After middle age, running and not running lead a different life.
After middle age, running and not running lead a different life.
Life lies in exercise, running lies in persistence.


earlier, host Li Zimeng shared a video of her running experience and won a lot of praise from netizens.

she said that she used to be in poor physical fitness and that she was always at the bottom of her class when she ran 800 meters at school.

after she reached the age of forty, she began to run for many years.

run five kilometers at a time three or four days a week. After a period of time, you will benefit a lot.

not only has he lost more than ten jin, his skin has become better, but even the state of his work has changed.

A long press release of more than ten minutes can be read with a stable breath, sonorous and forceful, and more confident.

the philosopher Socrates said:

"the health of the body is destroyed by being still and maintained for a long time by exercise."

good habits benefit for life, while bad habits suffer.

after middle age, runners and non-runners lead different lives.

running is the magic weapon of health

Health is a hurdle that many people must cross when they reach middle age.

if you want to get sick less, you should exercise more at all times.

Bai Yansong has a deeper understanding of this.

he shared such an experience in his book "saying for nothing".

there was a time when he felt that his blood pressure was a little high and often felt dizzy.

especially after work, I am even more exhausted.

upon examination in the hospital, the blood pressure has reached a critical point.

the doctor said that this situation needs to be controlled by taking medicine.

he asked the doctor if he wanted to keep eating.

after getting an affirmative answer, he thought for a few seconds and said:

"give me two months first, and I'll adjust it myself. If not, I'll take the medicine again."

after returning home, he adjusted his lifestyle, walked fast for an hour every night, and later developed into running.

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after a period of time, and then go to the physical examination, not only the blood pressure has been controlled, the body indicators are also changing for the better.

from then on, he stuck to the habit of running.

run 18-19 days a month, six or seven kilometers at a time.

now in his 50s, he is not greasy at all. Instead, he is thin, healthy and energetic.

corresponds to the famous saying of ancient Greece:

if you want to be strong, run! If you want to keep fit, run! If you want to be smart, run! "

to manage health is to manage life.

running is the best investment for middle-aged people. When you start to love running, your health will fall in love with you.

practice has proved that scientific and moderate running can make people full of energy and enhance immunity.

machines don't rust, people don't exercise and get sick.

Health is the source of all happiness, which is better understood by runners.

running is the cure for worries

there is a topic discussion on the Internet: "what sport do you persist in for the longest time?"

A netizen's answer resonates with many people:

"I keep running to get rid of anxiety and worry about gain and loss.

exercise can not solve the specific troubles in my life, but it can make me look at problems and life more calmly. "

entering middle age, the double pressure of life and work inevitably makes people feel depressed easily.

Let the tired brain stop thinking temporarily, clear out all troubles, and erase unnecessary entanglements.

enjoy your time alone and talk to yourself.

in the alternation of actions, slowly treat your own injuries.

after a big sweat, leave your troubles on the horizon.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun once mentioned in a speech:

in the early days of starting a business, I was under a lot of pressure and I was very anxious.

faced with this state, he found the easiest way to change it: running.

run five kilometers at a time, run to no one's place, and shout to the sky, "I'm the best!"

was called out, and the repressed emotions were released.

after running, he came back to life full of blood and began to fight monsters and upgrade in the thorns of life.

Lei Jun said:

"exercise makes me feel calm and warm again, and with each step forward, love and courage increase."

create a free scene for yourself on the way to running.

change the scene, also change the mood.

when you jog to the music and move forward with the rhythm of the music, it's like everything in life is full of hope.

some people say:

"running produces dopamine second only to love, three kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of discomfort, five kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of magnanimity and kindness."

running makes people more self-disciplined

the more self-discipline people are, the freer they are. How to form the good habit of self-discipline?

you can start by doing something well and sticking to it for a long time.

for example, running is the best way to exercise self-discipline.

the running career of the famous writer Liu Zhenyun began at the age of 15.

