A woman in Jiangsu ran into a boy who resembled her ex-husband, and DNA identified him as her own son who died 17 years ago.
A woman in Jiangsu ran into a boy who resembled her ex-husband, and DNA identified him as her own son who died 17 years ago.
May all those who have experienced hardship be happy with their sufferings.

Zhang Caihong has seen his son who has been dead for many years.

she looked at the boy fixedly at the school gate, looking, looking and stature too much like her ex-husband.

she can be sure that the child is the son who was thrown to death by his cousin in the snow 17 years ago.

however, the child walks well and does not have a leg disability as his cousin said.

Zhang Caihong is a little confused. What on earth is going on?

what has the child experienced in the past 17 years?

what is the secret behind the children who have come back from the dead?

Zhang Caihong was born in 1967 in a scholarly family in Peixian County, Jiangsu Province.

under the influence of his family, Zhang Caihong did well in his studies from an early age. He was admitted to a health school when he was in school, and worked as a nurse in Peixian people's Hospital after graduation.

Zhang Caihong has a stable job, coupled with being beautiful, and when he is of marriageable age, there is an endless stream of door-to-door proposals.

among the many boys, she fell in love with Li Dejun, who had a good job and personality, and they had the same interests and interests, and soon became like glue.

this relationship has not been recognized by Zhang Caihong's family. Li Dejun works at the bus station and his parents are both workers. Zhang Caihong's mother feels that Li Dejun is not worthy of her daughter.

although his family opposed it, Zhang Caihong made up his mind to marry Li Dejun, and the two walked into the marriage hall under pressure.

after marriage, Zhang Caihong and his family have been estranged from each other because of Li Dejun, so they seldom go home.

soon, Zhang Caihong became pregnant. She had been looking forward to her grandson's mother-in-law. When she heard the news of her pregnancy, she smiled happily from ear to ear. She immediately gave up her work in the field and went to the city to take care of Zhang Caihong.

her mother-in-law obeyed Zhang Caihong and refused to let her do any work, letting her concentrate on raising the fetus, and the warmth she lost at her mother's place was made up for by her mother-in-law. Zhang Caihong was very moved.

Li Dejun's family has been handed down for three generations. His parents-in-law have been expecting Zhang Caihong to give birth to a boy to the Li family, and they often do some dharma to pray for Zhang Caihong to give birth to a son as soon as possible.

once, Zhang Caihong said jokingly, "Mom, if it's a girl, what should I do?"

the mother-in-law, who has always been obedient, kept a straight face and said, "if you were a girl, you would get rid of it and have a new life!"

her mother-in-law suddenly changed her face, which made Zhang Caihong unexpected, but she didn't think much about it. It's all the same age, and not all boys and girls are born the same.

although she did not agree with her mother-in-law, Zhang Caihong did not say any more. it was not until her mother-in-law asked Zhang Caihong to go to a colleague in the hospital to see the sex of her child that she felt that her mother-in-law's preference for sons was more than just talk.



the mother-in-law alone, even her husband, who always loved her, persuaded Zhang Caihong to abort the child.

having another child next year, Zhang Caihong couldn't believe it was coming from her husband's mouth.

she firmly disagreed that this was their first child, how could she lose her life just because she was a girl.

because of her disobedience, her mother-in-law and husband began to have a cold war with her, not giving her a good face everywhere.

Zhang Caihong went back to her mother's house to complain to her parents, but she was scolded, blaming her for not marrying Li Dejun in the first place.

although Zhang Caihong is aggrieved, she wants to keep her and Li Dejun's small home.

in desperation, she cried and had an operation and lost her first child.

after the operation, her mother-in-law took good care of Zhang Caihong, which made her feel a little relieved. Coupled with the fact that Zhang Caihong was pregnant again at the end of the year, her resentment against her mother-in-law slowly dissipated and devoted herself to welcoming the arrival of a new life.

Zhang Caihong, who had thought that a happy life would come again, nearly collapsed when she was urged by her mother-in-law to identify the sex of the fetus.

after this pregnancy, Zhang Caihong quietly made up her mind that both men and women must have the baby.

in order to escape the urge of her mother-in-law, she wants to go back to her mother's house to have a baby.

when Zhang Caihong's parents heard what had happened to her, they came to the door to scold Li Dejun and his mother, and the relationship between the two families became more and more difficult.

