After living in seclusion in Japan, 61-year-old Tony Leung's zero social life was exposed: I'm sorry, I'm addicted to loneliness.
After living in seclusion in Japan, 61-year-old Tony Leung's zero social life was exposed: I'm sorry, I'm addicted to loneliness.
To be a happy ordinary person is the greatest luxury and honesty.

in the bustling entertainment circle, there are many kinds of stars.

the most common thing is to chase traffic, fame and fortune; alternatively, to regard the "star" as a job, life is no different from ordinary people.

and only Tony Leung, in my opinion, is a negative extreme.

extreme loneliness, even loneliness.

in theory, the identity of a star should be often exposed in front of the public, and then introverts can be calm in front of the crowd after long-term exercise.

but Tony Leung, who has made his debut for 40 years, is still not good at words, few words, and no social interaction.

I can't find a second star who is so afraid of the crowd.

recently, Tony Leung shot a short documentary film, which rarely exposed his real life in Japan.

he also responded to "social fear" for the first time:

"I just don't want to talk to anyone. I've been like this since I was a kid. It hasn't changed. I enjoy being alone."

61-year-old Tony Leung admitted that he had lived in Japan for a long time and had been there for nearly 30 years.

at first, I liked skiing when I was young, so I came to stay for a while every year.

now that we have more time, we just stay and settle in Japan.

because, abroad, people who don't watch movies don't know who he is at all.

he felt incomparably relaxed.

even after staying in Japan for such a long time, he can't speak a word of Japanese.

because he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

he prefers a quiet life to socializing with others.

A person is drinking a cup of coffee by the window, watching the train pass by, eating alone, climbing and surfing alone.

the interviewer asked him, wouldn't it be boring to do the same thing every day?

he replied with a smile:

"I think every day is different. Surfing every day, but the waves are different every day, my mentality is also different every day, the weather is also different, how can it be the same? "

what is even more outrageous is that Tony Leung often goes to Japan without Carina Lau.

Carina Lau usually lives in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and the two are sometimes separated for months.

the two get together less and leave more, and the occasional meeting is mostly when Carina Lau flies to Japan.

it is inevitable that such marital status will not allow outsiders to guess.

but for Tony Leung himself, this is actually just his own state of life and has nothing to do with others.

when life is halfway up the mountain, it is difficult for the noise of the outside world to really affect him.

as Jiang Xun said: loneliness is the perfect beginning of life.

only when people learn to get along with themselves can they get along with the world.

such as lonely character, maybe it has something to do with his childhood experience.

when he was seven years old, his parents divorced, and then his father left.

Tony Leung, who used to be as naughty as other children, gradually became reticent.

he has done a lot of work, working as a newsboy, an accountant, a handyman, and selling clothing and household appliances.

an introverted young man, in that utilitarian society, saw the warmth of human feelings even more, and buried his heart more.

later, a friend named Zhou Xingchi "encouraged" him to apply for the Hong Kong Wireless training course.

he passed the examination, but his friend failed.

and perhaps it is the sensitive character he developed from an early age that gave him the talent to become an actor.

I always say that Tony Leung is very lucky.

because, for people like him who are "sociophobic" or even "avoid the world", if there is nothing to immerse him in, he will be very miserable in reality.

for him, acting is the thing that completely immerses him.

as he himself said in the interview:

"only by hiding behind the character will others not focus on themselves."

found his home in acting, and Tony Leung unleashed all his talents.

everyone knows what happened later.

he is becoming more and more popular, winning numerous awards and creating numerous classic characters.

in the True Story of punk, he made his final debut.

sharpen your nails, wear a suit, put the change in your pocket, comb your hair, look at your watch, turn off the lights and leave.

without a single line, it seems that it has nothing to do with the plot, but it has made a classic film history.

Twenty years later, the rooftop duel in Infernal Affairs is still a famous scene that everyone likes to talk about.

in Lust and caution, when Mr. Yi put pigeon eggs on Wang Jiazhi, Tony Leung's eyes first showed tenderness and doting.

then Wang Jiazhi said, "Let's go." Mr. Yi's eyes suddenly changed from his remaining doting to that treacherous, cunning, paranoid expression.

and all this is done in a few tenths of a second.

he has won three Golden Horse Awards and five Golden Horse Awards, and is one of the only two Cannes actors in China so far.