until now, I have been getting up and running at 06:30 every day for decades.Walk for an hour to awaken the sleeping body.

then start a day of writing and reading, with a very regular schedule.

during the run, he had a real feeling:

"when you run into pain, collapse, and want to give up, hold on a little longer, and success often occurs at such a turning point."

when Liu Zhenyun persisted in running, he gained not only full spirit, but also a steady stream of motivation for life and creation, which finally made him who he is today.

running is a process from laziness to diligence.

many long-term runners have the feeling that their habits are quietly changing and their previous laziness is gone.

work more endurance and work efficiency.

this is the best feedback that self-discipline life gives to runners.

running is not only a watershed between health and fitness, but also a big difference in life and mentality.

after middle age, runners and non-runners can't see the difference for a day or two.

but a year or two later, the gap is a world of difference.

only those who know self-discipline can straighten out the life of chicken feathers in an orderly way.

say goodbye to laziness and procrastination, easily control the direction of your life, and become what you like.

running is the best way to keep fit

Haruki Murakami said:

"I am not a great runner, but at a very ordinary level, but this problem is not important at all."

I surpassed myself yesterday, and even a little bit is more important. "

running is like reading. There may be no obvious return in a short period of time, but as long as you stick to it, the reward will be huge.

however, how to run scientifically is also a subject.

everything goes too far, and it is often counterproductive to master the correct knowledge of running.

the five running points shared by People's Daily are recommended to you:

choose suitable running shoes and venues

if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen its tools.

before you start running, it is necessary to choose a pair of running shoes with flexible materials and moderate soles.

only when you run comfortably, can you persist for a longer time and fall in love with running.

the venue should also be a softer, elastic plastic runway.

can not only protect the knee joint, but also protect yourself in case of accidental fall.

warm up before running and stretch after running

exercise and fitness, you should also pay attention to safety, and do not use brute force.

warm up before running, do some simple movements such as arm stretching and squatting for 12 to 15 minutes.

physical activity is open, so that you can better enter the state of exercise.

stretch after running, walk slowly, take a deep breath, let the muscles relax slowly, and give the body a buffer time.

set your own running frequency

the ancients said that those who achieve great things are in no hurry.

it's the same with running. Don't be hasty. It takes a step-by-step process.

otherwise, the loss outweighs the gain if the body does not exercise, but adds an injury.

there are 12 words of motto in running circle: from slow to fast, short to long, a little adds up.

generally, exercise for 2.5 hours a week, half an hour at a time, can achieve the effect of exercise.

exercise is not overnight, but long-term persistence.

master the correct running posture

method is used correctly, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

when running, the eyes naturally look ahead, do not bow their heads, and do not look around.

lean forward slightly so that your center of gravity is between your feet;

the heel hits the ground first, do not shake the body;

keep your arms as close to the torso as possible and don't swing too much.

grasp the correct posture to avoid running injury.

reasonably plan running time and cycle

different time periods have different effects, advantages and disadvantages.

Morning run can energize the day, but don't be too early. Don't eat breakfast before morning run.

running in the afternoon can make the body fully warm up, but it is easy to affect digestion. Don't exercise an hour and a half before meals.

running at night is the best way to lose weight, but choose places with many people and plenty of light.

it is best to go in company and pay attention to your own safety.

exercise 4 days a week, rest 3 days, and exercise every other day.

Life is orderly and health is guaranteed.

Life lies in exercise, running lies in persistence.

stepping into middle age and the half slope of life, it is more necessary to strengthen physical exercise.

open your legs, remove the shackles of life, wave your arms and feel the vitality of life.

A run to solve a thousand worries, troubles are forgotten, in running to find the lost smile, the rhythm of life.

there are many other benefits of running. As long as you run, you will understand.

do you have an exercise schedule today?

Don't say "I'll be sure next time". Get moving, and every day is full of vitality and hope.

, may what you encounter on the way of running is scenery, what you get is joy, and the more you run, the healthier you get.