Zhang Caihong didn't want to get entangled between her mother's family and her mother-in-law's family, so she simply left Peixian County and went to Xuzhou to join her cousin Wei Chenghe, who had a good relationship with her since childhood.

when he heard what happened to his cousin, Wei Chenghe and his wife were very sympathetic and let Zhang Caihong settle down here and give birth to the baby.

under the good care of her cousin and sister-in-law, Zhang Caihong successfully gave birth to a boy in July 1993.

although Zhang Caihong, who got his wish, was physically and mentally exhausted, he was very happy to finally realize the wish of her husband and mother-in-law.

A sentence from my cousin's sister-in-law dazzled Zhang Caihong: rainbow, why is this child's leg disabled?

Zhang Caihong later recalled that when she was weak at that time, she did not see whether the child was disabled at all, so she was carried by her sister-in-law to see a doctor.

when my cousin and sister-in-law went, Zhang Caihong never saw the child again.

"Rainbow, you must have been exposed to radiation when you were working in the hospital. the child did not develop well. the doctor said it was congenital. Your cousin and I were afraid that you would suffer in the future, so we would be bad guys and help you throw the baby away."

Zhang Caihong didn't believe what his sister-in-law said. She and her cousin must get the child back, even if it was a corpse.

despite Zhang Caihong's tearful pleas, his cousin insisted that the child was dead, fearing that Zhang Caihong would be sad.The body was buried.

although she had a lot of suspicion about what her cousin and sister-in-law said, she did go to the place where she took X-rays several times without knowing it. Zhang Caihong thought of this, and although she was sad, she stopped crying and silently accepted this fact.

how can you tell your husband and mother-in-law that the child is gone?

after sitting in Yuezi, Zhang Caihong, unable to face his relatives, went to the northeast alone and defected to his classmates who used to be in health school.

far away from relatives and the loss of two children, Zhang Caihong suffered from severe postpartum depression and tried to commit suicide several times, but fortunately he was found and saved by his classmates.

with the help of classmates, Zhang Caihong lived in a local nursing home. It took him two years to recover from the loss of his son. During this period, the heartbroken Zhang Caihong did not contact any of his family members.

after Zhang Caihong gave birth, her husband Li Dejun asked her to have a child through various channels. When he heard that the child had died, he was very angry with Zhang Caihong and filed for divorce with the court.

when Zhang Caihong returned to his hometown because of concern for his relatives, she learned that the court had divorced the couple, and that Zhang Caihong, who had lost two children, had lost her husband.

Life still has to go on. Under the matchmaking of others, Zhang Caihong met her second husband. Both of them had the experience of divorce and cherished this hard-won relationship even more.

her husband is a teacher who loves Zhang Caihong and thinks of her everywhere. soon after marriage, the two have their own son, and Zhang Caihong pours all his love into the child.

with the support of her husband, Zhang Caihong found a job in the hospital, with a happy family and smooth work, and Zhang Caihong's happy life started again.

however, the conversation between a strange man and a woman once again broke Zhang Caihong's newly stable life.

one day in 2010, while giving an infusion to a patient, Zhang Caihong overheard a conversation between a man and a woman:

A nurse working in a hospital in our county gave birth to a son who was said to have died. In fact, his family gave it away. His husband used to work at the bus stop.

Hospital, nurse, bus stop, son, death. When these key words are put together, Zhang Caihong feels that he is not talking about himself.

the speaker has no intention to listen. Whether the news is true or not, Zhang Caihong will not be able to calm down for a long time.

when I recall the performance of my cousin and sister-in-law when they told her about her child's death, there were really a lot of doubts.

after the baby was born, Zhang Caihong didn't even see the child, let alone confirm whether the child was disabled as mentioned by his cousin.

cousin and sister-in-law always hesitate to explain the place where the child is discarded.

since she heard the news, Zhang Caihong has been preoccupied. Her husband also saw her uneasiness and asked her many times if something had happened to her.

