After sitting in the front row of the Spring Festival Gala for 20 years, what on earth did she come from?
After sitting in the front row of the Spring Festival Gala for 20 years, what on earth did she come from?
Only by following your heart and learning to love yourself can you deserve to be loved by the whole world.

did everyone watch this year's Spring Festival Gala?













too familiar and cordial, I suddenly look back and find that the Spring Festival Gala has been with us for so long.

those familiar names have become our code.

A generation has the memory of a generation. Flowers are similar year after year, but people are different from year to year.

but there is such a lady who has been invited to sit in the front row of the Spring Festival Gala for 20 years in a row.

every shot in the audience will give her a close-up, and she will always smile, always "Tong Hua Tou" exquisite and neat, always dressed in avant-garde fashion.

so, who is this lady? What is her origin, can she get the love of the Spring Festival Gala for 20 years?

she is Kan Yuesai.

when it comes to the name Kan Yuesai, many people may be a bit strange.

but when it comes to "Yuxi" cosmetics, many people should be familiar with it.

Yes, she is the founder of this brand.

but for decades, Kan Yuesai's label has been much more than that.

her life can be described as "legend".

Kan Yuesai is from Guilin. His father, Jin Yongnian, is a famous painter and one of the representatives of Lingnan painting School.

because he was born in Guangxi and wanted his daughter to have a pair of free wings, her father gave her a poetic name-Yuxi.

under the influence of the family atmosphere, Kan Yuesai showed her talent in art from an early age.

No matter what she wants to learn, her parents are devoted to training and encourage her to do her best.

she wants to learn the piano, so they hire the best teacher to teach her. It doesn't matter if she spends a lot of money.

even when Kan Yuesai was three years old, the whole family moved to Hong Kong just to make their daughter feel more artistic.

with the support of his parents, Kan Yuesai has always been independent and knows exactly what he wants.

at the age of 16, Kan Yuesai made a surprising decision to study abroad.

parents were surprised by such a decision. At that time, many people did not even go to the province, let alone go abroad.

moreover, Kan Yuesai was still a "child" at that time, and worries haunted his parents all the time.

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but for her, her always enlightened parents sold the house, raised money and supported her decision.

when he came to a foreign country alone, Kan Yuesai began his life of studying abroad, majoring in piano.

studying abroad is not easy. In order to ease the financial burden on her family, she will use her spare time to work to earn money.

of course, under the influence of Western culture, she also participated in the beauty pageant.

influenced by art for a long time, Kan Yuesai stood out gracefully and easily won the crown of "Chinese Narcissus Princess".

this is her first contact with beauty pageant and make-up, and it seems that she has formed an inextricable bond with "beauty".

the campus life abroad has made her see a whole new side of the world.

is about to graduate and his artistic attainments are not outstanding, which makes Kan Yuesai hesitant about his choice for the future.

at this moment, she remembered what her father had said:

"never be the second man to land on the moon, because people only remember the first, no one remembers the second."

Why do it when you can't be the best?

therefore, she resolutely decided to give up the road of art.

unexpectedly, this decision affected her all her life.

just graduated, Kan Yuesai went to New York with his sister with only $150 left in his pocket.

with expectation, Kan Yuesai firmly believes that he can break out of his own world in a bustling city.

she can't get what she wants, but she can't counterbalance her lack of experience in business.

there is little business, high consumption and high rent make her living beyond her means, and she often needs to borrow money to make ends meet.

when you persist in going through all the cold days, you are bound to usher in the warm spring flowers.

soon, with the momentum of not admitting defeat, Kan Yuesai's career ushered in a turnaround, but also reaped the first bucket of gold in life.

it was this time of working alone that made her more tenacious and opened a tortuous life.

once, invited by a friend, Kan Yuesai went to a show to help host.

unexpectedly, this help made her find that she enjoyed the work of the host.

also came up with a bold idea to start a small "TV production company".

for her, who has no background and no resources, it is a pipe dream.

but she doesn't believe in this evil. Whose dream is not to carry a heavy load?

do it when you think about it.

after spending so many years abroad, Kan Yuesai found that Westerners know little about the distant East, and their impressions remain a long time ago, and there are even prejudices and mistakes.Cognition.

therefore, she is eager to let the world understand Chinese culture.

I want to do a program that shows the charm of China and build a bridge between China and the West.

in this way, "look at the East" arises at the historic moment. In the program, she holds a microphone and talks eloquently, unveiling the mystery of China to the world.

in order to produce this program, Kan Yuesai works more than ten hours a day, planning, filming, choreographing and directing. No one does it himself.

without sponsorship or advertising, she took it out of her own pocket and blocked all her wealth.

she will not flinch even if she does not know that the future is full of unknowns.

fortunately, the emperor lived up to his heart. "see the East" set off a whirlwind when it was broadcast, and many people will still stay in front of the TV.

the program has been done for 12 years and has been broadcast by more than 1200 television stations, which shows everyone's love for this program.

with the popularity of "looking at the East", Kan Yuesai became a household name and became more and more famous.

