Any relationship will be destroyed by these three words.
Any relationship will be destroyed by these three words.
Those who will cherish others will be cherished and cared for by others.

the most regrettable thing in everyone's life is that the people around you don't really treat each other when they have it. After losing it, they realize how important Ta is to them.

but you can't go back in time, no matter how you regret it.

any relationship will be destroyed by these three words: "do not cherish".

Family affection cannot afford to be wasted and wasted

see such a moments:

yesterday, I looked up a record on my husband's mobile phone and came across a Wechat message that his mother sent to him a few years ago.

the message reads: "Today, I gave you my baby. Please take good care of her."

this message makes me feel very guilty. I always dislike my mother's outdated thinking, so I even get impatient to speak.

now I realized that my mother had always cared about me, but when I found out, it was too late and she had passed away.

I don't know when patience has gradually become a luxury, and we are more and more likely to feel impatient with people who are close to us.

it wasn't until we lost it that we realized that in this world, our loved ones always give us the deepest concern, and they are the ones who contain us the most.

in this life, we have only this fate with our loved ones, and we may not have the chance to meet again in the next life.

you might as well spend more time with your parents and family and listen attentively to their voices.

Don't let our affection be ruined by our lack of treasure.

Friendship cannot afford to be consumed for granted

when people get along with others, the people who are most easily overlooked are often the friends who pay a lot for us.

most of the time, we are used to the existence of friends and take it for granted that we accept the friendship given by friends, but forget that it also needs to be respected and cherished to maintain it.

as the saying goes:

"if someone helps you and is good to you, that's what people do to you, but if there's no one to help you, it's their duty to be kind to you."

in this world, apathy and alienation are the norm.

No one has the obligation to help us, and no one has the responsibility to be kind to us, so tenderness and companionship should be cherished.

therefore, when a person pays for us, we must also learn to be grateful and give back.

treat Ta well, don't let Ta feel that he is singing a monologue alone, let alone let friendship be ruined by ungratitude.

feelings can't stand hurt and perfunctory

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people all have feelings, and they are not afraid of being involved, but they are afraid of heartbreak.

if you don't cherish it enough, no matter how soft your heart is, you can't stand too much coldness and blow, and there's no room for too much pain.

if there is no sincerity, no matter how deep the fate will be, there will be a passing day.

in the end, if a person chooses to leave, it is not willing, but feels unworthy, and slowly becomes desperate under the accumulation of disappointment.

as a netizen left a message:

"I know that every relationship is hard to come by, so I don't mind being aggrieved. I just want to maintain it."

but such maintenance does not mean that there is no bottom line, no temper, no principles.

if some things go too far, there is no room for turning around, and when some feelings are exhausted, there is no need to retain them. "

indeed, any relationship, know how to cherish, deserve to have, only the heart, can be long-term.

when we are in love, we must treat our loved ones well, understand more, put those who love us in our hearts, and don't let love be destroyed.

the writer said:

"in this world, if you meet one person who is really nice to you, there will be one less." Don't lose someone who is kind to you; don't let down a heart that treats you sincerely. "

whether it is affection, friendship or love, it will be destroyed by not cherishing the three words, and every relationship needs to be managed attentively.

only those who know how to cherish deserve to be spoiled in the palm of their hands; those who cherish others will be cherished and cared for by others.