All you meet is meet yourself.
All you meet is meet yourself.
Only by being the best of yourself can you meet the best of everything.


everyone is here because of you

We often say that fate is wonderful.

what kind of force is pulling the encounter between people in the vast sea of people and the vast world?

"Xiang Taran" says:

"sooner or later, fate will make us meet someone, one by one, so that we know who we can be and who we shouldn't be."

it seems that fate is always unpredictable, but in fact, everything can be followed.

people all have their own magnetic field, which is determined by your character, cognition, ideas and other factors.

the magnetic field cannot be seen or touched, but it exchanges energy information with the outside world all the time.

is like a spiritual business card that shows your unique characteristics and attracts people and things of the same quality and energy for you.

so, the people you meet are attracted by you.

who you are, decide who you will meet.

those who bully you come because of your weakness, and those who despise you come because of your humility.

those who help you come because of your character; those who appreciate you come because of your self-confidence.

in this life, people do not meet for no reason, nor do they appear meaninglessly.

No matter what happens to good or bad, everyone comes to you because of cause and effect.

as the old saying goes:

"No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. It is no accident that he will teach you something



if someone always brings you disappointment and heartbreak, you know, it is precisely because fate needs to make you grow up and teach you to be strong in this way.

every relationship is a mirror for you

harmonious interpersonal relationships, to a large extent, affect our happiness in life.

however, most of the troubles in life also come from relationships.

it seems that we are often caught in a paradox:

the closer you get to a person, the easier it is to be estranged; the more you care about someone, the more likely you are to be hurt.

Why is this happening?

is that the problems you see in the relationship are the projection of your own internal problems.

when you are emotionally unstable, you will feel that others make you angry everywhere; if you are fussy, you will feel that others are stingy everywhere.

similarly, birds of a feather flock together.

the friends you associate with don't strive for progress, which means you won't have any goals to pursue.

other people are always annoying to you, which means that you are not welcome with others.

our relationship with anyone is a mirror of each other, reflecting each other.

Eagles do not fly with finches, tigers and leopards do not go with sheep and deer.

most of the time, there is no need to say where your level is, just look at the people around you.

philosopher Krishnamurti wrote:

"there is a mirror in which you can see who you are, everything in your heart, all your feelings, motivations, hobbies, impulses and fears. This mirror is the mirror of relationship. "

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the social relations of adults are all tailored by themselves.

your relationship with anyone begins with what you get along with yourself.

when you often complain that others are not good, it is often because you are not good enough.

on the contrary, if you have a larger pattern and a higher realm, you will naturally like everyone and treat everyone.

all you meet is to meet yourself

like this paragraph very much:

"someone likes you, that is, he sees his favorite characteristics in you, belongs to his love, actually has nothing to do with you, face it calmly, and be yourself;

someone hates you, it is him on you, projecting himself that he rejects, belongs to his dislike, in fact, it has nothing to do with you, face it calmly, and be yourself. "

all encounters in the world are, in the final analysis, a journey to meet themselves.

all the external world is nothing but a reflection of one's own life.

when we understand this truth, I believe that we will be able to look at everyone and every relationship in our lives with a more peaceful and calm heart.

some people show up just to teach you a lesson, and then turn around and leave.

if the values are different, they are doomed to be unable to merge; if the frequency is different, they are doomed to be unable to go together.

mature life is to get used to anyone's drifting away, but also to look down on anyone's leaving without saying goodbye.

come, rejoice, let go, cherish, do not retain.

it is better to change yourself than to complain about others.

all kinds of life, each has its own cause and effect.

No matter what kind of experience we have, all we have to do is to grow up and repair our hearts.

if you are sincere, someone will share weal and woe with you; if you are a handsome bird, you will have a Phoenix flying side by side with you.

make yourself better, and what you attract will be what you expect.

Walden says:

"your heart determines who you want in your life, and your actions determine who stays in the end."

things come because of you, people come because of you.

, be the best from yourselfOneself, can meet with the best of everything.