Zhang Caihong is afraid that her husband will stop her from finding the truth and has been slow to say it. This has always made her restless, and even affected her work and life.

after much consideration, she decided to tell her husband all this.

to Zhang Caihong's surprise, her husband supported her to find out the matter. Zhang Caihong, who had no worries, immediately set off to find her cousin and sister-in-law.

cousin insisted that the child did die that year and did not deceive her. Zhang Caihong could not believe the words of his cousin and his wife and found out the whereabouts of the child through various channels.

after many inquiries, my cousin and sister-in-law has a sister who married to the country and is unable to have children because of physical reasons, but the family has three children, the oldest is a boy, who is 17 years old this year. If the child who died at that time would have been 17 years old.

when Zhang Caihong heard the news, she was so excited that she didn't know what to do. She found out that the child was studying in the local high school, so she went to school to see the child.

Wu Shang, a child after school, flocked out of school. Zhang Caihong saw a boy who looked like her ex-husband. She hurried forward to ask the boy's name. The boy was very vigilant and did not answer her.

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Zhang Caihong didn't give up and would go to school every day to wait for the boy after school. Under Zhang Caihong's repeated explanation, the boy decided to go with her to do the DNA test.

the days waiting for the results are so excruciating that a week seems to have passed for more than a decade.

the moment the result came out, 99.999% of the results made Zhang Caihong cry bitterly. This is her son!

the child who was said to have frozen to death by his cousin 17 years ago.

17 years of torture, not personal experience, unable to feel the pain, fortunately, the child found it.

to Zhang Caihong's surprise, the biological son who had just been found suddenly disappeared.

when the son questioned the parents who had raised him for more than ten years with the DNA certificate, the adoptive parents' explanation let the son leave Zhang Caihong again.

it was your mother, Zhang Caihong, who threw you away, and we picked you up to raise you by chance.

later, the couple moved home overnight with their children. Zhang Caihong's son, who had worked so hard to find her, suddenly lost contact, and she had to embark on the road to find her son again.

two years later, Zhang Caihong finally found out the whereabouts of the child, but when she found the son she thought of day and night, it was not the picture she had imagined.

his son always thought that Zhang Caihong abandoned him. Zhang Caihong took great pains to restore the truth to his son, and the child finally understood his mother's pain.

when everything went in a good direction, a complaint broke Zhang Caihong again.Not easy happiness.

the adoptive parents of their son, seeing that they could not restore the child's heart, filed a lawsuit in court, demanding that Zhang Caihong compensate them for 300000 yuan in child support over the years.

Zhang Caihong, who got the indictment, was unable to laugh or cry, but she, who was supposed to be the victim, became the defendant.

in court, my cousin's words even made Zhang Caihong collapse.

my cousin told the court that he gave the child away, not kidnapped and sold it, but was entrusted by Zhang Caihong's father.

because of her mother-in-law's unkind attitude towards her daughter, she didn't want her daughter to have any more relationship with her mother-in-law, so she quietly asked Zhang Caihong's cousin to give the child away.

Zhang Caihong, who knew the truth of the matter, always refused to believe that it was his father who caused the "separation" from his own flesh and blood.

although his father's starting point was for his own good, 17 years of suffering made Zhang Caihong miserable.

after multi-party coordination, the two sides reached a settlement, the adoptive parents no longer asked for alimony, and Zhang Caihong would not stop his son from going to see the adoptive parents.

adoptive parents who have raised their children for 17 years are reluctant to give up, but they can only accept this reality.

when the truth came out, everything returned to calm.

Zhang Caihong's son is married this year, and Zhang Caihong is about to start a happy day as a grandmother.

although time is hard to turn back, the life that has been changed by relatives in recent years has become Zhang Caihong's eternal regret.

it is a pleasure to find the child of "coming back from the dead".

the reality after the biological mother and son recognize each other will affect the future life of the two families.

although fate has carved scars on Zhang Caihong's body, she is a kind person. She only wants her son to be around, and she will not interfere with the relationship between her son and adoptive parents.

experience too much, more understanding of the sufferings of others, this child will be a light for two families, shining on the future days of two families.


, may all those who have experienced hardships enjoy their sufferings.