Angelababy posted photos to celebrate his birthday, and the person he loved for 9 years was finally exposed: sure enough, can't pretend anymore?
Angelababy posted photos to celebrate his birthday, and the person he loved for 9 years was finally exposed: sure enough, can't pretend anymore?
Pack the experience, Nirvana rebirth, Ni Ni is walking out of the "Ni Ni".

February 28th is Angelababy's 34th birthday.

she posted the birthday photo of the crew, and thank you.

my good friend Ni Ni also posted a beautiful photo on Weibo to celebrate her birthday, with the caption: "Happy birthday to my Baby, always lovely, and happy forever."

in fact, Ni Ni's birthday every year, baby will not be absent to send blessings, not once.

I have to say, the friendship between girls is so easy to eat!

they always support each other and strive for

their respective domains


No, Ni Ni, the red carpet killer who has been out of business for a long time, is bothering me again!

A frown and smile is like a spring breeze, like a fairy on earth.

for a long time, when Ni Ni was mentioned, everyone only remembered shooting the red carpet in the street, and only remembered her charm and beauty.

however, she is never said to be a powerful actress.

Ni Ni has always understood that actors have to rely on their works to gain a foothold. No matter how long the fashion circle goes round, without works, they will eventually be replaced.

it depends on luck to be popular for a moment, and it depends on strength to be popular all the time


but on the road to acting, she always seems to be a little less lucky.

when it comes to Ni Ni, I believe many people's first impressions of her come from the Thirteen Women of Jinling.

her debut is the pinnacle, and she is a high-profile "scheming girl".

wearing cheongsam, bright and flamboyant, from the screen to reality, praising beauty in the bone but not in the skin.

every frown and smile are amorous feelings, and the eyes of jade ink inadvertently raise their eyes, they all have a sense of story.

but few people know that Ni Ni never thought she would go the way of acting before that.

Ni Ni was born in Nanjing to ordinary parents.

she has been taken good care of by her parents since childhood, swimming and dancing. I've learned to count everything.

influenced by her family, she has a character and an independent mind, and also gives her self-confidence and confidence.

lived up to her parents' expectations. Ni Ni has been studying hard and her grades are good.

but she also rebelled and skipped class because she was playful.

fortunately, she has self-control and talent, and her teachers and parents can understand it easily.

but with some subjects, she struggled for the college entrance examination twice before she was admitted to Nanguang College of Communication University Of China


Nanjing Institute of Communication



studied broadcasting and hosting major, and became a national second-class swimmer.

every winter and summer vacation, she will go to an internship in an enterprise and live a nine-to-five life, and she is happy and at home.

Ni Ni never thought of becoming an actress before she met Zhang Yimou.

at that time, she was enjoying her college life, while Zhang Yimou was worrying about the hostess of "the Thirteen Women of Jinling." she searched for more than two years, but there was no news.

but fate is so wrong that it begins to turn quietly in a trance.

No one can think of it,


ordinary girl Ni Ni will be the hostess of Zhang Yimou's new film.

the crew of "the Thirteen Women of Jinling" happened to come to her school to choose actors.

Ni Ni's unique temperament made her stand out among many interviewees and was soon appreciated by Zhang Yimou.

talking about the first impression of Ni Ni, Zhang Yimou said:

"it's not so beautiful, but it can be remembered at a glance, and it's very kind."

for Ni Ni, having no contact with acting is a blank piece of paper.

in order to make her more suitable for her role, Zhang Yimou specially hired a professional teacher for them.

everything from walking, sitting and speaking to playing chess, calligraphy and painting has to be trained.

three years, and she looks like

put aside the past of "Ni Ni" and let yourself become a "jade ink" completely.

after the release of the Thirteen Women of Jinling, the successful performance of Yu Mo made countless people look at Ni Ni with new eyes.

was crowned "scheming Girl" halo, Ni Ni didn't know where she was, her acting career began to be magnificent.

after experiencing a peak, Ni Ni is in no hurry to climb again.

she is like a bird waiting to fly, combing her feathers, ready to go.

it is a pity that fortune will not be able to favor her forever.

"after jade ink, there is no more Ni Ni".

although Ni Ni also played some roles on and off, she didn't stir up any splash.

the weird actor Meow Meow in "I want to be good with you"

Cheng Tianshuang, a food writer in waiting for the Wind to come;

or the introverted and quiet fennel in "that year in a hurry".

it's not that Ni Ni doesn't work hard and doesn't act well.

only during this period, she seems to be in the same role over and over again, but she can no longer create works as distinct and irreplaceable as "Yu Mo".

even Ni Ni's performance during that period was often out of control and her acting skills were erratic.

in the Battle of the Bride, he lost his expression management and his acting skills were so grandiose that he could not bear to look directly at him.Thank you.

in the Legend of Wukong, it is obviously playful and straightforward, lively and lovely, but it exerts too much force, and its facial features fly over its head at random.

looking around, the audience knew that Ni Ni was beautiful and that her acting skills were not bad, but she could not name a second role except Yu Mo.

