Amazing "moments Law": when you are strong, you will have the most dignitaries.
Amazing "moments Law": when you are strong, you will have the most dignitaries.
When you are strong enough, dignitaries will meet you unexpectedly.



once read a sentence:

"if there are dignitaries at the moment, it may be luck; if there are always dignitaries, it must be strength.


in real life, many people complain about their bad luck and lack of support from dignitaries.

do not realize that the real fortune of dignitaries is not sought or won, but in exchange for strength.

the best feng shui in life is to constantly improve yourself.

when you come to the fore, opportunities and contacts you once sought will knock on the door.

when you become really strong, there will be more and more people who are willing to be you.

only if you have the potential can you meet Bole

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shared a story.

an energy company has recruited a group of higher vocational graduates, mainly engaged in underground work.

after entering the post, this group of new employees went to the head office to participate in pre-job training. The boss of the company attached great importance to talents and played guest lecturers every time.

he found that although the training content had nothing to do with the underground homework that the new employees were about to do, a young man named Yang Guang had been taking notes carefully.

after the training, Yang Guang's examination results were very excellent, which once again attracted the attention of the boss.

at that time, the head office was facing a key superior inspection, and the safety management department was understaffed, so the boss transferred Yang Guang.

A week later, the head office held a safety meeting, and Yang Guang was in charge of the service of the venue.

in the middle of the meeting, the boss took out a large pile of materials and a list and casually handed it to Yang Guang and asked him to give the information to the corresponding attendees.

as soon as he finished his explanation, the boss suddenly remembered that Yang Guang had only been here for two weeks from attending the training to being seconded to the Security Management Department, and senior leaders may not necessarily recognize it all.

but unexpectedly, after Yang Guang got the list, he did not panic at all. He not only sent the information to the attendees one by one, but also accurately addressed the positions of leaders.

the boss was impressed by Yang Guang: "people who have worked with him or made acquaintances in a short period of time have the potential of a leader."

before long, Yang Guang was officially transferred to the head office, his salary doubled, and was listed as a key training target by the boss.

around us, there are many people who lament their lack of talent.

in fact, life is never short of Bole, the key lies in whether you have the potential to be appreciated by Bole.

once read a sentence:

"those who are willing to give you a hand are precisely because they see your high hand.


when a person continues to accumulate strength and rise up, more and more people will pay attention to and promote him.

and the more talented, hardworking and enterprising people are, the more they understand that they are favored by Bole, not because they are lucky, but because they deserve it.

instead of taking a chance and pinning your hopes on others, it is better to explore inward and bow your head on your way.

one day you will find that you can always get help from important people at an important turning point in life.

if you have the strength, you can attract contacts

Charlie Munger said:

"the best way to get something is to make yourself deserve it.


A person can cross classes and join the circle of golden men, not by chance, but by inevitable strength.

in the year when Shen Congwen first began to write, almost all his contributions fell into thin air, and only occasionally "small tofu blocks" appeared in the newspaper.

there was no other source of income. Shen Congwen was so depressed that he had no money to eat and no money to buy winter clothes, so he had to write to the literati in Beijing for help, but no one responded to him except Yu Dafu.

over the next few years, Shen Congwen continued to polish his writing, and his works became more and more excellent, and the articles submitted to the Morning Post were appreciated by Xu Zhimo, the editor-in-chief.

Xu Zhimo not only published many articles of Shen Congwen, but also recommended him to give lectures in Chinese public schools, so that Shen Congwen had a stable income.

Hu Shi, the headmaster of Chinese public school at that time, recognized Shen Congwen's literary talent very much and hired him as an exception.

under the guidance of Hu Shi, Professor Shen Congwen's two courses are very popular among students, especially his unique literary insights and profound cultural heritage, which make him feel like a fish in water in the course of teaching.

A year later, Shen Congwen was chosen by Yang Zhensheng, a famous educator, and was hired as a lecturer at National Qingdao University, which really ended his embarrassing life.

Please stop ineffective socializing, there is a sentence in the book:


Do you want to buy the funky country girl homecoming dresses and show off your body? Spend time and consider this selection.

ability is 1, and networking is the next 0.


without strength, those occasional network resources are just names lying on the address book, which are good-looking but useless.

A person can only be outstanding enough to have the courage to match and attract other outstanding people.

as writer Ono wrote in his book "very simple Force":

"when you don't reach a higher level, connections are worthless. Only through equal exchange can you get reasonable help. It's cruel, but that's the truth."

