After 11 years of infidelity, Pan Yueming and Dong Jie finally remarried? Netizens blew up: we were all deceived!
After 11 years of infidelity, Pan Yueming and Dong Jie finally remarried? Netizens blew up: we were all deceived!
May each of us let go of ourselves in regret!

who would have thought that entertaining "see you for a long time" will add a new chapter.

in the early morning of February 5, Pan Yueming celebrated his son's birthday on Weibo.

unlike in the past, this time it is no longer a blessing, but a video at the top.

caption: "my son is so handsome!" Happy birthday. "

then, Dong Jie responded for the first time: "he will definitely get better and better."

such a unexpected operation, netizens exploded:

"this is the reconciliation of the century, and it's getting better and better."

"another historic moment was witnessed by staying up late."

after being happy, what is even more unexpected is that Dong Jie unexpectedly closed Pan Yueming.

after 11 years of divorce, the relationship was finally reconciled and father and son were reunited, which should have been the best outcome.

but some netizens speculated that the two were going to "pave the way" for their entry into the entertainment industry.

some people say that this is completely let go.

but no matter what the reason is, it is also a lot of emotion to be able to see the ice-breaking of resentful relations in the past.

once upon a time, Pan Yueming and Dong Jie were the envy of everyone in the circle.

when filming "Red Square", the two had a secret affection, from the play to the outside of the play, as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

when I am passionately in love, I am reluctant to delete the text messages I have sent, and when my mobile phone is full, I will continue to save it on a different phone.

three years later, the two walked sweetly into the hall of marriage.

the next year, they ushered in the top of their son, when they felt "happy to the top".

on the other hand, Pan Yueming is never stingy with love, and his eyes are full of Dong Jie and Dingding.

when Dong Jie was pregnant, she was afraid that she would be bored and that reading would cost her eyes. Pan Yueming read it to her.

program, he also made a high-profile confession of Dong Jie: "one thing I did right is that I married the best wife."

and Dong Jie also loves Pan Yueming deeply.

Pan Yueming fell off a cliff with a car during filming, and the situation was very dangerous.

when Dong Jie answered the phone, everyone was petrified and arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night.

after that, Dong Jie stayed by his side, often so tired that she fell asleep against the protective pole of the hospital bed.

when he was discharged from the hospital, Pan Yueming became fat, while Dong Jielao lost a lot of weight.

No one thought that the two of them would part ways one day.

Dong Jie's studio sent a "charge sheet", which pushed Pan Yueming to the forefront of the storm.

addicted to gambling, domestic violence, debt, bad character. All the dirty water was spilled on him.

then, a picture of Pan Yueming in the casino went viral on the Internet.

the voice of abuse and questioning was boiling, the image of a good husband and father was completely torn apart, and Pan Yueming became a "scum man".

there are even many netizens shouting: pan Yueming withdraws from the entertainment industry.

and, burdened with countless abuse and accusations, Pan Yueming only pointed the finger at Dong Jie's agent.

in the face of Dong Jie, words are full of patience and affection:

"I'm still waiting, because I love my children and this family."

until after the divorce, the video of Dong Jie's kiss with Wang Dazhi was released, and the incident was reversed.

it was only then that everyone put aside their abuse and prejudice against Pan Yueming and returned his innocence.

it's too late. In this divorce dispute, neither party is the winner.

Pan Yueming became a "scum man", his career fell to a low ebb, and Dong Jie also fell from the altar of "pure jade girl", and the halo was no longer.

for a long time, Pan Yueming, as if he had disappeared, locked himself in the house, did not work, did not see anyone, and allowed himself to fall.

he did not understand: "have a good home, how can you do this?"

but no one can give him the answer he wants.

recalling the darkest moment of his life, he said, "the sky was so gray, it was really gray."

however, life is to cross one darkness after another before seeing the light of dawn.

immersed in it for 5 years, Pan Yueming ushered in the opportunity of success in his career with "chasing the murderer in the White Night".

in the play, the twins with completely opposite personalities are also good and evil, which makes people applaud.

starred in the "Ghost blowing Lantern" series, which burst into flames

, also let "Hu Bayi" become his pronoun.

Dong Jie, on the other hand, after the affair, her career has changed from a hot A-list star to a supporting actress.

