After being "banned" for five years, she went back to the Spring Festival Gala. Netizens: I'm glad I didn't scold her.
After being "banned" for five years, she went back to the Spring Festival Gala. Netizens: I'm glad I didn't scold her.
Magnificent Goji, reborn by virtue of Nirvana.

somehow, last year, the major platforms tacitly set off a wave of childhood memories.

Wang Xinling's song "Love you", the wrong variety effect of the 0713 re-employment men's group, and so on, made last year a "red first year."

but what I want to say is Zhan Wenting's road to success.

she took part in the second joint row of this year's Spring Festival Gala, but it was a pity that she was cut in the end.

when it comes to the name Zhan Wenting, in fact, many people are not familiar with it, or even find no such person.

you may know her another identity: the former lead singer of the Feier Orchestra.

but it only seems to exist in the early memories.

and accompanied by withdrawal from the League, litigation bickering in a variety of battle.

reason: she should!

in a variety show, the program group once showed her an interview clip.

is to interview passers-by at random and ask them if they know Zhan Wenting.

many people say they have never heard of the name.

but when it comes to the Feier Orchestra, it is clear that it is her.

is piercing, but it is.

for a time she even walked frequently and stood on the little red stage singing to cheer her up.

when everyone sighed that the lead singer of the Heavenly Group had fallen so far in the past.

she is back in sight with her album.

and was shortlisted for the 33rd Golden Melody Awards, winning 4 nominations.

Best female Chinese singer award,

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Best single producer, Best Chinese album, album of the year.

what's worth mentioning is the name of this album, which is unique, right?

but it actually comes from her real name. 👇

"Zhan" is eloquent;

"Wen" is a patterned cloud;

"Ting" is a graceful dance gesture.

she really wants people to remember her name, not the former lead singer of the Feier Orchestra, not a lawsuit-ridden actress.

that is, Zhan Wenting!

so he emphasized his name twice on the album.

this obsession can be seen in 2019.

when she was still in the doldrums, she went to the masked Singer and said to everyone, "I think it's just to remember, I'm Zhan Wenting!"

but fortunately, she finally realized it.

Last year, an ost in the hit drama "Canglan Formula" became a popular style in that summer's fashion.

how many people are not willing to skip the beginning of the film for the sake of this song?

the majestic style of music, coupled with the ethereal and explosive voice of Zhan Wenting, the opening is a sense of fatalism.

A whole timbre rogue U0001f929

in addition to the steady output of albums and ost, I was invited to a lot of variety shows last year.

(I am really popular! )

in "our Song" and Zhang Yuan form "Flying Bird", the two show singing skills, all kinds of harmony, all kinds of mutual admiration.

relying on the feelings of more than ten years ago, it makes the scalp numb.

in the New year's Eve party and re-interpretation of "love", as soon as the opening is CD level.

but her popularity cannot simply be attributed to memories.

Last year, the tour experienced several changes, the itinerary was blocked and the musicians were absent.

it was magical and outrageous to sing on your own in Hangzhou.

but the thought of Zhan Wenting.

well, it's you.

she thanks for the past experience.

"for me, every moment of these pictures is a highlight moment. I stood in front of you for the first time, entered the studio for the first time, and each album was recorded for several months. It was my highlight moment."

she thanked Canglan Formula.

in our Song, the program group divides all singers into three groups according to seniority.

and Zhan Wenting chooses the new generation.

means obviously that she wants to start a new journey with the new identity of "Zhan Wenting".

it is not the first time that Zhan Wenting has experienced from checking without this person to soaring in a straight line.

most singers in the record era of the millennium are appalling in their strength.

he not only holds a golden song, but also has on-the-spot experience and highly discerning singing.

especially the Battle of the Gods in 2004.

veterans include Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai and SHE, while recruits have Zhang Shaohan's "invisible wings."

at that time, the Feier band had just made its debut with the final song "Lydia" sung for "Douyu".

then the first album "F.I.R" came out.

sales of the first album reached 28w in Taiwan, surpassing Lin Junjie and Leong Chin-ju, who released albums in the same year.

you should know that Jay Chou was only 32w at that time.

by virtue of "F.I.R", he won the Best New Artist Award at the 16th Golden Melody Award every other year.

not to mention "Lydia" and "our Love" in the album.

the first classic, the first title song, is still played today.If you can fight, it's outrageous!

besides, who hasn't howled "our love" twice in KTV?

this series of achievements are definitely not comparable to the so-called "monster newcomers".

but the theological academy is only a flash in the pan, and dissolution seems to be the fate of the group.

in 2018, faye burst into tears when he was kicked out of the group chat.

since then, the mention of the Feier Orchestra is just a pot that can't finish the lawsuit, right and wrong, leaving chicken feathers scattered all over the place.

Aqin, Zhang Shaohan's lost Beauty and Tsai Jianya's Beautiful Love are all his songs.

and Chen Jianning excavated faye and Aqin, who was the early producer of the Feier Orchestra and the actual power of Feier.

even talented people like Ah Qin and Chen Jianning have to admit that it is Faye's singing that makes the Feier Orchestra very recognizable.

the lead singer is irreplaceable.

as Tao Zhe said to the current Feier Band:

"after the Queen changed their lead singer, they would not go to see their live performance at all."

Goji, reborn by virtue of strength Nirvana.

in fact, faye, after breaking away from the aura of the lead singer of the Feier Orchestra, is just an ordinary girl.

reply to netizens' comments in the "love" comment area, the real live person ends, laughing to death a lot of people.

some people say that she is going to be a "stormy sister", but she said bluntly in the interview that she would pick her nose and buckle her feet.

"I'm afraid I won't get married!"

Pure funny girl, after all, this sister was packed by Xiao s in "Kangxi came", only to find a pile of dried fish, peanuts and boiled cauliflower.

I'm really going to be laughed to death. What kind of female star would stuff so much food in her bag?

she finally got what she wanted:

"A song of music is my cloud, and singing is my dance in the music."

I have walked this way for so long that I finally live like my name. "


, I wish you all can live the way you want to be, just like faye, soaring into the sky!