I want to do a cultural exchange through Kan Yuesai to show the face of the world to the Chinese people.

and Kan Yuesai also chose to rise to the challenge and was duty-bound.

"I will do whatever China needs, no matter which aspect."

for nearly two and a half years, she has been either working or on the road.

it is common for Kan Yuesai to be reluctant to eat and not to sleep.

although there are many difficulties, the efforts will be rewarded, and finally the premiere of the program will come.

every weekend, hundreds of millions of viewers follow in Kan Yuesai's footsteps to explore the world and visit 25 countries.

"all over the World" is one of the earliest programs run by CCTV, which opens the eyes of domestic viewers to see the world and appreciate the colorful and different cultural charm of the world.

viewers also remembered Kan Yuesai's name through the program, as well as the classic "Hello everyone, I'm Kan Yuesai".

from then on, the host opened Yusai's horizons and slowly unfolded her legendary picture of life.

maybe she inherited her mother's business mind, and she slowly found a business opportunity.

is often exposed to the camera, and she is often annoyed that she can't find cosmetics suitable for Asians.

when recording "looking at the East", she saw that almost all domestic women were plain-faced, dressed simply, and few of them could wear makeup.

she was thinking:

"Why not design a special Asian makeup?

Why not bring beauty to them? Why not teach them? "

so she devoted herself to setting up her own cosmetics brand.

from the first lipstick, "Yuxi" quickly became popular all over the country.

Kan Yuesai did his best to open the door to the pursuit of beauty for domestic women, but also let more people have the courage to try and release their charm.

even the New York Times praised her as "the queen of Chinese cosmetics".

the busy Kan Yuesai will never get tired and keep moving towards his dreams.

she also puts all her enthusiasm on the things she loves and tries her best to make her dreams come true.

in Kan Yuesai, you can always see different labels, and each one is unique to her.

in recognition of her outstanding contributions to Chinese and Western cultures, a set of commemorative stamps was issued for her.

she once created a doll image belonging to China-Yuxi doll.

it is the world's first Asian doll with black hair and black eyes.

she is also particularly concerned about education and public welfare, setting up the Kan Yuesai Education Foundation at Peking University to provide scholarships for top female college entrance exams.

in my hometown of Guangxi, a number of Hope Primary Schools have been set up to contribute to education.

looking back on her life, you will find that Kan Yuesai was never afraid of challenges and never allowed herself to hide in her comfort zone.

she used the ever-changing situation to tell us--

the road of life will only get wider and wider, and the scenery along the way is naturally beautiful.

as said in the TV series Thirty:

"the only way not to worry about the future is to take the road ahead longer."

those who are not trapped in the label jump out of the secular thorns, break free from the shackles, and walk all the way to the wind and tenacity.

in career, Kan Yuesai is calm and smooth;

but when it comes to relationships, her experience is not so smooth.

because she leaves too little time for her family.

although there is no shortage of suitors around, but when most of them see the busy Kan Yuesai, they always think: you are so busy, how can you have time to accompany me?

it was not until the appearance of Mammins that Kan Yuesai, who was preoccupied with his work, made ripples in his heart.

in her hardest times, Mummings would say:

"you are so busy every day, can you let me share some of it for you?"

it was this coincidental tenderness that soon threw Kan Yuesai into the arms that understood her and loved her.

at the beginning of the marriage, Kan Yuesai made it clear that he would not give up his career because of his family.

at first, Mummings didn't care.He is also a businessman and understands Kan Yuesai's career ambition.

but after a few years, Kan Yuesai's career was booming and was flying to China every month.

after a long period of separation, the relationship between the two places gradually changed. Mammins had a "girlfriend" and the two divorced as a result.

there are people around you who don't understand why Kan Yuesai doesn't feel at ease to be a rich wife, or her marriage will not fail.

the road of life, no matter how you choose, can only be decided by yourself.

for joy only, nothing else.

that's why so many people envy her.

Today, Kan Yuesai is 77 years old, still unmarried and childless.

she still shows up at the ball wearing lipstick and high heels.

always keep an upward attitude, walk all the way with a free and easy attitude, wanton and simple, and strive to live the way she wants.

in Kan Yuesai, we see a radiant multifaceted life.

Age is never a label, let alone a limit.

is not bound by the eyes of others, not easily defined by others, according to their own pace, keep walking through every day.

only by following your heart and learning to love yourself can you deserve to be loved by the whole world.

, have a soul, have roots, interesting, may you and I all live a beautiful and reserved life and have a dazzling and brilliant life.