After a year of divorce, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun finally revealed their true colors.
After a year of divorce, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun finally revealed their true colors.
It is only when the father loves the mother that the child can really benefit from it all his life.


when I was having lunch, my colleagues sighed:

"I have to say, Wang Yuelun is quite qualified as a father."

Why do you suddenly say that?

it turns out that some British netizens took a picture of Wang Yuelun and his daughter shopping.

13-year-old Wang Shiling is almost as tall as his father.

in the photo, she follows her father wherever she goes, and the relationship between father and daughter seems to be very harmonious.

this move has also been liked by netizens:

"even if you are divorced, there is a lot of love and company for your daughter."

the divorce between Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun does not seem to have affected Wang Shiling.

as a result, many people speculate that they may remarry for the sake of their children.

when it comes to marriage, everyone has his own consideration, while others are just watching.

but if it is because Wang Yuelun is good to his daughter, he will come to the conclusion of getting back together.

I am skeptical.

A good father who loves his daughter is not the same as a good husband.

in front of children, they may be careful, gentle and tolerant fathers.

at the same time, they may also be irresponsible husbands who break promises in a marriage.

Love is different from kinship.

with an extra layer of kinship, this relationship can never be separated.

Love is a contract formed by a piece of paper, which may disintegrate at any time.

good father

is not necessarily a good husband

Weibo once had a hot topic

# will you marry someone like your father #


the answer of most people is: no.

I was impressed by one of the messages. She said:

"he is a good father who loves his children, but he also makes me afraid of marriage."


just because a person loves his children doesn't mean he or she will be responsible for marriage.

this is not a conflict.

I have met a lot of people who are willing to give their lives for their children.

not long ago, a piece of news caused a heated discussion.

A couple in Qingdao are cooking in the kitchen, and their daughter is also playing in the corner of the kitchen.

suddenly, the stove where my wife was cooking burst into flames.

the husband was so flustered when he found out that he immediately squeezed past his wife.

he picked up his daughter, rushed to the living room and closed the kitchen door.

the wife was locked in, her face stunned.

although it is not a dangerous situation, the husband's knee-jerk reaction is chilling.

some netizens said:

"if it is my husband, everything I love or not will disappear instantly."

it is not a good sign for a family to love children more than their partner.

Zhihu has read a post.

the blogger was born in a patriarchal family, and her grandparents didn't like her very much.

Dad almost dotes on her.

from small to big, my father will satisfy her unconditionally as long as she has any demands.

once she had a fever and her father stayed up all night and stayed by all night to take care of her.

in her study, it is her father who has been urging her attentively.

in the eyes of outsiders, fathers take care of their families and their children, and they are indisputable good men.

do not realize that the opposite of a good father is an indifferent husband.

during the period of sitting in the month, the mother was often scolded by her grandmother because she gave birth to a daughter.

but my father never said a word for his mother and was always indifferent to his mother.

if the child gets sick or falls down, the father will reprimand the mother loudly:

"what do you think of children?!"

two years ago, my father was found to be having an affair and transferred a large sum of money to his lover.

involved in the emotional entanglements of her parents, she was in deep pain.

Dad gave her full love, but also gave her the worst demonstration in marriage.

think of a sentence from emotional master Tu Lei:

"there is no shortage of unloving fathers in this world, but a loving husband."

A good father is never equal to a good husband.

A partner who is kind to children does not mean that children can be truly happy.

the source of children's happiness is not the unilateral love of their parents, but the harmony of the whole family.

good husband

must be a good father

host Li Ai once revealed his views on marriage in the program.

she said:

"I think the most important decision for a woman is not to find a job, where to live, or to marry a man.

I think the most important decision is what kind of father to find for your children. "

the reason is that the husband can be changed at any time, and the identity of the father cannot be changed.

many female friends around me also hold this view.

Marriage is not only to find a partner for yourself, but also to find a father for future children.

I don't agree.

in marriage, the first relationship is the relationship between husband and wife, followed by the relationship between parents and children.

but a husband who loves his wife must be a good father.

because a husband who loves his partner from the bottom of his heart never shirks his child-rearing responsibility.

not long ago, a father was praised as a hot search.

the baby woke up crying at 2: 00 in the morning, and his wife slept soundly. He heard him get up immediately.

couldn't get to sleep, so he had to wake his wife to breast-feed.

when his wife finished breast-feeding, he took the baby, changed his diaper and fell asleep.

in this regard, Bao Dad said:

"my wife is already in poor health. If I don't share it for her, who can I count on?"

he has taken good care of his wife's mood since the baby was born.

go home as soon as you get off work every day, take care of the children for your wife and let her have a rest.

after watching the video, many mothers said:

"if my husband is the same, not to mention the second child, the third child or the fourth child will be willing."

when the husband puts his wife first and the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, the family will have love.

there was a topic on the Internet:

what are the children who grow up from snacks to their parents' dog food?

there is a highly liked answer:

"every time I don't believe in love, I think of my parents and hope for love again."

parents are true love, children are accidents.

seems to be a joke, but in fact it is a great happiness for children.

A husband loves his wife and sends a positive signal to his children:

my parents love each other, and they also love me.

in a healthy family relationship, the husband must love his wife and love his children together.

the love between parents is so hot that children can feel warm and nourished.

the cornerstone of kinship is consanguinity

the cornerstone of love is character

many women often have the illusion that if their partners are good to their families and children, they are good to themselves.

so the criterion for judging the reliability of men is to be kind to their children and filial to their parents.

I would like to say that it is instinct to love children and parents.

they have the same blood, and this blood-related relationship will never be broken up.

so many men have no discount on their love for their children after divorce.

husband and wife have different feelings.

Marriage is originally two people who have nothing to do with each other, come together for a variety of reasons and start a family.

by virtue of, only a thin piece of engagement.

this relationship can be strong or fragile, depending on the character of the other person.

the news during this period is very representative.

when his wife had a high fever, someone ran away with his children at night and took away the fruit at home.

someone learned that his wife was ill and drove hundreds of kilometers overnight to deliver medicine to his wife.

A really good man depends not on his attitude towards his children, but on his attitude towards his wife.

what this includes is a sense of responsibility and loyalty.

just as educator Sukhomlinski said:

"if you want to educate your children, you must first really love your wife."

Daddy has done a good job in this. He has always put our husband and wife's relationship first.

although we have been together since high school, we have a relatively solid emotional foundation.

but we haven't been lazy in managing love after marriage.

before going to bed at night, my father would chat with me for a while and share what was going on around me.

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it's a little shy to say it.

We always keep the habit of kissing good night before going to bed, even when we have children.

every night, my father would kiss me on the forehead before going to bed.

even if I am asleep, he will still remember.

in my eyes, string dad is a really good husband and a good father.

parents' love for their children can be unconditional and unilateral.

but the love between husband and wife is a group meditation between two people, which needs to be managed and maintained by each other.

so I am not surprised that Wang Yuelun, who has been repeatedly filmed having an affair, is careful to accompany her daughter.

there is never a conflict between loving a child and being unkind to his wife.

but a husband who is kind to his wife and loyal to his marriage will certainly assume the responsibility of a father.

they know very well:

Dad loves Mom and Dad

it really benefits the child for life.

, may we not forget to leave a little love for our partner while we love our children.

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