Feel perfectly fashionable in vintage inspired bridesmaid dress. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

not only does the audience sigh, Ni Ni herself is also aware of this dilemma.

at the 2019 Golden Rooster Awards, a reporter wanted to interview Ni Ni backstage, but she politely declined:

"I have no work and no courage. Leave the opportunity for interviews to the actors who bring their works."

the scenery from a high starting point is very beautiful, but it is also true that it is cold at the top.

one step into the sky is more like a fairy tale, falling into the halo is the normal state of human nature.

No matter how lucky you are, most of the time, you need to use your strength as your trump card.

in the interview, she generously admitted that she had been trapped. "the high starting point is actually very empty and empty."

A castle that is not made of stone has only its appearance, and the wind will blow away.

lost her identity as a "scheming girl", Ni Ni went from the top to the starting point step by step.

many people gradually quieted down in this kind of high opening and low walking, but Ni Ni did not.

she believes that as long as she settles down to act, she will have a chance to go further.

and she has always adhered to the dream of being an actress.

in bomb disposal expert 2, she is a police officer, Pang Ling, valiant, brave and resourceful, boxing to flesh.

in the Golden years, she is a bright and beautiful Zhu lock that captivates sentient beings.

every crying scene is very contagious, abstinent, heart-wrenching and touching the hearts of the audience.

even if he plays with the old actors, he doesn't show timidity, and a sneak peek can't hide the feelings of a young girl

, CP feels like a bomb


in the scene of giving birth to a baby alone, there are no ghosts crying or shouting, but they all feel pain across the screen.

Ni Ni proves with her strength that no matter what role she gives, she can perform perfectly.

if there is a fast and slow road in life, Ni Ni is driving in the slow lane, which may be a little clumsy and unsatisfactory.

with adult caution, but most importantly, she didn't stop exploring herself bravely.

donate meritorious service.

having been in the profession for 11 years, "actress Ni Ni" has finally been "seen" for a long time.

and outside the play, she was not reconciled to this, and began to work secretly to find more possibilities.

Ni Ni, who is standing at 30, slows down for the time being, joins Yaodong, and tastes the play for the first time.

A cheongsam stood gracefully on the stage, with Ni Ni playing two roles.

whether it is the writer Shu Tong or the dancer Anna, every look in the performance is very contagious, entering her environment and falling into her mood.

this step is a three-year tour.

in the entertainment industry, what I fear most is not ups and downs, but being replaced and forgotten.

at a glance, many stars will enter a period of admiration, constantly wandering and making choices.

but look at Ni Ni. She doesn't seem to be in this vanity fair.

for her, "star" is an identity, while "actor" is a profession.

she always spares no effort to finish the work.

when filming "1921", Ni Ni gave up the idea of wearing a wig and took the initiative to cut off her long hair in order to better fit her character.

No matter how many lines she shot that day, she would prepare them in advance and write off the script to match the scene at the scene.

even Andy Lau, who has always been dedicated, makes no secret of his appreciation of Ni Ni.

Ni Ni's attitude towards acting is without exception: "I'm serious about filming."

if she never takes this step, she may never know what she is suitable for and how to break through the bottleneck.

besides acting, she needs her own life more and is more willing to live her own life.

if you look at Ni Ni's Weibo, you will find that she "steals teachers to learn skills" with feelings and writes film reviews to share her happiness.

in the Life of yearning, the appearance of being full of vitality is completely "working hard and really being yourself".

in the face of the reporter's question, I think it is what to say, and the expression is full of sincerity.

Laojianghu, who has taken root and entertained for many years, knows the art of speaking too well.

smile: "be greedy, you can't get me anyway."

I don't know what blueprint there will be in the future, so I can only try not to regret myself.

after being busy day after day, she will also be trapped and smoothed out.

so Ni Ni pressed the pause button for herself to slow down the pace of life and explore her true self.

simplicity is not easy. This is Ni Ni's attitude towards life.

look at her street shots, naturally playful, make people feel very comfortable.

the smart and elegant feeling of a young girl, she is not a pussy either.

Life is like a play, a play is like life.

she climbed the peak, fell below the valley, was questioned, turned around, and finally reached the mature stage of life.

it seems that she has found the most suitable rhythm between the self of life and the self of acting.

pack the experience, Nirvana rebirth, Ni Ni is walking out of the "Ni Ni".

with a new attitude, continue to go on the road of love, to meet the rest of life.

now Ni Ni is 34 years old and has lived her true self.

, may you and I always have light in ordinary days,

always confident, always bright, blooming their own bright life.