the class girl never paid any attention to you, but today she is very enthusiastic about you. You think she is nostalgic for her classmate. As a result, she asked you to help your child go to school. "


in the real party, the students greet each other with a smile on the surface, but they are indifferent on the inside, leaving only perfunctory politeness.

many people do not want to attend, just tired of masked pleasantries, do not want to force themselves, sayingWords that flatter each other; unwilling to pretend to be calm and cater to people who don't like them.

for people with sincere feelings, if a party doesn't make people really comfortable, it's okay not to go.

to allow others to flatter and spit lotus flowers, I just need to live frankly, sit at home, and be happy.

have a successful career and don't want to waste time

after graduating for many years, the students have gone to different tracks, such as fighting in business, suffering in the workplace, taking care of children at home, and all kinds of industries.

once studied and grew up in the same class, joys and sorrows are the same, but now living in different circles, each can understand each other's sufferings.

since I have nothing to say, I just don't see each other anymore.

people who really achieve something know exactly what they want and don't want to waste time on noisy parties.

Jobs also said: "your time is limited, so don't waste your time living in other people's lives."

people should learn to prioritize, work, study and rest, any of which is more important than gregariousness.

Destiny is a cycle. Life and career will blossom only if you use your limited energy to do important things.

focus on life and have a comfortable coterie

came across a sentence and liked it very much:

"I can't make the whole class like me, but I can chat with a few friends without any scruples."

when we are reading, we look forward to winning the love of the whole class, thinking that excitement is friendship.

in middle age, after seeing too many sinister hearts, I finally understand that there are not many friends.

after watching an interview, the reporter asked a man, "would you like to go to the classmate reunion?"

I feel the same way about this.

after studying for more than ten years, we will meet hundreds of classmates, but we have few real friends.

when you occasionally have free time, you might as well meet important people, do what you like, and focus on your own life and circle.

Life is not about being lively, just keep your heart warm; circles are not about size, just be comfortable.

three or five friends make tea around the stove and talk about life, which is the best cure of life.

there is a lyric in the song "half the Mountain, half the Sea":

"Life always goes through sorrows and joys, we always get together and break up, and the people who have been with us have gone far away."

people are doomed to drift away, and no matter how beautiful the past is, it will fade away in time.

do not blindly socialize with your obsession with youth, and talk about the joy you want again with those who are paranoid.

as Nobel laureate Neruda said: "when the beautiful leaves fall, the context of life can be seen."

even if there is a brief reunion, people will eventually return to mediocrity and continue to rise and fall in life.

instead of frittering away your edges and corners in the crowd, it is better to stay away from the noise and explore inner peace.

you still have to go on your own, and you still have to live by yourself. as long as you keep your enthusiasm in your heart, the rest of your life will bloom warmly.

, may you go through the vicissitudes of life to become what you want, and may you be more confident and magnanimous along the way.

is not bound by the world, is not influenced by relationships, and is not bound by others.

like a shining star, it revolves around itself, attracting what it can attract and away from what it should have been.