Smart people all know that the relationship they seek is only temporary, and only when they become strong can they have stable and lasting connections.

valuable, only then can you help

the ancients said:

icing on the cake is often the icing on the cake, but it is hard to find charcoal in the snow.

be able to cross people in low placesMost of them know that pearls are covered with dust, and their awns especially remain, and they will shine again one day.

Wu Xinhong, founder of Meitu, has failed to start a business 32 times, but he knows technology, loves to study, and is appreciated by angel investor Cai Wensheng.

the two met on the forum, when they were both in the domain name business, and Wu Xinhong was good at technology, which helped Cai Wensheng a lot.

later, Wu Xinhong set up a dating website, which lasted for two years, but finally went bankrupt.

when he was confused and helpless, Cai Wensheng found Wu Xinhong and invited him to join his company.

in the eyes of others, Wu Xinhong is a loser, but Tsai Wen-sheng knows that Wu Xinhong's greatest value is his R & D ability.

with the support of Cai Wensheng, Wu Xinhong devoted herself to research and development. In two years, he has incubated more than 30 Internet products, although there is no popular style, but the profit is very high.

and then, with great encouragement, he developed Master PS-- Meitu, a "fool", according to the needs of young people.

in just 2 months, Meitu Master's users exceeded 20 million, opening up the market in one fell swoop.

Cai Wensheng was so overjoyed that he immediately separated the Meitu project from the company and funded Wu Xinhong to start Meitu.

Meitu successfully listed in Hong Kong at the end of 2016. Cai Wensheng said proudly: "apart from Tencent, Meitu is the largest Internet company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange."

on the way of life, what is more important than the false reputation of the floating world is the fulfillment inside; what is more useful than pushing the cup to change is the capital to travel north and south.

the so-called sending umbrellas in the rain and charcoal in the snow is never for no reason.

as written in the Road to Wealth and Freedom:

"other people are willing to help you because they have seen your value."

A person's highest ability is to be useful to others.

if you receive a millet, you can return the barn; if you get a shower, you will return it with a vast ocean.

such people, even if they are at a low ebb and feel sad, there will be people who will lend a hand in adversity and light a lamp in the dark.

Liu Zhenyun wrote in my name is Liu Yuejin:

"the honorable person does not come to you automatically with a smile, but for those who prepare in advance."

some people think it's hard to be strong, but it's not.

everyone who is in control of his own life is only doing the best of what others have tasted.

share two tips, hoping to enlighten you.

broaden the cognitive boundary

agrees with a sentence: "in this world, the most fundamental barrier between people is cognitive differences."

A life bound by cognition, no matter how hard-working and persistent, can only stand still.

know how to socialize, ask high people for advice, and walk with wise people, and your horizons will be broadened.

change your way of thinking, accept the things you don't understand, don't excel at, or don't like, and dare to explore outward in order to usher in a break.

only by learning to learn deeply, think from multiple angles, and take positive actions to try and make mistakes, can the increment of knowledge be realized.

Cognitive boundary is the real bottleneck of a person. But here is the end of the world; if there is a breakthrough, there will be a different hole in life.

Deep ploughing professional fields

in this era of belief in strength, proficiency is the trump card to deal with change.

even if you dabble in a field of only one square meter, you should push your professional depth to 10,000 meters.

if you are a secretary, you might as well cultivate your writing ability.

if you are a white-collar worker, you can try to make the snowball of ability bigger and bigger in thinking and innovation;

if you are a teacher, you might as well educate yourself before educating others, broaden your knowledge reserve, enrich your life experience, and make every class full of practical information and interesting.

to cultivate oneself deeply is not to repeat inefficiently for 10,000 hours, but to pursue the ultimate like a craftsman.

take root down and grow up, and one day you will find that the growing canopy is enough to keep you standing in the wind and rain.

Li Yannian once said:

"if a person wants to succeed, he needs three points of talent, six points of hard work, and one point of noble support.


when you refuse mediocrity, widen the road and become a rising "potential stock", you will find Bole everywhere around you;

when you are superior in ability and become an independent "powerhouse", your contacts will also unwittingly improve several levels;

when you precipitate your own value and become the "talent of the unicorn" in the eyes of others, you will meet dignitaries even if you are at a dead end.

there is a long way to go. May you take every step, transform quietly in silence, and bloom vividly after the wind and rain.

when you are strong enough, dignitaries will meet you unexpectedly.

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