Adults should be sober: talk generously about money
Adults should be sober: talk generously about money
Talking about money generously is not only a vision, but also a pattern.



when it comes to money, it is always difficult for people to talk about it, feeling that talking about money hurts feelings, especially losing face.

however, the more you experience, the more you find that the real face depends on the inside, and the real relationship is never afraid to talk about money.

as the writer Lian Yue said, "those who dare to talk about money are really mature."

when it's time to talk about money, don't talk about face

in the Story of the Sahara, Sanmao tells about an experience.

for a time, the family was so short of money that she and her husband Jose had to live on the cheapest food.

one day, when they went out to dinner, they bumped into their colleagues. The other party sat down impolitely, picking out the expensive ones.

watching one dish after another served on the table, Sanmao was very painful, but she was so proud that she could not say it all the time, and finally gritted her teeth and paid the money.

for a long time to come, they lived a life of eating dirt.

is Sanmao in the story very much like you in life?

when an acquaintance borrows money for a long time and fails to pay it back, he is ashamed to ask for it.

at work, he is often eaten and drunk by colleagues, but he is never embarrassed to refuse because of affection.

work for the company, get up early in the morning and work late at night, but don't open your mouth when you talk to your boss about your salary.

there is a good saying: it is not shameful to talk about money. What is ridiculous is that the face is swollen and fat.

face, is the most impractical thing, persistent pursuit is like wearing a pair of gorgeous but ill-fitting shoes, will only ask for trouble.

A sign of one's true maturity begins with losing face and daring to talk about money.

it is never humiliating to lose face to make money, but it is foolish to wronge yourself for the sake of face.

as Mr. Li Ka-shing said:


when you lose face and make money, it shows that you are mature;

when you use your money to save face, it means you have succeeded;

when you can make money with face, it shows that you are already a person.


save face before you can live inside.

talk about money generously, it should be your own penny, not your own greed, your responsibility and respect for life.

when you can talk about money, don't talk about feelings

in the moment of advocating human feelings, the first reaction of many people is to use human feelings habitually.

however, favors seem to be free, but they are the most expensive.

writer Feng Lun once told such a story:

one day, when the man went shopping, he looked like an acquaintance.

then said happily, "Brother, it's you, forget it."

I was especially proud of myself when I left, because my acquaintances saved 50 yuan.

the second time I passed by, when I saw this guy again, I wanted to ask him for a favor.

after two times, the male host wants to treat each other to dinner and return the favor.

as a result, the cost of eating and drinking is far more than 100 yuan.

during the dinner, the other party offered to find a job for his wife who was unemployed at home. The man owed a favor and was naturally embarrassed to refuse.

in this way, my brother's wife was crammed in, didn't know anything, and had to pay a salary of 2000 yuan a month.

after a period of time, the man really couldn't bear it any longer and euphemistically put forward: let your sister-in-law go home.

the other party was displeased and said angrily, "how did I help you at that time?"

the problem that could be easily solved by 100 yuan depends on the relationship, which not only doubles the cost, but also hurts the feelings.

there is a good saying in "fatal connections": "humanity is not only a sword that opens the way, but also a cocoon bound by itself."

the most difficult account in the world is the human account, and the most difficult debt in the world is the human debt.

never use human feelings when you can talk about money.

some time ago, a very close friend asked me to write a copywriting promotion for her, and I answered it without saying a word.

I just didn't expect it, and then the phone received her call message.

I politely refused that there was no need to be such an outsider in our friendship, but she explained:

"one code into one code, you deserve it, and because you are my friend, I know it is not easy for you to create."

it is this honesty that makes the boat of our friendship brave the wind and rain and remains strong for many years.

Carnegie used to say, "because we are good friends, we should sort out the money more clearly."

talking about relationships when it's time to talk about money will only make things worse.

"the villain before the gentleman", putting money first, makes things purer and makes the relationship easier.

talking about money generously is the decency of adults

for a long time, people always feel that talking about money hurts feelings and loses face.

so when it comes to money, you are always secretive, especially among acquaintances.

in fact, talking about money never hurts feelings, not talking about money really hurts feelings.

in 1993, New Oriental rose from the ground, and its founders were Yu Minhong, Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang.

The three are like brothers, work hard together and talk about the future together.

seeing that New Oriental is getting bigger and better, the relationship between the three people has taken a sharp turn for the worse, and even got into a fight directly in the company.

in the end, he ended up sighing at the end of the day.

later, in an interview, Yu Minhong revealed that it was because the three people attached so much importance to the relationship that they were embarrassed to talk openly about equity allocation, resulting in blurred boundaries and constant contradictions.

in this regard, he said with incomparable emotion: the interests of friends should be explained more clearly.

to spread the money out, it is not impersonal, let alone mercenary, but precisely the respect for each other.

Runmi consulted Liu run and made it clear many times in his public speech:

"not to hide, not to be shy, to put the money on the open side, is to be responsible to yourself and to others, to avoid giving rise to muddled accounts, the matter is ruined, and the relationship is broken."

A long-term relationship is inseparable from honesty, and a real relationship can stand talking about money.

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to speak openly, it is not only to protect one's own rights and interests, but also to take into account the interests of others.

talking about money generously is not only a vision, but also a pattern.

especially approve the sentence of Mr. Li Zehou:



exact gold

the concept of money should be simple and true. if we do not give too much interpersonal concern to the issue of money, it will not breed vexation for no reason.


it is the sober way for an adult to save face when it is time to talk about money and not to use human feelings when he can talk about money.