"Tiger Mom and Cat Dad" plays Tang Lin, the role of the other woman is unlikable, and some fans point to "natural acting".

the role of Queen Fucha in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace didn't cause much splash.

with the hindrance of her acting career, Dong Jie gradually adjusted her state of mind.

from the big screen to Little Red Book as a blogger, received a lot of praise, but also ranked first on the list of Little Red Books with goods, and circled a wave of career fans.

times have changed, and their careers are gradually on the right track.

and this "great reconciliation of the century" has long been traced.

Last year, Pan Yueming Weibo forwarded Dong Jie and the top Weibo who attended the event, with words quite like "family members."

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and careful netizens found a clue that Dong Jie shared the practice of leek box in Little Red Book.

A few days later, Pan Yueming posted the same leek box on Weibo.

many netizens joked: is this the leek box made by teacher Dong?

plus, Pan Yueming's previous confusing speech on Weibo,

"is there any difference between missing you and dying?" It makes people think about it.

this makes many uneasy fans shout: remarry!

in fact, Pan Yueming has already stated his attitude in the face of rumors of remarriage.

time may heal hatred and pain, but it will not rekindle love.

it is gratifying to be able to abandon the past, put aside prejudices and shake hands to make peace.

in "Mom is Superman", the top was asked why Dad didn't come.

his lonely answer:

"because my father works long hours, only my mother, grandma and grandfather take care of me at home."

this scene not only made the audience feel distressed, but also made Dong Jie feel sad.

and if you look at Pan Yueming's Weibo, you will find that every bit of love in the past is still there.

A reporter interviewed the reason, he said:

"I want my son to know that he came into this world because of love."

in fact, it is the children who suffer the most from the failure of marriage and the feud between each other.

the fault of adults should not be borne by children.

do you remember Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang?

even though the divorce was not pleasant at first, their love for Tian Xin was never absent.

on Tian Xin's birthday, Jia Nailiang sent a cake that read: mom and Dad love you.

for Tian Xin, although their parents are no longer together, they can still have their parents' love at the same time.

not long ago, Jia Nailiang posted a skiing video.

Li Xiaolu also took her daughter to the ski resort.

whenever he has time, Jia Nailiang will accompany Tian Xin to play badminton, while Li Xiaolu watches and cheers for them from time to time.

this warm picture has given many people the illusion that Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu have remarried.

because growing up in love, Tian Xin becomes more and more lively, cheerful, smart and confident.

A netizen asked her, "Why don't you live in the princess room?"

Sweet answers are both polite and cultured:

"although my parents are stars, I want to be a happy ordinary person.


Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu have shown due diligence, responsibility, and magnanimity in raising Tian Xin, which is impressive.

divorce is inseparable from love, protect each other, and set up a protective cover for children, so that children can still draw sunshine and live in the sun.

even if they are at odds with each other, they do not have to tear their faces and put their children in a dilemma after divorce.

after all, the child is a concern that neither side can give up, and it is bound to lead the parents together because of love.

and such "decency" is not the only one among divorced couples with children.

the same is true of Jia Jingwen and ex-husband Sun Zhihao.

when the two staged a "battle for women", Jia Jingwen openly asked for help in front of the media and burst into tears.

Sun Zhihao angrily denounced Jia Jingwen for being discontented and pressing step by step, and the two went to court to "turn over the old debts" to uncover each other's scars.

however, at her daughter Wu Tongmei's graduation ceremony, Jia Jingwen and Sun Zhihao unexpectedly had a wonderful frame together, and the three of them were very harmonious with smiles on their faces.

Jia Jingwen once said frankly:

"A lot of emotions come to mind, because selfless love binds us together. It's wonderful."

people who once thought that they were out of touch with each other could take pictures calmly, all because of this "selfless love".

however, what is more rare is Jia Jingwen and self-reconciliation:

"Thank you for my past and make me have the contentment and good life I have now. what else is impossible?"

time will wash everything and dilute the unpleasantness that has happened.

A sentence after many years is no longer investigated, but it is only a "release" of one's own sentence.

to put it down is to be gentle to yourself.

Ma Dong once said this sentence:

"as time goes by, we will eventually forgive those who have hurt us."

there is no time machine in the real world, and carrying too much will only add to the pain.

only those who move forward and those who deeply feel the happiness of the present have the right to let go of the past.

there is no hurdle that cannot be walked out of life, life will not stand still forever, and everyone should bravely move on to the next stop.

Blessing Dong Jie and Pan Yueming, may each of us let go of ourselves in regret and have a more magnanimous life.