Director Ang Lee praised him:

"he is a director's dream, your dream.The actor is what he wants to be. "

that's the highest praise an actor can get.

after decades of ups and downs in the entertainment industry, Tony Leung has gained enough fame and status.

but he still hasn't learned such words as "EQ" and "pattern". He is still quiet and introverted, as simple as a blank piece of paper.

"afraid of being noticed by the crowd, I feel like an animal in a zoo; standing on stage is always awkward, always at a loss, and I don't know what to do."

even in private life, he seldom socializes.

Huang Rihua, who is also the "wireless five tigers" of TVB, once said:

"after work, several of us often ask out to play together. But Tony Leung was such a wet blanket that he hardly attended. "

Brother Zhang Guorong is a "social bull" who can blend in with everyone except Tony Leung.

"Tony Leung Chao-wai has a strange personality. He is a very difficult person to get in touch with, and he is not very able to communicate."

turn to his Weibo and follow 5 people, the most recent of which is about individuals, on August 6, 2018.

the rest are all commercial retweets, and it is estimated that the staff also sent them for him.

in 2019, at GQ Vanity Fair, all the stars appeared tit-for-tat in order to grab the finale, and no one was convinced.

however, the organizers said, "do you want to compete with Tony Leung for the finale?", no one dared to argue.

but this is the C position that everyone wants to fight for, but Tony Leung doesn't care at all.

he only attended for a short while, and before the dinner was over, he went back to the hotel to have a rest.

even at the age of 61, he is still nervous in the face of the interview.

in a recent interview, the camera caught rubbing his fingers nervously and not knowing how to put his feet.

he is never a good export person.

but at the same time, it also means that he is a man with a rich heart.

he once said:

"I don't like to appear in a crowded crowd. Most of the time, I would rather two people go to sea, or go to the bookstore to buy a book to read home, a person thinking about things, sports, this kind of life I am used to.

so the games I like are always suitable for a small number of people. Football and volleyball must not be suitable for me. "

he likes Shen Congwen and reads all his books;

he likes Haruki Murakami and can even recite a large passage of the Norwegian Forest;

he liked Lawrence Bullock, a writer of detective stories, and went to the United States to chat with him all day.

he enjoyed sailing for filming and practiced hard for a long time to participate in the sailing race in Victoria Harbour, but unexpectedly won the runner-up.

he had a drink and chat with Zhang Zhen, trying to express his views on the dialogue in which he filmed "Evil in the East and the West" ten years ago for three minutes, which startled Zhang Zhen secretly.

but a person can do a lot of things, and he can do his best.

Jia Pingwa wrote in "walking freely":

"walking alone is a seclusion of the soul, and the real free and easy comes from inner peace."

only when you enjoy the silence of being alone can you gain insight into your heart.

Liang Chaowei, who has a sense of alienation in this world, is a strange hermit who is independent of the world and a lonely lover.

it is difficult for a lonely patient like him to find a soul mate.

Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau were once the least favored couple in Hong Kong's entertainment industry.

in terms of acting career, she is not as good as Maggie Cheung;

in terms of appearance, Wang Zuxian seems to be better;

when it comes to family, Carina Lau comes from a humble background.

but for one thing, no one can compare with Carina Lau.

"Jialing is my exorcist. When I heard her laugh and heard her talking to me, I knew I had returned to reality."

Tony Leung is introverted, sensitive, dreary and quiet, while Carina Lau, who is extroverted, mature and lively, will take him to face the world.

We can see it in countless details.

every time he comes out, Tony Leung is like a social terrorist, eager to finish the task as soon as possible.

and Carina Lau will hold his hand tightly and be his pioneer.

some netizens also commented: Carina Lau with Tony Leung is very much like the mother and son who visited various relatives during the Spring Festival.

at home, Tony Leung is also a shopkeeper and does not eat human smoke and fire.

even when the house was being decorated, he "ran away from home" with a suitcase without explaining a word.

Carina Lau did not complain at all and took good care of everything at home in an orderly manner.

it is precisely because of Carina Lau that Tony Leung can get rid of countless earthly troubles and concentrate on his own world.

because of Carina Lau, he can feel the flavor of life and the fireworks of the world while being himself.

Carina Lau has said in more than one interview that in this world, it is difficult to find a person who knows himself like Tony Leung, and he allows her to be himself.

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debutFor 40 years, Tony Leung, who has been "60 ears", no longer cares about the eyes of others after decades of ups and downs.

now he just wants to live in his own small world and live and act in his own comfortable way.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

to be a happy ordinary person is the greatest luxury and honesty.

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