Adult feelings are fragile.
Adult feelings are fragile.
Their own lives, their own joy, their own treasure.

talking to an old friend yesterday, she asked me, "do you find it more and more difficult to add new friends now?"

she says that over the past two years, it's like going around in circles and sieves and going around. Life seems to be a lot more deserted, not that it's not a bad state, but she always feels that a lot of things are being lost with age.

I think most people will feel this way at a certain age.

after all, adult feelings are fragile, whether they are actively broken, forced, or innocently pulled. In short, they are very fragile.

I think of a friend I met by chance. Last year, his business was not going well and he cut several projects one after another.

in the past, he was always busy flying from place to place, eating here and having a party there. He was picked up and sent off when he landed.

but since withdrawing from business, those circles seem to have withdrawn tacitly, and people have become more and more idle.

during the Spring Festival this year, he made a move in his hometown, climbing mountains, listening to snow and making tea. It was not so lively, but it was still pleasant.

chat with him, he says:

"people always have to have something to talk to each other, then of course one day this point can not be talked about together, naturally can not say, this is perfectly normal."


but because of this, after relationships have entered a fragile stage, it is even rarer to find people who can talk about something else and lean in the direction of friends.

people who used to feel that time is long and get together every day will be indestructible for the rest of their lives.

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become different? It seems to start with each other on a different path.

different high schools, different universities, different cities, different people.

and then what? Only by turning through moments did I know that the person who said that he would be each other's bridesmaids when he got married is now about to have a full moon.

I want to send a late blessing, but I don't think it's appropriate, so there are no words at all.

change your phone a few times, and there will be nothing in each other's Wechat dialog box.

at the end of each journey, you are doomed to lose some people, embark on a new journey, and meet new people from scratch.

stories happen like this all the time, but we are not who we used to be.

the more I grow up, the more I feel that life is not easy. I just want to keep the rare free time for myself. I don't want to start a new story, and I don't want to take the initiative to gain or lose something.

is not lazy, maybe some desires just fade away.

rather than making new friends, I am more willing to chat with old friends than to increase my fragile feelings. I would like to build a small house in my heart, and the door will be closed in twos and threes.

looking back on the small half of my life, I seem to be working hard to add, go to more places, know more people, do more things, and expect more.

but I think that one day, whether we like it or not, we will have to start subtraction, especially in relationships.

"everyone thinks that friendship can last forever, but the hardest thing is to keep in touch."

here's the thing.

some roads have different people to accompany you, some roads can only walk alone, the background of life is lonely after all.

the four seasons are covered, meetings and meetings change, and on their respective journeys, some figures slowly fade away, just normal.

walk a long way together, maybe this is the meaning of many relationships meeting each other.

"good Mr." says that people who love each other do not necessarily have to be together, it is better to forget each other than to help each other.

all relationships are the same, companions teach you to love, passers-by teach you to grow, fate to keep company, good-bye.

, live separately, rejoice and take care of each other.

I hope you and I can't subtract the most true friends in our lives. I hope we can still have a strong relationship and warm feelings in our fragile age.